How to root Samsung Galaxy S2 with CF-Root? (Video)

How to root Samsung Galaxy S II? That’s the question that I always ask when I got my Samsung Galaxy S2. I can’t do certain things without root access on my phone. Therefore, rooting Samsung Galaxy S2 is one of important mission for me. After studied, I discovered that it is not so hard to root Samsung Galaxy S2. Thanks to CF-Root. Watch the step by step video guide to find out more…


  • Odin3
  • CF-Root

Basically, you need a CF-Root that matches your Samsung Galaxy S2 kernel version. Then use Odin3 to install it.

Step by Step Guide

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Click on About phone.
  3. Find out your SGS2 kernel version.
  4. Download the correct CF-Root here.
  5. Then power off your phone.
  6. Press and hold down Volume Down + Home + Power buttons at the same time.
  7. Press Volume Up button when warning prompt.
  8. Odin download mode will be loaded.
  9. Connect USB cable to your phone.
  10. At PC, extract CF-Root .tar file that you downloaded to CF-Root folder.
  11. Then bring up Odin3.
  12. Click on PDA.
  13. Select the .tar at CF-Root folder.
  14. Click Start then.
  15. Remove USB cable from your phone when you see green PASS! at Odin3.
  16. After Android loaded, you should see CWM Manager and Superuser installed.
  17. That’s all and enjoy root access.

Download Odin3 v1.85 here.
Download CF-Root here.


  1. Hi, many thanks for your very useful posts 🙂

    I m also a galaxy s2 user. Do you know any direct way to synchronize your contacts, calendar etc. directly with outlook 64bit? without uploading your data to cloud servers..

  2. Hi

    Seems odin does nothing when I connect my phone in download mode and do every step as you told.Maybe my computer doesnt have the samsung drivers?

  3. after doing this process,do i need to root again using superoneclick? forgive me,im a new at this..and i really need your expert opinion..and if you ever have or know where i can read bout the benefits or what to do after rooting,kindly post it..thanks in advance..

  4. Thanks for the instruction.

    What’s up with the exclamation mark on the screen when you boot up after rooting?
    Is it some kind of error caused from rooting?

    Thanks in advance

  5. hi all i hope someone can help me with this,
    i have kernal version BOKF3 from t-mobile what CF-Root for Samsung Galaxy s2 should i download ?

  6. Hi Jayce! when i click on the link to my cf root (xx oxa kg3) i download one zip file, but when i use winrar to unzip it i only obtain one “zImage” file but no tar file. What im i doing wrong?
    Thank you in advance

  7. hi jayce..
    can u pls help me, first i root my phone with superoneclick (XXKF1) , then i install litening rom to my phone (xxkg6)… it works fine, but my cwm show current kernel: unknown..
    do i need to cf-root or what.. pls guide me… thanks

  8. Thank you Jayce, this is by far the best and easiest way to root the phone, I learned a lot of things in your web.
    Is there any way to donate?
    Thank you very much

  9. Hi mate I downloaded Odin3 but when I try to open it it says OdiN3 & what looks to be japanese words.
    I don’t know what to do I tried other links & it the same thing please help me I ready subscribers to your YouTube channel for help. Thank you

  10. Hey Jayce,
    I have recently got a SGS2 and am looking to root it. I see that there are more than one way of rooting it. There is super one click root, one click root and ofcourse your root the cf root.
    What I want to know is how is your root different the other root methods are there any advantages in cf root over the other ones.

  11. Beautiful. Found heaps of sites with rooting instructions – but all seemed so complicated I hesitated. This was by far the simplest way.

  12. hi there just got my galaxy s2 today bloody love the phone much better then my poor we rooted hero lol any way just wondering if i follow your way of doing this does this mean i can flash custom roms to my phone now thanks for any info

  13. thanks very much as soon as i read a bit more up on it will go for sound easier than when i first rooted my hero just dont want nothing to go wrong

  14. hi Jayce I have a brand new Galaxy S 2, I would like to root it but I would like to know if I have to do a backup first before the rooting process, I’d like to have the chance to go back to the original firmware that came with the phone. My CS2 is a branded phone. Thanks for you help.

  15. Hi Jayce, nice to meet you…
    I am a new SG2 user from Malaysia…
    I upgraded my android from 2.3.3 to 2.3.4 and eventually this caused my warranty became void. So, i am thinking to downgrade it (is it called unroot)…

    My current kernel version is
    Android version : 2.3.4
    Build number : Gingerbread.XXKG3

    So, shall i download ” XX_OXA_KG1 ” and follow what u showed in tutorial ?

