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Download Anuvadak ~ Google Translator for Windows Mobile

Google Translator is one of the useful tools that I like. However, it does not support Windows Mobile officially. And only developed for Google own OS ~ Android. However, XDA member, chargedRam created a version of Google Translator for Windows Mobile called Anuvadak (==Translator in Hindi).

I love you

rbBible ~ Finger Friendly Bible Application for Windows Mobile

Pocket e-Sword was the bible study software in my previous PDA ~ HP iPAQ rz1710 Pocket PC. However, it does not work so well with HTC HD2. Therefore, a search for new bible software on Windows Mobile 6.5 is on. And I found rbBible. It is a finger friendly bible application but still in beta stage.

Download TTPlayer 千千静听 latest version

Yeah… The latest TTPlayer version is out. Hehe… It was released long time ago. I just noticed it when it prompted me to install.

TTPlayer 千千静听 v5.6.3

Who’s Near Me for Windows Mobile

Wanted to meet more friends? There is a social networking application from SynergeTech Solutions that might be able to help you. It is called Who’s Near Me for Windows Mobile. Basically, Who’s Near Me enables you to connect with people that you don’t know (anyone who connected using SynergeTech Solutions’ Who’s Near Me app).

Who’s Near Me

Screen Off for Windows Mobile

XDA member, virgilp wrote a useful Windows Mobile application ~ Screen Off. This application simply turns off the screen on the device, without putting it to sleep. He uses it to save battery when connect to his phone to the PC to sync or to copy large amount of data. Isn’t that useful for battery eater HTC HD2?

Note – Some programs, usually media players, use a backlight keep-alive feature. Be sure to turn off this feature in order for the Screen Off application to work.

Download Screen Off for Windows Mobile here.


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