How to use 3G USB modem on Nexus 7?

How to use 3G broadband USB modem on Google Nexus 7? Yes, current Nexus 7 model does not have 3G data connection compatibility. You are stuck with Wi-Fi connection only. Well, that’s not true after all. You can actually enable 3G data connection on Nexus 7 with the help of root access, OTG cable, 3G broadband USB modem (like Huawei, ZTE) and PPP Widget. Too bad that I can’t try it myself because I only have Huawei Wi-Fi Modem E5832. So far users reported it is working on Huawei GSM / UMTS Stick and O2 Germany ZTE 3565-z UMTS Stick. Do try it out…

3G USB modem on Nexus 7

How to use 3G USB modem on Google Nexus 7?

  1. First of all, root Nexus 7.
  2. Install PPP Widget (link).
  3. Connect 3G USB modem with OTG cable.
  4. Configure PPP Widget.
  5. Connect.
  6. That’s all.

Enjoy Google Nexus 7 on 3G broadband data connection now…


  1. I have kindle fire and a zte mf631 3g USB stick, it doesn’t even power up wen connected to kindle. Kindle is rated and has ice 4.0. What can I do?

  2. I have a problem. After connecting with this widget, browser, Market etc. works fine. But some apps like Skype says “No internet connection” and don’t try to connect. May be because of wifi off. Do you have any clue how to solve this?

  3. Hai, I’m using nexus 7 3g 32gb tablet and I have a situation here. I couldn’t connect to internet when I insert my broadband sim card into my tablet. Please help me. Thank you


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