  16. Hi Jayce, i would like to root my 3 weeks old sgs2 after reading your 10 reason to root sg2. So i need some help from you…

    Android version 2.3.3
    Baseband version I9100DXKH1
    Kernel version root@DELL138KH2
    Build number GINGERBREAD.DXKH2

    so, which CF Root i need to use…
    XX_OXA_KH1 or XX_OXA_KH3


  17. Hi jayce,

    I upgraded my android from 2.3.3 to 2.3.4 using XXKG5 firmware.
    If i want to install CyanogenMod Rom,did i need to install XXKG6 firmware 1st…?
    CyanogenMod rom is stable or not for galaxy S2…

      • thanks you for the good info..
        another thing that i wanna ask,i do a backup using CWM..
        but went i try to restore the backup,CWM not found the backup file…
        and i try to use Rom manager.went the backup process running,got an error.
        ” failed to verify whole-file”something like that i think…
        really need your help friend… 🙁

          • i just already see you video “how to backup with CWM..
            after i see that video,my backup process not same as your phone in the video..
            So i decide to re-flash CF-root again…
            after that it just work fine same as the video…
            really² thanks for your help and your web page…. 🙂

  18. Hi, Jayce!
    I just got a Samsung Galaxy S2 last week and i was looking for a way to root it. This by far is the easiest method. But since i am a cautious user, i would like to know the risks involved (everyone has told me that there are none!) and if my phone is compatible. Through *1234# i got to know the following info:

    PDA: I9100XWKF3
    PHONE: I9100DDKE4
    CSC: I9100ODDKF3
    Build info: (Is it really important to know that?)

    Please tell me if my phone is compatible. I live in India(No special/locked carrier) and I would really like to root it!

      • I guess….though when i asked another geek (the guy was nothing compared to you…) he said that i should upgrade it to xwke8…..Should i? What do i gain?

          • I know…..let me show you what he wrote:

            As for the Indian version specifically, I think latest version according to is XWKE8 so it would appear need to go to the following section in the thread:

            Firmware info
            PHONE: DDKE2
            Build date: 18/05/2011
            Generic India (ODD): – upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!
            XWKE8 Stock Kernel: – upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!
            XWKE8 Kernel mirror: Free File Hosting Made Simple – MediaFire
            Password: intratech@XDA

  19. Hi Jayce,
    I have 2 questions:

    1. Will your guide to root the Samsung GS2 work on Mac OS X 10.6? I have just ordered the phone and it should be arriving in a few days, and I want to root it (primarily to remove some of the bloatware and save on battery life). I don’t have a Windows PC.

    2. If it absolutely does not work on Mac, and if I do manage to get access to a Windows PC, will it work with Windows 7 or Vista or XP?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

  20. Hi Jayce

    What if root PASS! and reboot still hang on the 1st screen ? Anyway to get back the original kernel? or reset to the original ?

  21. Hi Jayce,

    Applying CF-Root means flashing a kernel right? Does it void my warranty (eg when send for maintenance)?

    If not, is there any need to flash stock kernel? How do I revert to stock?

  22. Hi

    I just faced a truble when i run odin3 it wont see my phone (my phone is USB connected and in odin mode) whats wrong ?

  23. I know the root will works 100% but I wanted to know that my phne settings, installed apps, contacts and more will be erased or it will remain exactly same and root would like…no changes ?? please reply.

  24. thank you very much!! IS the clockwork mod already there in the SGS2?

    And have you made a video on using the rooted SGS2…like adding custom ROMs and more?

  25. Hi Jayce ..thanks for this amazing site ..

    i just got my SGSII 3 weeks ago ..everything is ok but the battery lifetime is very short, dnt last more than 8 hours (while sleeping means no use at all) is that normal ?
    one more question, i noticed that everybody is asking about switching from 2.3.3 to 2.3.4 i just checked my devide i found out it’s already 2.3.4 did they upgraded it recently ?
    please check my infos and tell me if i need to upgrade :
    Android version : 2.3.4
    Baseband version : I9100XXKG5
    kernel version :
    se.infra@SEP-41 #2
    Build number: GINGERBREAD.XXKG5

    Many thanks in forward ..

  26. Based on the instruction video and the versioning, I am assuming this is for the i9100 version and not the dumbed down U.S. version the T-989…is this correct?

  27. hey can anyone help me? im new at all of this so forgive me if my question is basic, but when i hold volumeup, home, power i dont get the custom os screen instead i get a manual something or other screen. just wondering why this is and how i can root my galaxy around this problem.

  28. Hi I need some help. I cant get my phone on download mode as I have the AT&T version of galaxy s2 (also known as attain) and in this version the home button is not a physica button. Can anyone tell me how to do it?

  29. Hi Jayce! I was wondering if this method is “permanent”. I’ve read somewhere that only the temporary root for the SGS II has been acheived. What do you say?

  30. Hi Jayce! I have successfully rooted my samsung galaxy s2! thanks to you! thank you very much!

    my question now is..can i upgrade it to the latest firmware? and can i upgrade my android OS to 2.3.4? By the way when i rooted my phone.. we have the same “about phone” details.. and i watch your video regarding how to remove the yellow seems like you upgraded your firmware.. because uv used xxkg5 there..when you root ur phone, ur on xwkf1 right? id wait for your reply! thank you!

  31. tnx! so i have to use cwm all the time when i want to upgrade? can i use cwm to upgrade android OS? and i have a question for you, whats the best custom rom/firmware for you? and for example i want a fast and a battery saving rom, what would that be sir? tnx for all the reply! thank you!

