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Download FlipFont for Android Free

Bored of current font on your Android phone? You can download lot of free or paid FlipFont at Google Play Store like Fonts for FlipFont or the Internet. Or XDA Forum as they have a collection of fonts for Samsung Galaxy devices like Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2. Therefore, you don’t have to stick with default fonts like Choco cooky, Helvetica S and Rosemary. Try other FlipFont out there…


Official Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean Firmware for Samsung Galaxy S2 is here

Finally, the wait is over for Samsung Galaxy S II users. Yes, you can start to enjoy official Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean Firmware on your Samsung Galaxy S2 from now on. Spain is the first country that gets this XWLS8 firmware OTA update. Samsung really did a good work on keeping up update even on old smartphone model. As usual, there is no change release from Samsung. But from users’ feedback, this official features are about the same as the previous leaked version. Anyway, you can start to install this firmware with Odin manually now. Or wait for OTA update on your region…

XWLS8 Firmware for Samsung Galaxy S2

How to enable 4x MSAA in OpenGL ES 2.0 Android apps & games?

I love to enable 4x MSAA in most of the 3D games that I play. Anti-Aliasing will make the games graphics look great. And the good news is that you can enable 4x MSAA in OpenGL ES 2.0 Android applications and games for free now. No Chainfire3D Pro driver is needed. However, here is the catch ~ you need to have at least Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and GPU hardware that support MSAA. NVIDIA Tegra 3 GPU does not support MSAA, so no luck on Google Nexus 7. But all Android devices which loaded with ARM Mali-400 MP GPU support it. Therefore, devices like Samsung Galaxy S2, Galaxy Note, Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 support MSAA.

4x MSAA in OpenGL ES 2.0 on Beach Buggy Blitz (100% cropped)

Download & Install new Samsung Galaxy Note Gallery on Galaxy S2 & S3

Samsung updated Gallery application on Samsung Galaxy Note just like the upcoming Galaxy Note II. And guess what? You can download and install this new Gallery application on your Samsung Galaxy S2 and Galaxy S3 too. There are lot of new features in new Gallery application like Grid view, Timeline view, Spiral view and sort by Album, Time, Location and Picasa. Try it to find out more…

New Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Gallery

USB OTG Cable ~ A must have accessory for Android devices

Still don’t have USB OTG cable? Then you are not getting all the features out of your Android devices. Of course, your Android devices need to support USB host function in order for you to use USB On-The-Go. It enables USB flash drive, mouse, keyboard, joypad or any USB peripherals that support USB OTG on your Android devices. My Samsung Galaxy S II, Amazon Kindle Fire (using custom ROM), Samsung Galaxy S III and Google Nexus 7 support USB OTG. It is ashamed that HTC One X does not support USB OTG natively. Not going to install custom ROM (which supports USB OTG) until S-OFF for HTC One X is available…



XTAR MX4 Review – Solid & Performing Universal Smart Battery Charger

Introduction Hey guys, meet the latest mini smart charger from XTAR. MX4 has wide compatibility for 3.6/3.7V & 1.5V Li-ion, 3.2V LiFePO4 and 1.2V Ni-MH...


Create Your Own Cloud in Minutes with Synology BeeStation!

Synology today announced the launch of BeeStation, a new addition to its product line designed to bring personal cloud storage to everyone, particularly those...