Download Swype v3.9 for HTC HD2

There is a new version of Swype for HTC HD2 floating around the Internet now. Some said that this version was extracted from the leak T-Mobile USA HTC HD2 ROM. It was redesigned to suite HTC HD2 and has bigger soft keypads.

Yup, Swype v3.9 definitely has bigger keypads which will improve the input. Check out the even bigger keypads on landscape mode below. You will have fewer mistakes input with this new version of Swype.

Well, I only tested Swype v3.9 on HTC HD2. I believe it will work on other Windows Mobile devices with WVGA screen size . By the way, you can get the older version here.

Download Swype v3.9 here.


  1. I have used both the ported Omnia version 1.0 and this one for the HD2 v2.0. I have to say, the first version is qiucker when typing for sure.
    I was surprised given v2.0 is suited for the HD2, bigger keys less gaps, more options such as speed vs accuracy etc however on my HD2 i found the Omnia version quicker and more forgiving when typing hence quicker.
    Anyone else found this?

    • Hi ,
      I downloaded the *.cab file (for Swype) from the xda-forum – but on extraction there is no further *.exe for me to extract and install onto my HTC HD2.
      Can someone suggest an alternative URL.

        • Which on is caled .cab file. there r 22 files i found after extracting by WinRAR. I have HTC HD2 with Windows 6.5. SHould i try to use? I’ll greatfull for ur good advuce dear.

          • Which actual version are you downloading as there have been several posted on this site. Either way there is nothing to extract, its simply 1 cab file to download, as mentioned by Jayce above, just place in your phone SD, install via any file explorer and install to PHONE MEMORY not SD and thats it.

      • Tony, on my Fuze, after installing the .cab, I needed to go into Setting, Input and select Skype. Even then I had to play with the setting to get it to stay at the setting.

    • What is your phone though? It definitely works on a HD2, original v2.0 works on the Omnia etc so if your phone is a WGVA, it will work.
      It is recommended the install be on your phone mem not storage card for best results.
      There is even a Android version available so i say your phone prob cant support it.

    • My hd2 also got locked, I am not even able to hard reset. I think i have to go home and try to reinstall everything. this download should be removed. its not working. its a pain in my @$$…my phone is stuck on the password screen. and it keeps telling me WRONG PASSWORD…! )$W*()@#$%()0

      • Same issue here – Locked up my HD2 with chinese rom. Locked out at password – if at time of install has phone lock. Had to reinstall. Then reinstalled, BUT freezes phone when searching for word (after very first swype) software reset helps here.

        My guess is not compatible with chinese rom

          • Hi, same problem.. I can not reinstall, becasue hard reset is not working.. how ca I reistall it?

            When start it, my password not working, and the unlock button dont work, so how can I unlock it?? thanks

            • if you are still having password issues you are definitely installing the previous versions . the latest lord yuz does not have these issues which has been corrected. I’m writing from my phone but a few posts later I have sent the link to the correct version. good luck.

  2. I tried installing a version of this and it changed the phone ID to T-Mobile HD2 or something. That would not have been a big deal but it stopped my data connections working and various other things, the only “cure” I could find was a hard reset.
    WIll this version do the same? or is there a fix for that problem that I missed?

    • It is a common issue for Swype to conflict with internet / mail settings. It doesnt actually alter your phone ID, well i have never heard of this.
      All that is generally required is that you reestablish your connection, easiest way is to select start, menu, all settings, connections, connection setup and then let it do its thing.
      From here enter your email settings such as incoming and outgoing mail servers etc and it should work fine.
      Other than that Swype is a great keyboard vs the many others available once you get the hang of it, good luck.

    • Installed swype on HTC HD2, ROM 1.72.841.0 it disabled the data connections, and wouldn’t allow any changes to be made to the connections afer install. Hard reset was only fix.

      Why a keyboard software would be messing with the data connections is beyond me. Probably installs some viruses too, just because it can.

      • same problem here. swype screwed up my data connection and also made the phone not boot right. only fix: i took the battery off for 3 mn.