  32. hey guys,i know that there has been a lot about the root,the installation of clockworkmod so i am sorrry for being probleme is that i would a good soul to explain me from how to root my samsung galaxy s2 to istalling clockwordmod and if possible all the stuff i should use for that.being as explicit as possible will be appreciate.i precise that i have the korean version.all the details here
    model version:SGH-M250K
    Firmware Version:2.3.3
    Baseband Version:I9100XXKDJ
    Kernel version:…
    Build number:Gingerbread.EE05.HIAPK_v1.0

  33. thanks,i already sent them a note,but nobody replied.if i wanna flash the original rom again with odin,which rom should i download please??

  34. I followed another guide that suggested a tool called s2 root. I then tried installing cyanogen (7.1 stable with google apps), but ran into some trouble. CWM keeps whining about incorrect signatures when i try to use it from the standard app menu and refuses to install. I did get it to install by booting into cwm, but then my phone wouldn’t go any further than the boot screen. It did load cwm again, so I’m back to original ROM now at least.
    If I understand my googling correctly the signature errors are due to me using the wrong kernel. I’m just a normal luser and don’t really know what would be a safe solution to this. Will installing the CF-root kernel solve this straight up, or is there some other magic that must be applied first?

  35. Hello Jayce,

    I’m trying to root my samsung galaxy s2, but there’s a problem.

    It’s about odin, do I have to extract the file?
    I don’t get on my scree Adroid SLP etc.

    What I’m doing wrong?



  36. Hi Jayce, i had just rooted my SGS II after secceed i just click open CWM then it’s always restart phone around 1 minute. what’s wrong? it’s seem Loop Restart phone.

    How can i fix it? or something wrong? Plz Plz Plz i really scare…. :'(

      • I use this CF-Root “CF-Root-SGS2_XX_OXA_KI3-v4.1-CWM4” it’s from “XX_OXA_KI3” and my phone firmware is I9100XXKI3. when i open CWM manager it show nothing is blank screen with black color and wait around 5 or 10 second phone preparing to restart itself, i really don’t know what’s wrong…! but before i rooted , had use Go Launcher with Magic Locker. after reboot, my loading all app and other widget on Go Launcher just around 20 or 30 second then it’s restart again and again or it’s because of Launcher? Plz help 🙁

          • Hi Jayce, now my SGSII is work fine. i have to final decision.

            i just did two thing :

            1- reset factory
            2- format usb storage

            after done two step my phone is back normal 😀

  37. Hi jayce….

    I am newbie into android world and all this customization ….so please don’t mind my very basic questions..

    What is the difference between flashing your phone with stock kernel and rooting your phone…What i could understand that perhaps essentially they are same things except that we root phone with modified files from the same stock kernel done by some guy chainfire….Is it right ? Please explain.

    At any stage why do we have to flash our phone with the stock kernel……….?

  38. hi…

    i have a slight problem with my SGS2 i’ve already rooted my SGS2 previously it was running with DXKG3 (indonesia) and now it’s

    Android v2.3.5
    Baseband v I9100XXKI4
    Kernel Siyah 2.1
    CheckRom HD v2.0

    my phone will automatically switch to silent mode, even though i’ve set it as ringing mode. it will always turned to SILENT…

    have i rooted my SGS2 in a wrong way?

    i’ve tried to use Volume COntrol App but no use. Need your help, please…

    thank you very much

    • Rooting is not install custom firmware. Don’t confuse with that.

      Look like your custom firmware has issue. Try to factory reset it. If still cannot, consult CheckROM ROM chef.

      • thanks for your reply, i’ve flashed it and starts all ove it’s running smooth, the problem is, i lost all of my gameloft games…arrgghhhh…….

  39. Hello Jayce.

    First of all, just wanna say thank you for this easy to follow guide. Been really helpful~

    Just wanna ask though, I am currently using villainrom 3.0 and when I downloaded a root app like titanium backup and busybox, it says “No root access”. Any way to fix this??

    Thank you for your immediate response.

  40. Hi Jayce,

    I rooted my 2.3.5 sgs2 without any problem and installed marketenabler for foreign market applications like paid ones however i can’t pay for them but i can download the free ones. it says “source can’t be found” or something else when i try to pay and download something. i know the currency is different in all countries but the purpose is this application is to help for that? i’ll be appreciate if you help me with it 🙂 thanks.

  41. I just need to confirm:
    My SGS2 GT-I9100G white, Malaysia
    Android version: 2.3.6
    Baseband version: I9100GDZKJ2
    Kernel version: se.infra@SEI-30 #2
    Build numer: GINGERBREAD.DZKJ2

    So, I should download and use this CF-Root “XW_XEF_KJ2”? or other?
    thanks for help

  42. Hi Jayce,
    I successfully rooted my SGS2 using this method. Now, how do i upgrade my firmware to 2.3.5? I heard 2.3.5 can improve battery performance. Sorry for a newbie question.

