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Download Virtual D-pad for HTC HD2

Do you miss hardware D-pad on HTC HD2? Personally, I don’t. But there are certain applications and games require D-pad to control directional. Then, the Virtual D-pad by xda-developers member, more_pizza is the one for you. It works on my HTC HD2 or any Windows Mobile devices that have WVGA screen.

Download uCONVERT ~ a powerful unit converter

uCONVERT is a handy unit and currency converter on your Windows Mobile phones. You can convert USD to RM, KM to CM… There are 200+ units across 19 categories for you to select from. Just like my example below, 1024B == 8192bits.

ThrottleLock ~ a cool way to lock Windows Mobile

I don’t enable phone lock which require password to wake phone. But ThrottleLock from ThrottleApps makes me install it for fun. ThrottleLock provides a cool way to lock the device along with some security. You need to key in a pattern to unlock your phone.


16GB Kingston SDHC Class 4 Card Review

8GB SDHC card is able to record 40 minutes 1080/50p video on my Panasonic HDC-SD700 HD Camcorder. 2 bundled 8GB card is not enough for me. Therefore, the search for the largest SDHC card was on. Wanted to buy 32GB card but can’t find any near by. In the end, I bought 16GB Kingston SDHC Class 4 Card. Let’s see its writing performance…

16GB Kingston SDHC Class 4 Card

SRS WOW HD v1.5.1.0 updated v2.1 for HTC HD2

xda-developers member, Sector` updated his HTC HD2 contribution ~ SRS WOW HD v1.5.1.0 to v2.1.

Version 2.1 changes

  • Ideal settings for better listening experience.
  • Internal stereo stays on after restart.
  • Added shortcut to Programs and changed icon to both Start/Programs and Settings/System locations.


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