        • What version of Swype did you install. There are known versions which corrupted data connection settings for some reason. Try to install the latest build which corrects many prior drawbacks such as highlighed key entry, password correction etc. Install version Yuz. Definitely doesnt affect data settings or passwords etc, im using it along with many XDA guys, no probs.

            • no worries, glad i could help. for this version nly Yuz look in windows/swype using a file explorer. There is a video tutorial that isnt really necessary, anyway its a video file thats about 9megs, delete it for extra storage space 🙂

              • Hi Chris, just a quick question about Swype. You know when you want to get a number 0..9 you actually stay pressed on the key and the number pops up, (it is faster than switch keyboard, well this is how it is supposed to work. a lot of time i do that, Swype does not understand it, it thinks that i want to enter a word. do you have this problem too?

                • There are several 3.9 versions floating around which does corrupt passwords and has highlighting problems as you have mentioned.
         Yuz, this version works great, i have used it and do not have the highlighting key problem you mentioend. Also v2.0 ported from the Omnia also works great, actually its a bit faster in my opinion however does not have the vibrate feedback with key selection

  3. Wow! Thanks for the quick responses!
    In the Phone Identity tab, my phone Model No. changes from the “HTC HD2 T8585” that it is set as by default on my UK o2 contract to describing it’s self as “T-Mobile” something or other. I don’t recall cos I’m a little scared to add it back on again. I lost everything from GPRS to GPS data connections and details as soon as I installed the version I found myself at XDA devs. It claimed to be a “fixed” version too so I’m not sure if it was the same one. I loved the keyboard but re-setting the connection details from my network would not work, as the device ID was no longer a supported phone.

    I love the site, thanks for all the good tips Jayce, I use almost all your recommendations, and you were pivotal in my final descision to bite the bullet and buy a HD2 🙂

    • I had the same problem – changed Model No from HTC HD2 T8585 to t-mobile_leo. Apart from that it Swype worked fine. Downloaded version from above link and Swype still working fine and model number back to original 🙂 Only trivial thing was I had to re-enter my GPRS settings for user name/password.

      Thanks for sending that link..much appreciated!

  4. have install the latest swype but my phone does not change anything, i can still see the good old keypad there, trying to uninstall and reinstall it is still the same. What actually happening there? Anyone?

  5. Are you sure you are actually selecting the keyboard, bottom / middle triangle or can you atelast see it via Start/settings/menu/all settings/personal/input.
    If you can see it you just havent selected it. If you cant see it then you havent installed it properly.
    Make sure you install to the phone memory otherwise the keyboard will have issues.

    • The replies above tells you how to use the keyboard. Once you install the CAB, soft reset and then once you bring up a message screen tap the keyboard symbol bottom middle, then the small triangle that appears next to it to select it.
      It does work on all HD2 phones as its meant for a WGVA. Thats why even the ported Omnia one works. Its just that some basic features may not be available but it works fine.
      If you install a SIP change you wont need to select the keyboard after soft resets.

  6. i installed the file but when i go into the keyboard and click on swype it wont change to it it stays as the reg keypad

  7. did you install this to the storage card memory? it has to be installed to the phone memory to work properly

  8. hi… it work for Malaysian version.. superb on english text.. yet trouble for other language i.e malay texting…

    • besides English swype doesn’t support any other languages. another similar program called SlideIT is probably better for you as it supports other language packs, I’m sure malay isn’t one of them but it does support other languages.

    • the replies above tell u how to install it.jus click on the cab file. install to the phone memory them soft reset and thats it

    • This is a common problem with certain versions from the US Leo. Try to install the latest build which corrects many prior drawbacks such as highlighed key entry, password correction etc. Install version Yuz.

  9. ” very badly” isn’t exactly a detailed response, more detail would be useful.I can guarantee it works as i have been using it for weeks along with many others from xda.

    • When you select Swype a strange small rectangular window opens where the keyboard is. It won’t go away. It does nothing.

  10. I have never heard of that before. Are you using a cooked rom, if not what rom version you running. Do you have any other keyboads installed (i had the occasional problem where the keyboard wouldnt respond when i had both swype and slideIT installed at the same time).