  43. Hey Jayce,

    Thank you for this awesome video.
    currently my sgs2 is rooted, do I need to unroot and use that method to get cf root or use it without unrooting.

    Thanks in advance

  44. I did everything exactly as you explain ! odin pass ok ! bat when i open my sg2 i cannot see the CWM Manager and Superuser !!! any idea ?

  45. I am sorry for my bad English. for me telephone of Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket At&t. I need root.problem in that kernel version does not have letters ( help please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Hi Jayce,

    I’ve already done step 14. There was a Green PASS appearing on ODIN window and my phone restarted. There was a yellow triangle at the bottom of the start screen of my phone. However, everything stopped there. My phone couldn’t finish the rest of the procedures.

    Now, my phone cannot work because the screen is like that for hours. Until now, I don’t know how solve this problem because my computer can’t recognize the device when I make a cab connection with the computer.

    Please help me !

      • Thanks for your reply. But the problem to me is that I hadn’t noticed the firmware before I rooted it. My phone model is GT – I9100G and this was the first time I rooted it.

        The CF-Root I used was CF-Root-SGS2_XX_OXA_KG6-v4.1-CWM4.tar.

        Did the firmware and the CF-Root not go together ?

          • Hi Jayce,

            The guide you introduced me seemed not work with my situation. The guide seems to be suitable for I9100G device which are still enable to turn to downloading mode (OLDER TECHNIQUE: Rooting by using rooted kernel) or still work to enable Debugging mode (LATEST TECHNIQUE: Rooting WITHOUT increasing your binary counts, WITHOUT flashing a custom firmware).

            But my phone cannot turn to either of those modes. The only thing it could display is the Galaxy Phone start screen with a yellow triangle and a black exclamation mark. When I connect the phone to my computer using Windows 7, the computer makes a sound like when it find a new connection, but there is not any more signal else to show that it recognizes the device.

            Please help me to fix the problem!

  47. hello again jayce. i have a question. if i flash cyanogenmod 7.1 to my sgs2 then can i flash ice cream sandwich when its released for sgs2? if so how can i do it?

  48. Yo, bro, can u tell me wat skin protector u use, so nice~ btw which CF root suit for 2.3.6?
    and when root, will all the apps be gone?

  49. Hey Bro.

    I really need your help in rooting my s2. I recently purchased a new s2 want to root it.

    The details of my cell is below.

    Android Version:2.3.5
    Baseband Version: I9100XXK14
    Kernal Version :
    Build Number : Gingerbread.JPKJ2

    Can you tell me if this CF Root XW_XEF_KJ2, will work for my cell. if no can you provide me the exact CF root for my cell.

    n even a method of removing the yellow triangle at the boot up.

    Highly appreciate ur help in this matter.

  50. hey bro

    hope u doin well..

    i had recently rooted ma s2 n now to remove the yellow triangle at the boot up, i had down loaded the stock kernal, but it got downloaded as . exe file and can not be extracted ,,can u help me pls

  51. as in , in ur video it shows two added in the left side when u add the PDA n u high the second added, it does not show he that, it oli shows one added even after adding the PDA

  52. whn u put the cell in download mode and connect it with the usb to the pc, in the odin, in the message box it shows added, removed n again added, thn u insert the .tar file in the Pda n click start. well me t oli shows one added in the message box

    • I don’t see 2 added in this video. Anyway, it does not matter. Whenever you plug in USB cable to your phone, there will be a added show up. Removed when you unplug.

  53. Hi Jayce,

    I rooted my phone sucessfully. However, it is no longer to connect my phone with the laptop using Kies. I used the kernel downloaded from

    Can you explain to me if this is the normal situation when the phone is rooted ? Or there is a problem with my phone, and how can I solve it ?

    My phone is i9100G. Thank you in advance.

  54. Sorry for this stupid question, what does “custom” in your answer mean ? I am not a native English speaker, so sometimes I have some misunderstanding for unfamiliar language.

  55. Hi Jayce.

    I would like to ask you a question regarding rooting my S2 with CF-Root.

    My phone details are:

    Android 2.3.5
    PDA: I9100BGKJ3
    PHONE: I9100XXKI4
    CSC: I9100XECKJ2
    Kernel: root@DELL128#2

    It’s a mobile phone from Movistar in Spain.

    Keeping in mind details above, I have a doubt regarding which CF-Root should be used:

    CF-Root-SGS2_XW_XEN_KJ3-v5.0-CWM5? or

    I’m quite sure CF-Root should be related to firmware version, but I’m quite confused which reference (PDA, PHONE, CSC or Kernel) should I use to get the correct CF-Root to be installed.

    Can you help me?

    Thanks in advance.

  56. Thanks Jayce.

    I’ve rooted my S2 without any problem, and I can see CWM in recovery mode, and exclamation mark when starting.

    But … how can I be sure that it’s rooted? I’ve installed Terminal emulator application and I tried “su -” getting permission denied.

    Any idea?


  57. I installed superuser application to grant access each application and it works fine.

    But … one thing that it stopped working is that wifi can’t get an ip address with dhcp. It stays “Getting an ip address” for ever, without progressing finally saying “Connected” as expected.

