Onda V820w Android font too small? Change it

Err… Onda V820w dual OS tablet’s font is a little bit small for both Windows and Android. Not an issue on Windows as fonts are clear and sharp thanks to ClearType feature. However, it’s kinda blur on Android. Is there a way to fix it? Yes, but root access is required in order to change it. We need to increase its LCD density from 160 to 210 dpi (which I prefer). You can always change to any value that suit you. Basically, this method works on every Android device. By changing LCD density, you can change the UI layout from phone to tablet. Or the other way around. Just don’t go over 220 dpi on Onda V820w else you will get phone layout then. By the way, the optimum dpi for Onda V820w is 188 dpi. But I prefer a bigger one…

How to change Android LCD density?

  1. Yes, you will need root access.
  2. Follow this guide – How to root Onda V820w?
  3. Download ES File Explorer from Play Store.
  4. Launch it and enable Root Explorer
  5. Then grant root access to it.
  6. Go to system folder (root level).
  7. Find build.prop and edit it.
  8. Change ro.sf.lcd_density=160 to 210.
  9. Save and reboot your tablet.
  10. That’s all.

Note – don’t play around build.prop if you are not sure what you are doing. And you are always welcome to make a backup first before editing.