    Can you select the keyboard options via settings/all settings/personal/input/

  11. glad to heat hear you got it working,I assumed u new that it had to be installed on the phone memory only lol. any skins you install mus be installed to the phone as well. if you installed the latest version I posted delete the video tutorial which is approx9 mb to save storage space.

    • Its located in the windows/swpye directory. its called swypevideoturorial or something like dont really need it and it wastes so much prescious space. if you cant find it,just sort via size,it will stand out then.
      This is only included in the latest 20.20.6343 version i posted otherwise it wont be in the prior versions so dont bother.

  12. It is definitely there if you installed the latest version i posted a few replies back, its only on this version. You probably have installed a different version, whats the largest file you can find in windows/swype?

  13. why in my phone doesn’t work i have the same old keyboard i install the program in the phone memory i go to settings-menu-all settings-input- I Select the Swype keyboard and it doesn’t work. when i go back to try again i see the input in touch mode. Help Please!!!!

    • Ricardo, what version of Windows Mobile do you have? I have Windows Mobile 6.5 and in a text just click on the keyboard on the bottom and select Other Input Methods and Swype will be under there. It will then be the default for all texting/emails etc.

      • Ricardo,

        As Cameron has stated, settings/input merely adjusts your keyboards settings, with the latest swype, you can actually adjust your settings directly from your keyboard by pressing “Sym” and then the uparrow and the Opt.

        Anyways in regards to your problem, you simply havent selected the keyboard, directly bottom centre will be your keyboard symbol, when you tap just right of this icon your other keyboard options wlll appear or a small triangly will appear (depending which rom you are using), from here just select Swype.

        Bear in mind, whenever you soft reset it is not the default keyboard, you need a SIP change for this, so you’ll need to manually select it each time unless you download SIP which enables you to make sywpe default

  14. I have just installed it on my HTC HD2. Installed it in the main memory and select the input swype by going to the settings or see the above discussions how to do it. Works like a dream! Thanks.

  15. Hi guys.

    tried to install the latest Swype Yuz.
    But, when i select it as my keyboard, it displays nothing basically. its an empty space where the keyboard should be, and the swype-symbol at the bottom shows, but not the actual keyboard.
    when i go to input, i cant choose any message language from the scroll-menu, they are all blank.

    i got rom 1.66.xx.xx-something, a swedish HTC HD2 T8585

    Can anyone help me please? Would like to have it working, and IF possible…a swedish version aswell.

    best regards

    • hi brani, are you sure you installed swype to your phone memory and not storage card otherwise it will not work correctly.

  16. hi Chris,
    tnx for the quick reply.

    yes, i chose “unit” when i install, still dont work 🙁

    any ideas?
    im not sure i have the lastes ROM-version that is swedish, but i dont seem to find any other than the one i have…might that be an issue?

    • Your ROM should be fine, i use custom ROM’s and change weekly, never encountered a problem.

      Does any version of Swype work on your phone, ie v2.0 ported from the Omnia.

      This will atleast eliminate if its your phone or Swype altogether. Typically as its a CAB file, simply installing to the phone not storage card then soft resetting should be sufficient once selected, it should work.

      Have you flashed your RADIO, does any other keyboard work in regards to sending / receiving SMS’s?

      In terms of language, not sure will have to check when i get home. SlideIT which is a similar concept does support more languages vs Swype.

  17. Have tried v2.o i think, almost sure.

    havent flashed anything 🙂
    and FingerKeyboard v2.1 works like a charm.

    But…here is the catch i think, i have some new OpenGL drivers that i installed the other day, and i think it makes my phone work faster. no lag, stutter etc etc.
    Radioversion is:
    ROM: 1.66.413.2

    I installed the following 2 drivers:

    Chinfire HD2 3D Driver Patch
    Chainfire TG-01 D3DM driver

    You think it has something to do with those to?

    And once again, many thanks for the assistance!

    • Your RADIO version does seem a bit outdated, im running but then again i dont think that may help u, weird one.

