How to undervolt Nexus 4 CPU?

For those who are using faster bin Nexus 4 CPU, you are very lucky because your nexus 4 Qualcomm APQ8064 CPU is undervolt by default and use lesser battery (compare to Slow, Nominal and Fast). You can undervolt it further if you want to get even better battery life. Besides, it will help to generate less heat too. However, custom kernel that support CPU undervolting is required.

Undervolt LG Nexus 4

How to undervolt Nexus 4 CPU?

  1. Install Nexus 4 custom kernel that support undervolt CPU.
  2. Install Trickster MOD.
  3. Launch Trickster MOD.
  4. Go to Specific tab.
  5. At CPU Voltages , select the desire value for each speed stages.
  6. Note – try to reduce 25 mV each time.
  7. Select Apply (tick).
  8. That’s it.

Note – Only enable ‘Set on Boot’ when you are confident that the undervolted CPU speed won’t hang and stable all the time.


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