XunLei English / Thunder English 5 is sharing all your files?

XunLei English / Thunder English 5 is sharing all your files? Is this true? I read one website mentions that. He is using Process Monitor software to track XunLei activities. He mentioned that XunLei was sharing his files in C:\Downloads folder. I am curious too. Therefore, I did my finding with Process Monitor too. Hmm… Is XunLei really sharing all my files?

Thunder / XunLei on Process Monitor

I am using XunLei / Thunder XunLei does read lot of files. As you can see on above picture, XunLei read files on its folder c:\Program Files\Thunder Network\Thunder (c:\Program Files (x86)\Thunder Network\Thunder for 64bits system). It also read files from D:\TDDownload (My default download folder for XunLei) which is normal. XunLei will share files from the default folder. However, XunLei also read file from C: root which I don’t know why. Back to the question ~ does XunLei shares all your files? No for my case. I monitored XunLei using Process Monitor for 20 minutes plus. XunLei did not read other files that are not suppose to read.

How about the XunLei in your system? Does it share all your files?


  1. Previously I am hardcore supporter of Bitcomet, but now prefer XunLei due to it emulate and work like a browser, and using port 80 for download/upload activity, thus ISP unable to block the packages and broadcasting message.

    I don’t think XunLei original version share all your files or contain any trojan, except you download the ads free version that mod by hacker to cheat users…..

    By the way, XunLei good for users who read chinese….

  2. Can we unable sharing for thunder5? Or what is the best way to stop it? Our internet service was unfortunately cut off because copyright material was being shared from the computer. It seems like the only way to get around this is moving the files to a different folder as thunder5 shares the download folder, would this be correct? Or what are the options here?

  3. Well, I was trying to download the English versions Xunlei but I don’t have the clue where to download, can somebody help me out? The reason I want an English versions of Xunlei is because I don’t know chinese, favors will be much appreciates alot to whoever help me, thank you


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