      I know that i had a similar problem, now and then Swype would not appear, they keyboard itself wouldnt appar, had to soft reset and i discovered it conflicted with another keyboard, Touchpal i had installed. both worked great independant but together, gave me problems.

      The drivers you mentioned shouldnt be a problem either. Is it just your messaging client in that you cant type an sms or are you saying.

      Another option although a bit of a pain is to hard reset and install swype first. If it works, then something you have installed must be conflicting with it.

  18. hey chris is this a new version of swype cause my hd2 comes with swype already on it? not sure which version that came on this phone though, im wondering if this new 3.20 build is better than what i have onn my phone? i know it is a little slow and laggy when texting alot. if it does nothing different then there is really no need in me installing 3.20 correct? any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Your HD2 must be one of the Tmobile from US if it came standard, to my knowledge that is the latest v3.9. Settings / Personal / Input / Swype then look at about to see your version.

      Its the HD2 from other countries like Asia, Australia etc that did not have this keyboard, they were mostly using the ported Omnia version 2.0 until versions like Lord Yuz released an extracted 3.9 from the Tmobile US versions.

      I havent heard of a version 3.20 that you refer to so not sure.

      Generally whilst Swype (newer version) does have lags unlike Touchpal, fingerkeyboard, slideIT etc, its also due to the HTC messaging client. At XDA some have managed to develop a newer messaging client where the messages load very fast and there is lo lag with the keyboard at all. So your lagginess is most likely a combination of both. If you used the standard keyboard, it probably loads alot faster although the typing is obviously not as easy as swyping.

  19. Hi, I installed the latest version of swype in my hd2 in the device not the sd, but i get nothing new in the keyboard, I did the selection in settings/menu/all settings/personal/input. and selected swype, but every time I press the ok to go to the home screen it change it self to touch. I have already uninstall and reinstall, but i get nothing. How do I make it stay in swype. Thanks for any help.

    • Hi Jose,

      It sounds like you have installed everything correctly, if im not mistaken, you are describing going into the settings but you havent actually selected the keyboard yet.
      To do this just open any sms, and depending which ROM you are using, tap just to the right of the keyboard icon (bottom middle), this should bring you a input selection screen where you can shoose QWERTY etc. Look for “Other Input Methods” and swype should be there.
      Although note that after every soft reset, you have to select it again unless you run a SIP change which starts swype up during the boot.

  20. PS forgot to mention, an XDA member has released a very nice GTX skin for the newest 3.9 version, it looks good been using it for a few days.

  21. Hi Chris, I just tried to install swype loads of times, but after the soft restart, I go to check if it works, when selecting “swype” , the message “Open of EnglishUS failed!”

    • This is a common problem with the tmobile usa v3.9 first release. LordYuz has released a newer more stable version which fixes and other issues such as claering passwords, phone lock etc.
      Install version Swype.v3. which i have attached earlier in this thread and you shouldnt have this problem.
      Make sure you have a clean uninstall of the prior version first to avoid corruption etc.

    • I suggested this to another person with your problem and it worked for him so give this a go….

      Locate the Swype folder in your / windows directory of the main memory not storage card.

      Copy the entire folder and paste it in your program files folder located under my device

      Then soft reset and it should work.

  22. Hi Chris,
    I followed your instructions, removed other versions.. and then installed the Swype.v3. version, however the same message pops up or it crashed when i select “swype” ..

    • hi Christine,I didn’t encounter such problems when installing the latest lord yuz version are you sure you UN installed it correctly,id say there may b traces of ur previous versions left. perhaps UN install via memmaid vs the standard app which usually leaves traces or corrupted files behind. I’m sure ifu did a hard reset if u were willing it would work. if u really wanta working version of swype u could install version 2.0 it doesnt look as good but functionality works great. no such dictionary problems just doesnt look as nice.

  23. I didn’t encounter such problems, are u sure u ininstalled it correctly.use a app like memmaid as this removes all traces unlike the standard say a corrupted file still remains. u could hard reset and install again if u dont mind the hassle of reinstalling everything. u could try v2, besides the look its functionality works great and many skins make it look better.

