Klaxon 2.0 ~ G-Sensor and Light Sensor Enabled Alarm Clock for Windows Mobile

Arr… I don’t like Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5 built in alarm clock. I cannot use MP3 as the alarm sound. Most of the alarm sound just fire once and very short. It definitely cannot wake someone like me. Therefore, the search for a better alarm clock replacement for Windows Mobile 6.5 begins…

Klaxon 2.0

I found G-Alarm from ageye first but it is a paid application. I want a free alarm clock. Finally, I discovered Klaxon 2.0 ~ a G-sensor and light sensor enabled alarm clock. It is perfect for HTC devices like HTC HD2. Finally, I can set my own MP3 as the alarm sound with Klaxon. With G-sensor, I can flip the phone over to snooze and shake to turn the alarm off. And turn off the alarm if the light comes on in the room by using the light sensor. All of them are configurable. Best of all, it can be integrated with HTC TouchFlo3D which called Sense in HTC HD2. By the way, Klaxon is also finger friendly with the new skin.

Download Klaxon here



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