Find and secure your lost phone with Microsoft My Phone

Oh no. I lost my Windows Mobile phone. No worry, Microsoft My Phone comes to rescue. With Microsoft My Phone you can:

  • Back up your phone automatically
  • Share photos on your favorite social networking sites
  • Access your contacts, text messages and more online for free
  • Locate your lost phone
My phone last sync location

In order to find your phone location, you need to setup several things. Make sure that you tick ‘Current location’ in Sync Options. This will capture your current location with GPS help (Note – it cannot capture location data if no GPS signal obtain during synchronization). Set the Sync Schedule frequency to daily / weekly and time. It will sync in silent mode no matter your phone is standby or in use. Too bad that it will not turn off the 3G data connection after sync. Hope that the thief does not aware that.

Get latest Microsoft My Phone client at Hopefully, you won’t need to use this find and secure your lost phone feature at all.



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