  24. Hi Chris
    Great to read all the advice above. I am new to this and wanted to install Swpye so have done so on my HTC HD2 T8585 OS version 5.2.21869 (21869.5.0.82) ROM version 1.66.405.2 date 01/11/10 Radio version
    I installed it to the main memory and although it comes up on the menu of boards available, when I try to use it I always get the message “Open of EnglishUS failed!”
    I downloaded the latest lord yuz version from your linik above.
    The ONLY other thing I have downloaded is SKY mobile, so that i can set my Sky+ box to record programmes when I am out etc.
    Can you please advise? Thanks.

    • I havent tried this as it installed correctly for myself but give this a go.

      Try locating the Swype folder in your / windows directory of the main memory not storage card.

      Copy the entire folder and paste it in your program files folder located under my device

      Then soft reset, cross your fingers and hopefully it works 🙂

  25. I downloaded it and it works fine on my HD2 but i live in finland so it has ä&ö s but i can get it to remember what i “teach” to it. Is there some solution? And when does the european verion? come

    • To learn its a matter of typing the word without a break or interuuption and then hit space for the word to be added to the dictionary.

      If you make a mistake, highlight the incorect word and select the swype symbol key for the option to delete the word (does not work with all ported vesions).

      As for the language packs, unfortunately there are many languages not supported by Swype, other similar keyboards like SlideIT excel in this area.

  26. Hello,
    I got swype installed on my HD2, but it’s constantly lagging and sometimes doesn’t even show up the words. Do more of you have this problem ? any tips or tricks to make my phone faster ?
    i haven’t updated the rom since like a year… Thank you for help !

    • Hi Tom,

      If you are using v3.9 then this a common problem in terms of initially typing. ie you type but the characters do not instantly appear.
      If you insist on using v3.9 then the only work around at tihs stage is to have your messages appear in traditional mode vs conversation. This way the messaging client is not attempting to load all of the SMS history, ie/ you reply to a particular sms vs conversation so when you type it appears instantly.

      For me i got sick of this problem too as the majority of other keyboards do not have this lag so i reverted back to Swype v2.0, the one ported from the Omnia. Sure it may not look as nice and lacks a few features, the functions are the same and the lag doesnt exist, the characters appear as you type.

      Im running a flashed ROM, latest messaging client etc and v3.9 just doesnt reply as fast as v2.0 (my opinion only)

      • Thank you in the first place for Replying so quickly !
        I’m not sure which version i’m using for anythin at all, I bought the HD2 like any other mobile phone without thinking of updating or anything.. My hd2 is mostly slow, you can compare it like a computer from 1990, Could you send me some updates that you use ? cause you seem to know alot more then me. I really wanna use the swype function, and you were talking about Swype v2.0 ported from the Omnia, The flashed ROM, and latest messaging client ? Have you got some links for me so i can try out that ? Maybe it’ll solve all of my “problems” in once !

        • to check the version goto start/settins/personal/input. then select swype, click on options and about for the version. you can basically tell from the appearance. when you type, does it vibrate, if so then its 3.9.
          im surprised yours is slow, mine is quite fast, are you using a stock ROM, im guessing so. There are many aftermarket ROM’s that have been tweaked, customised and very fast with many things already cooked in. Also depends on what RADIO youre running. Are you using a good task manager, your phone may be slow as many things are running in the background.
          To be honest i would have to post over 50 links for all of the above and flashing your ROM isnt something you want to do unless you are sure of what you are doing as you can brick your phone.
          your best bet is to visit this site: and register. It doesnt cost anything but its a great forum with a special section for the HD2. There is alot of reading here for you but its a a great place to learn how to truly tweak your phone to get it right.
          to name a few of the programmes i use: Resco Contact Mgr (photo viewer), Resco Backup, Resco File Explorer, Swype, SlideIT (another keyboard), CHT cookies (must have interface, memmaid (registrery editor etc), cleanram, hd2wobble (funny stuff), throttlelock (nice lockscreen like the iphone, pattern vs numbers).

