PROLiNK PKM3803 Multimedia Keyboard Review

Finally, I got a keyboard for my new dream computer system. It is PROLiNK PKM3803 Multimedia Keyboard. And here is the review of it. Most people don’t care much about keyboard. As long as they can type, they are fine. I prefer a quiet, comfortable keyboard. I am a blogger and I need to type quite a lot. And I use it to play extreme games type like FPS and RTS. However, I don’t want to pay too much on a keyboard. A simple yet nice keyboard will be fine for me. Therefore, I selected PROLiNK PKM3803 Multimedia Keyboard.

PROLiNK PKM3803 Multimedia Keyboard

PROLiNK PKM3803 Multimedia Keyboard Features

  • Plug-n-Play, adjustable keyboard height
  • 6 one-touch Internet or Media Hotkeys to get instant access
  • Laser printing with UV-Coated
  • Slim type, compact layout with flat, full-sized keys
Super Slim Layout

PROLiNK PKM3803 Multimedia Keyboard Package Contents

  • PROLiNK PKM3803 Multimedia Keyboard
  • Hardware and software instruction guide
  • Software installation CD
  • 1-year limited hardware warranty

The PROLiNK PKM3803 Multimedia Keyboard that I have is USB connector. It also have P/S 2 version. However, I prefer to have USB keyboard because I can use it on my notebook too. Slim type, compact layout with flat, full-sized keys are the main reason that I selected this keyboard. Most of us are using notebook nowadays. All notebooks come along slim type keyboard. You will have the exact feel when typing with PROLiNK PKM3803 Multimedia Keyboard slim type keys. Besides, PROLiNK PKM3803 Multimedia Keyboard is a quiet keyboard too. You won’t hear loud ‘click click’ sound when you type.

Slim type keys

PROLiNK PKM3803 Multimedia Keyboard provides 6 Media Hotkeys. They are Play/Pause, Vol-, Vol+, Mute, Home and E-mail hotkeys. There keys are most frequently used by most of us. They do give us quick access to perform the tasks that we want. The PROLiNK PKM3803 Multimedia Keyboard is Plug & Play. All these media hotkeys are working after plug in on Windows Vista. The Home key will launch your default browser. Another click on it will load your default Home page. The E-mail hotkey launch default pop email client ~ Windows Mail on Windows Vista. By installing E-mail Multimedia Keyboard software that comes along, you will get OnScreen Display and E-mail Detection functions. E-mail Detection will check for new mail on the interval time that you set in the configuration and alert you when new e-mail arrives.

6 Media Hotkeys
OnScreen Display ~ Volume

PROLiNK PKM3803 Multimedia Keyboard has 3 ACPI power management keys. These keys provide quick access to power up/shutdown, sleep and wake up functions. However, the power management key is located too near to Enter and Del keys. You might accidentally click on it and make your PC in shutdown mode. Anyway, you can disable these keys in Windows just like I did. I don’t use these keys as my PC is almost on all the time.

3 ACPI power management keys

Okay, let talk about down sides. PROLiNK PKM3803 Multimedia Keyboard alt + print screen function does not work (confirmed with PROLiNK Technical Support). This means that you need to use software like ScreenHunter 5.0 Free to capture active window screen shot. Besides, it failed to load default Home page after E-mail Multimedia Keyboard software installed. It just launches a new browser all the time. I failed to get E-mail Multimedia Keyboard configuration keys to work. However, these are minor issues. You still can live with it.

Overall, PROLiNK PKM3803 Multimedia Keyboard is a nice and comfortable keyboard. It will suit your daily usage.


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