    Any idea about it?


  58. have you tries installing 4.0 on ur s2.. m tryin to search the official firm ware for 4.0, but not findin it, whn i tried updating the firmware usin samsung kies, it showed me the current firmware and the latest firmware same…

  59. can you tell me if using cf root latest version will void my warranty or change my country or make that yellow triangle? and what rom to use?

  60. bro … i dont think the official firmware of 4.0 is out. coz the ones which r out thy are not truely functional, the bluetooth wifi n sum other function does not work once installed rite

  61. good day my fellow asian,,seasons greetings..i’m from the philippines and now i’m in england and i bought a new gs2 from o2. i’ve been reading the comments of the people who rooted their phones via this tutorial and i’ve been wondering why some of them are not successful even if they did the process it because they have downloaded the wrong file? anyway i want to root my phone so i can install i believe it will only work on rooted phones right?by the way, i have upgraded my version to 2.3.5 via kies after following your are my info:
    android ver: 2.3.5
    baseband ver: i9100xxki4
    kernel ver: root@dell150#2
    build number gingerbread.xwkj1

    is this the right file for my s2? XW_LUX_KJ1.i saw this from one of your post,,
    last thing, is there another way to revert back to original firmware aside ffrom using usb jig?tnx in advance and more power

  62. jayce good day to you..i downloaded the 7 zip file manager..when i opened the file, it still says zimage,,but when i click on its properties, it says that the file type is that ok?does it really say zimage?tnx my good man

  63. Do I need to unroot first if I already rooted with SuperOneClick and would I lose all my data after the flash ?

    Thanks for the guide, now it doesn’t look that scary.

  64. Hello.
    My samsung galaxy s2 version is 2.3.5
    Baseband version: I9100NEKI2
    Kernel version: I9100XWKI8-CL616395root@Dell # 2
    Build Number: GINGERBREAD.XWKI8
    Is there a problem if my baseband version is different from Kernel and Build number?
    It’s like that because I made an update on Kies.
    Also, it will be ok to cf-root my phone with XW_NEE_KI8, right?
    Thanking you in advance.

  65. hi Jayce,

    im a new owner of samsung galxy s2 trying to root my phone and im looking for the correct cfroot for my phone. my kernel version is #2. Please help.tnx!

  66. hi bro,

    i m currently using android 2.3.5 and i want to upgrade it to 2.3.6, i have rooted my s2,

    so i dont guess u can update the firmare using samsung kies. at present ma kernal version is

    Can u suggest me any good firmware other than 4.0 which will work with my s2 and help

    improve performance, send me the link as well. (Please note m a middle east user


  67. so installing 2.3.6 is jus lik rooting, hv to do it in odin, its lik a custom rom rite, but can we install a custom rom over a custom rom

  68. oh ok. thnks for that info… well i will be innstalling android 2.3.6 custom rom, it does not wipe of data o apps rite.. does language change

  69. can you suggest ma an android 2.3.6 custom rom firmware. .. which will wipe off any data or cause any harm.. 2.3.6 help improves battery performance

  70. hey bro.. m kinda confused with updating my s2.. as u knw ma cell is already rooted and rite now the details of my cell is..

    android version 2.3.5
    baseband version: I9100XXKI4
    kernal version : 9100XWKJ2-cl676699root@DELL144#2
    Build number :GINGERBREAD.JPKJ2.

    I want to update to 2.3.6, so can you advice me a custom firmware for this.. pls

  71. Hi bro,
    my ph model is GT-9100G
    Baseband version I9100GDZKJ2
    Kernel version se.infra@SEI-30#2
    Can you advice me which Kernel version need to use to root?

  72. Nice!!! I read a lod on XDA and TheUnlockr, and seems similar, but I decide to follow your instructions. My phone have ROOT access now!


  73. When the ODIN MODE appeared, the Custom Binary Download is set to NO. Then at the Odin3 at my pc, there is nothing added at the “Message” box and at the “ID:COM”.. Can you please help me to figure out what is the problem?

    I’m using “Ubuntu 10.04 LTS – Lucid Lynx” OS and running Odin3 using Wine..

  74. Hi as I told you earlier I upgraded to 2.3.6 through KIES(previously I had rooted 2.3.3 by original and insecure kernel method).So,I lost root access in update process.
    Suppose I root 2.3.6 now with CF root,how do I unroot it if I wish so later?
    Is it done by flashing my rooted CF kernel with original (that is,NOW updated XWKL1 corresponding to 2.3.6) through ODIN?Please reply.

  75. hi Jayce,
    by stock kernel,you mean original kernel of my previous(2.3.3)ROM or updated 2.3.6ROM?
    It was XW KF3 earlier,now XWKL1.

  76. Hey Thanks for quick reply.
    Sorry to ask you again but I think flashing with my stock kernel just removes that yellow exclamation mark at the start up..the phone remaining rooted.I can says so because when I first rooted old firmware with insecure kernel method,I used S2 root.exe program.It had root and unroot options in it.I remember flashing stock kernel just remove yellow mark.