  27. I got swype version 3.9 yes. I’m looking for the same throttlelock as you use, the iphone one. I registrated at the XDA dev forum, it’s really usefull althought i can’t find a threat that has the ThrottleLock i’m looking for.
    I got the basic Task manager, and use that often to close down the programs.
    What ROM do you recommend, the one of the HTC support site or a costum one..
    and mind if i ask what a RADIO is haha. i’m sorry, really trying to get my phone a bit pimped and get some usefull stuff in it.
    Thank you so much for helping me !

    • Glad you got something out of the reading. The key is to always backup in case of failure. Also remember that backup’s between ROM’s isnt a great idea as they often have different core settings that may corrupt your new ROM so basically if you flash, you have to start over again which isnt a big deal once you get the hang of it.
      For the throttle lock, try here:
      install the CAB to your main memory not storage card, ive used it for a while and find it quite good, much better than the stupid password my work exchange forces on my phone, needed a registry hack to fix that (memmaid can do this).
      I change ROM’s often but for me i like Elegancia and Maesus. Its really a personal thing, Energy is very popular but i found the look quite boring to be honest. Dinik has their ROM as well but overall i use Elegancia the most (for me best compromise between software and eye candy), also supports Android which you can run on your HD2 via the storage card (a ROM will come out soon enough but its quite fast on the HD2 and offers true flash support for internet viewing unlike windows mobile which doesnt).
      As for the RADIO, it depends where you reside to didcate which is best for you, it governs how your phone has wifi pickup, reception, quality, battery life etc. Im currently using, available on XDA as well. As for Swype 2.0 there are plenty of skins on XDA to pimp it up a bit 🙂
      To be honest once you have your phone setup properly the HD2 is a great phone, it should fly. Wifes got an iphone and they are not even comparable in my opinion despite their popularity. I havent converted yet fully but Android does look like the better operating systems at this stage in my opinion although im so used to windows i stick with it.
      Make sure you install cookie home tab / editor. Most ROMs have it cooked it, arguably the mos must have mod to your phone, changes the whole look, customising way your phone operates.
      Have fun with it 🙂

      • Hi bro just asking im kinda confused which version should i use ?? PLEASE HELP BRO!
        or Yuz

        i have the (U.S.A T-MOBILE VERSION)

        •……version, this has been updated to not replicate the lock error many have having to hard reset. For me though i got sick of the delays whilst typing so i reverted back to v2.0, and for me its quicker.
          There are heaps of sites, just google it, you’ll find it. For the i even posted the link/CAB above in this forum

  28. hi bro whick version will help me for sypwe i meant for muy HTC HD2 .whick swype versionwill help and give u give me a libnk to the throttle lock bro i canty find it.

    whick of these apps will make my HTC HD2 slow.

    Touch X Taskmanager
    SRS WOW HD v1.5.1.0 for HTC HD2
    Add Flash to Opera Mobile 9.5, 9.7.
    Hide folders with pictures from HTC Album

    and can u please tell me when should i soft reset my phone after installing an app.
    r am i suppose to hard reset it bro

    • for the throttle lock, i posted the link directly above your question, just scroll up one page its right there in a reply i wrote to Tom.
      for your task manager, i dont use that one so cant comment. The inbuilt one works fine enough although i use Resco’s one.
      SRS…..dont use that either so no idea.
      Battclock, dont use that either, whats it used for?
      Flash to Opera, i wouldnt even bother, thre is no true flash player support for mobile windows yet. UzardWeb is probably the closest attempt to true flash on windows mobile out there to date.
      not familliar with your last app either.
      End of the day, its a 1ghz phone, none of these apps should slow it down at all
      Dont get your last statement either, why on earth would you want to hard reset your phone, you only do this if ur phone is stuffed as you lose everything, you have to start over again. No one voluntarily wants to hard reset their phone. Soft reset is required for some apps but they would inform you of this.
      On occasions if you dont use apps like CleanRAM or MemMaid then a soft reset now and then can clear it up and make your phone a little faster again.

