Vinnfier Studio 500 BTRM Review – Studio Grade Home Theater Karaoke Speaker System

Hey guys, meet my latest home theatre Hi-Fi speaker system – Vinnfier Studio 500 BTRM. It is loaded with 600W total power output. Comes with 4 x 3″ satellite driver unit and 1 x 8″ subwoofer driver unit. 2 digital inputs – optical and coaxial that support PCM decoding. It can also act as PC sound card through USB. There are 2 free wireless UHF microphones with anti-howling support for karaoke too. Wow… There are a lot more features to list down. Do read the full review to know more…

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Package Content
Studio 500 comes in a big package. Everything is well-packed and protected with thick foam as you can see. Rest assures that it will arrive at your doorstep in perfect condition. Yes, there is a lot of stuff in the package. I will go through them one by one…

There are stereo 3.5mm to RCA audio cable, coaxial cable, EU power cable and user manual. No optical cable that I hope for.

Aright, these are the wall mounts for satellite speakers. Just use these screws and install them at anyplace that you prefer.

A pair of very long speaker audio cable. Around 3m each. Unlike normal ones, these cables are Hi-Fi grade.

Yes, it is shielded OFC (oxygen-free copper) cable. And much more expensive than the usual one. Of course, it brings better sound quality in return.

Yeah… A very useful IR remote control with a lot of functions. Check out all the inputs that you have. 6 EQ to play around. And cool and useful features for karaoke.

2 professional UHF wireless microphones for you and me. Again, these are not common ones that bundled with budget speaker set. They are pro grade. Totally different level I can tell you. Excellent build quality with mixed plastic and metal housing. Loaded with effective wireless transmission – up to 30 meters.

Let’s have a closer look at it. It takes 2 AA batteries by the way. Perfect for karaoke at home and giving speech at event? Read on to find out…

Build Quality & Design
Studio 500 satellite speakers have excellent build quality. Thanks to solid metal frame housing. The speaker grill is metal as well. In short, there are two 3″ driver on each satellite speaker. Just connect the speaker cable to the top part. And the bottom one lets you install the unit against the wall. As you can see, there a small hole that acts as bass flex port. Available on both speaker units.

Yeah… You can rotate the top part 90 degree to the left or right. This will make the sound bounce from the wall instead of blasting directly toward you. Oh, before I forget. The whole satellite speakers have total power output of 120W (RMS). Small in size yet very powerful.

Alright, meet the huge subwoofer. It is loaded with large 8″ driver unit. The larger the better! You get much deeper and low powerful bass with large driver unit. The driver is located in the front covered by fabric. There is LED display, USB port and 4 buttons playback control on the top.

At the back, reflex port is located on the top. And followed by a lot of inputs and outputs at the bottom part. There are RCA audio output, DVD and AUX inputs. That’s the analog connections. For digital, there are coaxial and optical. Then you have extra 2 wired microphone inputs. Lastly, 4 external speaker outputs, power on/off switch and AC input.

These are 4 large anti-skid pads at bottom of the subwoofer. Stable even on the strongest bass output. The 8″ driver can produce 180W power output (RMS) by the way.

Performance Result
Outstanding microphone performance! Totally different league when compared to those budget ones. It produces so much clearer and crisper sound. In addition, a lot better in sensitiveness too. Yes, it will pick up your voice easily and don’t need to place the mic close to your lips at all.

Anti-howling support! Yes, no more microphone feedback when standing near the speaker. That’s great as you don’t need to worry about the extreme loud feedback sound anymore. Just sing karaoke the way that you prefer. Besides, there is a few stuff that you can play around with the remote control. Adjust mic volume, echo and mic delay. Turn your voice into cartoonist chipmunk mode. Or male to female and female to male by changing the tone.

In short, the bundled UHF microphone performs like wired one. But much better as it can connect up to 15m even with obstacle like walls and floor (speaker on 1st floor). Freely to walk around here and there. In addition, the connection is rock stable and responsive too. 2 microphones are working perfectly fine together as each of them is using its own frequency channel. No worry about interference at all.

As for Bluetooth connection, Studio 500 can reach up to 7m with obstacles like wall. As for response, it is excellent with virtually no lag between video and audio. Playing games and watching movie on smartphone/tablet are great for sure. For non-Bluetooth devices, AUX connection is always there for you. And there is no FM radio.

Built-in media player works well as expected. Just plug in USB flash drive will do. It will start to play song then. Yeah… It supports FLAC lossless format on top of the the usual MP3. Enjoy higher quality songs all day long. Studio 500 can also act as sound card for your PC. Just connect it through USB cable. PC can output sound through it then. Yeah, gaming on PC will never be the same again with 600W total output power. Enjoy rock shaking sound!

Yup, 300W pure output power (RMS) will rock your world indeed! You can throw a big party easily. Ultra-loud until your neighbour will come to visit and knock on your door. Hehe… Be sure not to disturb others especially during nighttime, okay?

Sound Quality
Enjoy Hi-Fi sound quality with Vinnfier Studio 500 BTRM. Yes, thanks to DSP audio processing and efficient digital power amplifier. Of course, the pro grade satellite speakers and huge subwoofer help too. Just connect the optical cable from TV or media player to Studio 500 will do. Everything will be processed by it then. Of course, you can use AUX input as well if you want.

Outstanding detail retrieval! You will experience something new even on the songs that you used to listen to. The full range satellite speakers do an excellent job on the treble part. And the subwoofer does the work on the bass department. In short, crystal clear, crisp treble and ultra-deep powerful bass are what you get.

By the way, there are 6 EQ modes that you can select. Treble and bass level can be adjusted too. 6 levels up and 6 toward down. Personally, I pick EQ5 which reduce slightly bit of sharpness of the treble (it’s a bright sound signature speaker out of the box. EQ off mode brings slightly harshness due to a little bit too sharp on certain songs). And added a little bit of warmness to the vocals. Treble is on default level at 0 and bass bumped up to level 3.

In details… Highs are clear and airy. Well-articulated and analytical too. Trumpet, violin, cymbals and others sound as they should be. Yes, all the musical instruments can be heard clearly even in the complex scene. For mids, it is playing very well too. Vocals for both male and female sound natural and nice. Again, clean and clear. Lows are performing excellently as the highs. 8″ driver unit gives you ultra deep and low bass. You can literally feel the bass shaking your environments due to the powerful resonance wave. Guys, the bigger is always the better, right?

Vinnfier Studio Series never let me down. I highly praised Vinnfier Studio 5 as Hi-Res Audio in the Budget. Studio 500 does an excellent job as well on the premium price range. Yes, it does worth every cent that you invest. It’s perfect for large living room. And it’s my current Hi-Fi sound system for projector in the bedroom. You can also create your own home theater too.


  • 300W (RMS) total power output
  • Ultra deep and low bass
  • Full, crisp and clear sound
  • Ultra clear & sensitive microphone with anti-howling support
  • Bluetooth, USB, AUX & optical support
  • Excellent build quality
  • Hi-Fi audio cable included
  • Karaoke effects


  • Neighbour will knock on your door

Vinnfier Studio 500 BTRM will serve you well with its studio grade sound quality. 600W total power output will rock your world. Be amazed by the ultra deep and low bass too. Experience home entertainment like never before. Get yours at Shopee or Lazada now.


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