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Apple iPhone 4 Unboxing ~ Maxis10 (Video)

Yeah… I got my hands on Apple iPhone 4 from Maxis finally ~ part of Maxis 10 Reviewers Programme. It is a 16GB iPhone 4 and black in colour (Err… Wish that Maxis had sent me 32GB version). The iPhone 4 box was covered with 2 layers of plastics. One done by Maxis when they included Maxis Service Card. So it is well protected. Okay, let’s check out Apple iPhone 4 unboxing video below…

Maxis10 iPhone 4 Reviewers

Finally, I managed to get all the Maxis10 iPhone 4 reviewers’ blog. Feel free to read their reviews on the sexy iPhone 4. Or follow #Maxis10 on Twitter for their latest updates. Sorry guys, I am not active in Twitter. So you can’t see much from me there.

Maxis10 Reviewers Programme

Apple App Store for iPhone 4 ~ Maxis10

We don’t just use phone to call people nowadays. Our phone had turn into a smart phone and helps us to do tasks like surfing Internet, checking email, social networking, playing games… Therefore, when we buy a phone, we are not just choosing a phone but a platform that supporting that phone. Currently, there are 250,000 applications developed for iPhone. All of them can be found in 1 place ~ Apple App Store. Many are even free.

Top Free in App Store

Apple iPhone 4 FaceTime ~ Maxis10 (Video)

One-tap video calling with FaceTime on iPhone 4… Yes, Apple iPhone 4 has video calling finally. However, FaceTime is limited to Wi-Fi connection only. But it can be easily solved to use 3G connection by installing Tango Video Calls application. And are not limited to iOS platform (iPhone, iPod Touch) only but you can video call with your friend on other platform like Android too. Isn’t that great? Okay, let’s find out how FaceTime performs…

Apple iPhone 4 Camera ~ Maxis10 (Photo & Video)

As a blogger, I love to take lot of photo and video during travel. However, I don’t like to take my bulky SLR camera along when just having lunch at restaurant. But I want to take the photo of the food & drink and post it here. Apple iPhone 4 camera can record HD video (720p) @ 30 fps with audio and 5-megapixel auto focus still camera with LED flash for photo. Lastly, those Photo and video are geotagging. Can Apple iPhone 4 Camera manage to perform these tasks for me? Let’s find out…

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