      • thanks so much bro now i know. uh do i in stall on main memory or my sd card and does throttle lock frezz up my phone bro?? just asking.

    • Thats not your ROM, thats your RADIO version. You can virutally install anything on your phone but its alwyays wise to do a backup first.
      The safety of it all depends what your installing and who wrote it. There are many good programmes out there but also some crap ones.

  29. i no i sound so stupid but it wont let me down load it from that site bro. can u send me the swype version bro. in a file or the website that works bro please.thank u for the throttle lock works like a charm bro.!!

  30. im sorry i am still bugging u but u r the only person who can help me.where am i suppose to install these apps DEVIECE OR STORAGE CARD (SD)
    bsb tweaks
    cookies home tab editor
    please help!!!

    • These kind of apps you should generally install on your main mem. I used flashed ROMs wihch come with cookies but from memory im sure it even tells you to install to main or doesnt give u the option.

  31. hi bro i installed swype on to my phone main memery i follwed all the instrutins u ggave to all those people ont top. start-settings-menu-all settings- personals- input
    from there i put sywpe.
    i saw all options
    i went to my sms place where i send message so i can see it i open the keyboard i went down and click swype it was still the same size .
    can u hepl please.
    ohh thanks for the link i downloaded it. but as u can see i still need more help bro ?????

    • I dont get what youre saying, you said you clicked swype it was still the same size. what is the same size, doesnt make sense.

  32. when i mean by same size i mean that the swype keyboard is still the same from looks like the regular old swype bro. it deosnt look bigger. im very sorry if i sound stupid. but please help. ireally need it.

    • Start/settings/personal/input/options and select about to see version.

      another easy way is to simply type anything. v3.09 has vibration feedback, v2.0 (omnia version) doesnt.

      There isnt a huge difference but v3.9 clearly has larger keys that fill the screen better.

  33. thank u so much for every thing bro. i was able to fix it sorry for bugging u. the new swype looks way better . if i have more questions is it ok i send it to u bro from here.
    or if there is a more easier place of of reaching u if that is ok with u bro ??? email. aim ect.


    Thanks ur da best.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Hello, I had a lot of problems with Swype v., I had to reconfigure my connection data, WI-FI, it changed my device name to T-Mobile_Leo instead of HTC HD2 T8585, etc, etc. I have read this blog and I uninstalled that version and then I installed Swype, and it works fine, it didn´t caused me any problem but…the keyboard it´s ONLY in English, I can´t find anymore languages, while version had 5 languages, spanish included, the one that I need.
    Is there a file that have all that 5 languages? (or at least the spanish one)

    • As there are so many versions floating around, it all depends on the language packs contained within the Swype folder (main memory/programe files/swype)
      Im currently using swype 2.0 so yes spanish is there and is also present in other versions as you have mentioned.

      With a file explorer see if any spanish files exist within that folder.

      Rename the following files in Swype install folder:
      SwypeEnglishUS.htm “TO” SwypeEnglishUS.htm_
      SwypeEnglishUS.zdb.le “TO” SwypeEnglishUS.zdb.le_


      SwypeSpanish.htm “TO” SwypeEnglishUS.htm
      SwypeSpanish.zdb.le “TO” SwypeEnglishUS.zdb.le

      Do a Softreset and check if it works.
      Even though the settings show EN as language

      Another option as is quite similar to, you can try copying over the 2 Spanish files required to the new version before updating and then manually place them in the folder to see if it works as its simply a language pack.

      • Thank you Chris. In LordYuz´s versions and the other languages files are present in the folder /windows/swype but, for some reason, swype can´t recognize them, only the EnglishUS ones are read, but not the others, I don´t know why. It seems that the modifications that LordYuz did “do something” to avoid the read of the foreign languages files, because in the version fixed., extracted from T-Mobile HD2, that files can be read (but we know what big troubles cause for non-T-Mobile HD2s).