  77. Hey jayce
    Just coming out of a shock!I rooted my phone again easily as you told.Just installed ROM toolbox and tried to change battery icon and suddenly my status bar vanished so i rebooted my phone only to realize that it wasn’t starting at all!I could only see yellow mark and Galaxy S II ,no further progress.My God!Tried flashing stock kernel again but no use!
    I was unable to get into recovery mode because I had not backed up with CWM5.So I flashed again CWM 4(with which I had taken Nandroid backup previously)thank god…got into recovery and restored system…Now,it is opening but reverted to 2.3.3(Backup).what could have caused problem?

  78. Now I’m facing another different problem.When I flashed my original XWKF3 kernel,and connected to KIES,I am unable to see 2.3.6 version available message.Previously I had updated through same.But now it says “Your device does not support firmware upgrade”.How can I again upgrade through KIES?
    Baseband version-I9100DDKL1
    Build number-GINGERBREADXWKF3
    Please suggest some solution to my update via Kies

      • Hi Jayce,
        Is it okay if I install the 2.3.6 official firmware directly?that way baseband will match firmware,too.And anyways I am again updating to 2.3.6 even if I restore stock 2.3.3..Pls reply..also Will I lose any data in upgrade/downgrade process?

  79. hi jyace..

    can u advice me a good custom firmware or rom.. which is stable and will give me good performance n battery life.. well i have already rooted my sgs2. info is as below.

    android version 2.3.5
    baseband version: I9100XXKI4
    kernal version : 9100XWKJ2-cl676699root@DELL144#2
    Build number :GINGERBREAD.JPKJ2.

    please advice.. kinda bord with the interface.. help!!

    many thnks in advance brother…

  80. hi jayce ..


    1) i have to download the xxki4 .zip file, paste it in the internal sd card of my sgs2, n follow ur video rite.
    2) god forbits, if sumthing goes wrong, can i flash back to my orginal state.. n how (link)

  81. hi jayce …

    tx.. ur too good :), jus one more thing

    was going tru the xda web site found this [XWKK5][2.3.6] CheckROM RevoHD™ V4 | DarkKnight™ V2.5.2 .. is this the latest CheckROM RevolutionHD .. did u try it??

  82. hi brother..

    m planning to install that, just backed up ma sgs2… but it the xda they say we need to hv kitchen pro.. can u tell wat is that n its use, cant i jus copy the zip file in ma ssg2 int sd card an ju srun it try cwm??

  83. ah ok.. procedure is the same right, copy .zip file in sd card n run try ClockworkMod Recovery Mode.

    just two more thing jayce

    1) sud the zip file be in any particular folder, or i just copy it in the sd card.

    2) as i read in ur threads, some tyms after the procedure is complete, it hangs in the boot up for quite long (more than 15mins),thn sud i jus repeat the procedure again

  84. hey jayce please i need help here.i was trying to install a rom via odin then it all my phone doesnt even start up.what should i do?

  85. Greetings Jayce.
    I rooted my 2.3.6 again with CFXWKL1,installed TB,I could re-install all apps except 3D Chainfire ,at which the process stopped.My TB version didn’t have green-red colored apps after deselecting from restore batch option(as your demo suggests).Anyways what I want to ask now is-my Market 3.4.4 ver.shows only 6 apps(default apps like Gmail,Search,YouTube etc) in my apps option.It doesn’t display list of over 50 extra apps that I had downloaded from market.This may be because I flashed a stock ROM before in which old market replaced later version.
    Can you tell me how can I link all my apps to market for AUTO-UPDATE?because,if apps are not linked to market,they wont update on their own.

  86. hey jayce,

    how u doing… well jayce, i got a small issue with ma sgs2, whn ma battery reaches less than 50%,

    the phone goes off, thn whn i power it on, it shows me 20% of battery, n slowly it goes up till say 25%, can u help me in this regards..


  87. well my sgs2 is rooted, not official firmware any more i guess, i have even installed the latest check rom couple of times, will try wiping the battery stats again

    what rom are u using at present??

  88. yeah, thts rite, wish thr was a way, other than using a different launcher,

    neways jayce thnks a lot your halp, as usual ur always appreciated 🙂

    do let me knw if nething new comes out 🙂

    oh yeah .. 1 more thing , whn is the official ics firmware cuming out ??

  89. Hi Jayce,

    I just wanted to ask if rooting your SGS2 will have an effect with the 3G data? I just noticed recently that my phone does not connecting to any data network. But I remembered having the icons on the notification area for the data networks when I first used this phone.

    Thanks in advance!

  90. Hai Jayceooi
    i got a problem about my CWM manager
    I rooted with CF-root v5 and flash checkrom and Neak kernel…

    Then when i tried to backup my stuff again for flashing, my cwm manager pop out:
    “this version of CWM manager should be used with CF-root v5.0 or newer. It appears you are running a different kernel.Various features have been disabled”

    Any cure ?

