Samsung Galaxy S2 viewing angle (Video)

Samsung Galaxy S II has the best display screen from Samsung ~ Super AMOLED Plus screen. It is available for Samsung mobile phones only. Other phone manufacturers have to stick with Super LCD or IPS screen. Being the best AMOLED screen, Samsung Galaxy S2 does suffer from few display issue like yellow tint display issue and blue tint display issue. Does it affect normal daily usage? See it for yourself…

In order to show off Samsung Galaxy S2 viewing angle and quality, I ran several tests. A plain white screen is the easiest way to show the blue tint issue. And you will see rainbow effect when view from extreme angle. Must be coating of the screen that is causing it. Photo test in portrait and landscape mode. Web browsing with stock browser in portrait and landscape mode too. Samurai II: Vengeance really show off the true black of the Super AMOLED Plus screen. Graphics in Dungeon Defenders is great too.

Fieldrunners HD brings up AMOLED weakness ~ green and red colours are oversaturated. Green and red colours are still oversaturated on Movie mode in Background effect. Standard and Dynamic will make it even worst. Luckily the grass in Plants Vs Zombies is still looking fine. Colour banding issue in Angry Birds? Yup, you can see it on certain scene.

It is a pleasure to watch movie and music video on Samsung Galaxy S2. The larger screen the better. Hehe… That’s one of the reasons that I stay away from iPhone 4. Its 3.5″ screen is too small for me.

How is your Samsung Galaxy S2 Super AMOLED Plus screen? Everything okay?