        So, I took your advice and I changed the EnglishUS files for the Spanish ones, renaming them and…it worked! Now I can type in spanish in Swype and I get the right words, and ES is the mark in the “q” letter. It´s not the best solution if you are using two languages (I need sometimes typing in English, as you can see) because to change to the other language you need to rename the file again (o copy/paste), so, I supose, the only solution we have for the moment would be to return to version 2.0, if we need to type in two languages usually or change to the default keyboard for English and use Swype for spanish.

        I will try to write LordYuz to see if he can fix that.

  35. I got the “Open of EnglishUS failed!” error at first so i removed the app and installed the newer version as u recomended –

    after installing to my PHONE memory i still got the abover error msg, however i see the swype icon where the keyboard icon should be on tests etc, no keyboard is displayed tho. where the keyboard should be there is nothing, i can see my wallpaper and only when i re-boot does my screen return to normal

    my rom is 1.43.405.1

    love the idea of this app but cant get it to work

    • Try this…….

      Locate the Swype folder in your windows directory of the main memory not storage card.
      Copy the entire folder and paste it in your program files folder located under my device
      Then soft reset and it should work.

  36. i need help. after i installed swype beta for my nokia n97..and restarted my still says ‘reboot the phone for this change to take effect’. what should i do?

  37. Just installed swype on my new htc pure, it has to be the greatest texting invention know to man i dont think i can ever text normally again

    • Aj, I agree! I want the WP7, but fear having to go back to traditional texting! My wife hates it, because its too foreign to her, but when I have to text on her phone, it drives me absolutely nuts, and she has a hard keyboard! There are times when I fear I will have to avoid the WP7, unless it really rocks like I think it does!

      And everyone should check out XDA-Developers, they have a bunch of skins for swype, including an HTC look alike and WP7 version as well.

  38. hi bro its me again. do u think i have to update to the new t-mobile upgrade version 3.14.531.1
    im not sure of i have to update r not and can u help me out, y deosnt my visual vioce mail work.

  39. hi Hans, you have installed an older version, what you have mentioned is a well known bug. scroll through one of my earlier replies to someone else who experienced the same problem,I posted the link to a newer version which corrected this, good luck.

  40. Installed one of the versions which alter device Id.
    now it does not recognice my 4 digit password. I´m stuck at initial lockscreen
    Any workaround other than hard reset?

    • On the HD2 it will do that with any version than Swype-LordYuz- (bless that developer so much!) You don’t need to hard reset. User name is changed with other versions.

  41. I downloaded and installed but how do i use it? i go to Input and i see two things, Swype and Touchinput, standart is the Touchinput but when i Select Swype it will be going back to the standart keyboard. What’s the problem? Can some one help me please i really need this app! Thanks in advance!

  42. Thanx for all your’e doing Jay… swype works fine . you also have the option to switch to the generic keyboard as well.. ( for those who don’t know it’s in the keyboard menu )..most of the software you’ve suggested is great!!… I am using HTCHD2 winmo6… I just want your opinion on one thing… is it best to go the Android route or windows 7 with the HD2…I’m kind of working up the nerve to have a go…..

  43. hi freddyt, saw your comment regarding trying win7 or android.
    i used to comment heaps here but lately havent as most comments have been windows related.
    i can tell you i switched to android ages ago from windows using cookies etc & will never go back to windows, android leaves it 4 dead, no comparison.
    sure win 7 looks nice, ive already flashed to this but got bored, such a lack of software development.
    android is so much faster its not funny.
    flash support for internet works, much more keyboard options as well. swype, slideit, flext9, shapewriter, tswipe pro all are sliding keyboards and they work much better on android.
    since switching to gingerbread 2.3 there really isnt1 thing i can think of that windows does better so to answer your question, yes definitely switch you wont look back lol.

  44. Hi, I have been a happy user of swype for last several months. A couple days ago, my htc hd2 developed a ‘memory leak’ and claimed to run out of memory. I was advised to flush the phone, which I did. I tried to reinstall swype several times, but it wouldn’t work, ‘us English failed’. I removed the cab from the phone and attempted to use the rar version I stored on my computer. When extracted, it contains hundreds of files, but no cab!
    What am I doing wrong? Help, help, help, I cannot live without swype!


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