  91. when i turn it on to root it, it allows me to choose: 1. apply update from sdcard. 2. wipe data/factory reset. 3.wipe cache partition. What should i choose ? Thanks

  92. Hey man , Just rooted my device using Cf-root ……Amazing……….Just wanted to know
    How can i unroot it??? Will i loose my settings?? Thx

  93. help! when i clicked the odin3 the yellow thing on the upper left box didnt appear and when i clicked start, it says ” All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 0)” i dont know what to do i kept my phone hanging like this as the fon says do not turn off target!! pls help T_T

  94. Hi.

    I’m about to root my sgs2, but i wanted to know, if the root will fail, what problems can it cause?

    Thanks,waiting for an awnser 🙂

    Btw very nice guide.

  95. Hi
    nice& clear guide which I followed stricktly with no problems with XWKJ3 kernel.tar…the last message was: installation complete with no errors but…the sgs2 is not rooted…I’d appreciate your help

  96. Hi Jayce, Please help me, I have a serious problem,..
    I have Galaxy S2 I9100G and I use a wrong files in odin and my phone bricked.
    after that I use Odin Oneclick- Downloader … but after a green notification on phone,
    the phone turns off and it seems it is dead!
    no Icon shows and no response to on or off or download mode or ….
    It seems it needs to be flashed but they say that no JTag for I9100G is available.
    What I’ve done to my phone, and how it can be fixed?

  97. Jayce……………..need help…..about to root ma phone…….I read in the xda post that we must enable usb debugging first before flashing kernel………..But u havent done here………….Wat should i do???

  98. hi jays i try to follow instruction but i dwnlod my version my kernel is it means this is the should i dl JP_XSG_KG2 but theres nothing in there only ZImage it doest work there is no excisting file i hope you help me with this my gs2 is so new only 10 days and im kinda boring with theres not too much thing to do so i try to root it … pls reply

  99. Hi jayce,

    I have I9100G (unrooted) having sales code JED, when i connect the kies, it says i have XEF sales code,,could u explain me why???

    I have updated kies to 2.3,, my mobile information is as below;
    PDA: I9100GJPKH8
    PHONE: I9100GDZKH5
    CSC: I9100GOJPKG7
    ANDROID: 2.3.4

  100. will i unzip it or not,,,,pls jayce thnks in advance
    First of all, you NEED to have ClockWorkMod Recovery (CWM)
    If you come from other CM9 based ROM, you dont need to wipe data, otherwise, it’s mandatory.
    Download and flash the rom, as usual (I recommend to check MD5 though, just to be sure zip file is ok)
    Flash google apps (optional)
    Wipe Cache, and Dalvik cache, DON’T WIPE DATA.
    Reboot and enjoy your ROM

    can give me a much detailed instruction coz i havent done anything yet except for the root now i have cwm and super user and im not on cm9 also just confused …

  101. i need you help…

    before this i upgrade using odin from 2.3.6 with 4.0.3…(without root)
    then i try to root..using odin + DX_XTC_LP7
    i already follow the instruction..but it seem i cant find CWM Manager and Superuser.
    my phone work pretty normal..nothing change…

  102. sorry for my lack info..what you mean?? isnt all i need is just odin + kernel…?
    i thought the procedure is same as install firmware…

  103. hi jayce gs2 is now with check revo thnks ,,, can i just ask a favor i really like rpg game i’ved seen this eternal legacy wtch it on utube its good but i cant install it properly on gs2 even on my hd2 can you help me with ,,, file is downloading but not finish i try it for very long time ..?

  104. Mr Jayce ,Is there any chances that My samsung galaxy S2 can Brick Using this method???
    Please Reply..Thanks

  105. YO i did it using this method and it worked
    NOw for the most important question in this thread:
    What’s the music used in your youtube video 😉

  106. Mr Jayce! I have samsung galaxy s 2 . I live in Russia. I want to select special firmware, but i don’t know how it doing.
    My phone information:
    model NUMBER: GT-I9100
    android version: 2.3.4
    firmware version: I9100XXKI1
    kernel version #2
    Build version: GINGERBREAD.XWKI4

  107. GT-I9100_SER_I9100XWKI4_I9100OXEKI1_I9100XXKI1.exe (323.42 MB)
    this is my firmware but how it download?
    give me please reference on that file

  108. yes, of course. How it download?


    Firmware info
    Date: 14/09/2011
    Android 2.3.4


    ATO (Austria):

    DBT (Germany):

    XEU (UK): Download

    SMO (Serbia):

    CPW (UK): Download

    TPH (Portugal): Download

    SER (Russia): !!!!!!!!!!! please try to download!!!!!!!

    Password: intratech@XDA

  109. Hi jayce. I have rooted my galaxy s2 before through your help in this forum. I have upgraded my gs2 to ics 4.0 and now, I cannot use the apps that require a rooted phone. MyAndroid version is 4.0.3, baseband version is i9100xxlpr, Kernel ver is 3.0.15-i9100xwlp3- cl287862 dpi@dell168#3, and build number IML74K.XWLP3.. Can you please tell me what to use and the link to download it.I want to root my phone again. thanks so much my friend

  110. hi jaycee, how do you manage to back up your phone book and text messages before rooting a phone. Before, i used to back them all via kies, but now kies cannot detect my rooted ICS S2 phone. am just going to back up the contacts and messages. before upgrading again to certain firmware.
    What is your recommendation? or alternative apps for back ups.
    thanks and regards

  111. Hi Jayce. My phone is upgraded to the latest official firmware in Malaysia; DXLPB. I can’t seem to find the right CF root kernel specifically for DXLPB. it’s not in the download link.
    How do I know which file is the closest one to DXLPB, that is safe and will work?

  112. before DXLPB, i was using DXLP9.. DXLPB was just released in Malaysia a few weeks ago. this is the bad part about using stuffs that are too new 🙁
    I wonder if the LP9 root kernel works on this firmware.

      • erm just a little tweak.. probably just one tiny noticeable difference. in any case, what should i expect if it doesn’t work? as in, the kernel is not compatible or something. must i unroot right away?
        it won’t brick my phone, right? I’m using GT-I9100 btw

  113. Hai Jayce..
    Need help.. My android version 4.0.3, and I want to root it.. Is it the same way to root ver 4.0.3 and 2.3.4? Thanks a lot.

  114. Hi Jayce,

    I CF-rooted my S2 with official firmware (BULPC) using your step-by-step guide. It worked fine. I also installed Triangle-Away.

    Now it regularly notifies me that there is a software update (I guess to 4.0.4).
    When I accept the update, it does something, reboots, says it is installing the update and then cancels.
    The S2 reboots, informs that something went wrong during the upgrade and tells me to contact Samsung support.
    The S2 continues to works normal, but it’s still on the same release level.

    My question (maybe stupid) is, is this expected behaviour after rooting? Or should I be able to install the official OTA updates?

    Thanx for this great site an best regards,

  115. Hi Jayce,

    Thanks for answering, allthough I don’t see your reply here…

    Before, I never got Kies to work on my PC (running XP), somehow it never found the S2. So I didn’t try with Kies.

    I just downloaded the latest version of Kies and now it worked.

    Thanks again, Richard

  116. Hey jayce. Finally fixed my phone. Just flashed with stock rom and it started working. Just wonderig if there was a .root for this kernal “3.0.15-I9100TDULP9-CL422302.dpi@DELL149 #3”. I really know what im doing now.
    Thanks in advanced Chris
    I can reply at about later.

  117. Hey Jayce. Im trying to root my S2/II with CF-ROOT and my details are from *#1234#*
    PDA : I9100TDULP9
    PHONE : I9100TDULP4
    CSC : I9100TVAULP7
    Build Info : Thu Apr 19 20:45:03 KST 2012

    I know you dont know much about I9100T models as said here

    “Jayce says:
    August 8, 2012 at 8:11 am

    Sorry Chris, no idea about I9100T. Please consult others with this model at XDA website”.

    Just want to ask if these files would be compatible to root my phone found at XDA website by ChainFire.

    CF-Root-SGS2_DX_SIN_LP9-v5.4-CWM5 or CF-Root-SGS2_XW_KPN_LP9-v5.4-CWM5.

    Would really like to root by tonight.

    Thanks in advanced

  118. Hey Jayce,
    It’s not working for me. Please Help. I’m Newbe!

    The Message Box Says:

    Odin v.3 engine (ID:4)..
    File analysis..
    Can’t open the serial(COM) port.
    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)

    Whats Wrong ??

  119. hy jayce,
    i have downgraded from ics 4.0.3 to gingerbread 2.3.6 official samsung firmware that i downloaded from sammobile site.
    my mobile details are
    Model no – GT-I9100G
    Android version – 2.3.6
    Baseband version – I9100GDDKI1
    Kernel version –
    root@DELL88 #2
    Build no – GINGERBREAD.XWKJ2

    which CF root should i use ?

  120. Hey Jayce,

    Just have a question, to install cf root on s2 does it have to be v2.3? Because, I have updated my S2 to 4.0 and I can’t find any cf root for the latest version.


  121. hi jayce i have this problem of downloading kernel my
    android version:2.3.5
    baseband version:I9100XXKI3
    kernel version:I9100ZSKI3
    build number:gingerbread.ZSKI3

    so which kernel should i download?

  122. Hi Jayce, there something i want to know, i have SG2 model GT-I9100G using android 2.3.6. When i check the kernel version it’s say se.infra@SEI-43 #2 .So can I rooted and which Kernel version is matching for my SG2. Please guide N help me.TQ

  123. hi,i have a big problem,i have followed step by step and the odin result is pass,but the problem is i can’t find the new icons of the cwm,but the kernel version has change can u plz help me???

  124. Hi.. I have a question.. If I root my phone, will I’ll be able to update my phone? Now I have version 4.0.3, soon I guess I will have 4.1.

  125. I can’t find the right CF-Root file. My kernel version is 3.0.15-I9100TDULPB-CL710191dpi@DELL154#3. Can you help me. I have android 4.0.3 if that helps. Thanks


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