How to Install Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich on HTC HD2? (Video)

How to install Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich on HTC HD2? Yes, I am sure that you will ask this question if you have HTC HD2 with older Android version like 2.3 Gingerbread. Basically, the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich installation on HTC HD2 is the same as previous version which use ClockworkMod Recovery CWM method. For experience ROM flasher, you can skip this tutorial. Download Android 4.0 ICS ROM and install it now. As for new comer, please stay with me by following below step by step guide to install Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich on HTC HD2.


  • SPL-2.08.HSPL
  • Radio that support 576 MB RAM
  • DFT MAGLDR Bootloader v1.13
  • ClockworkMod Recovery v1.3

Do take your time to study these guides. Then install them one by one. You need all these components in order to use Android 4.0 ICS NAND Android.

Note – You need to use 220MB ClockworkMod Recovery partition layout for this NexusHD2 Beta10 ROM. Do refer to ROM chef for the correct CWM layout size if you install other ICS ROM.

Step by Step Guide

  1. First of all, copy the Android 4.0 ICS ROM zip file that you want to install into SD card (use SD card reader or MassStg in MAGLDR).
  2. Power on your phone and don’t let go power button.
  3. DFT MAGLDR Bootloader will be loaded.
  4. Use volume down button to go down to 8. AD Recovery.
  5. Then press call button.
  6. ClockworkMod Recovery will be loaded then.
  7. Select wipe data/factory reset. (You can skip this step if upgrade from same ROM)
  8. Then select Yes — delete all user data.
  9. Select wipe cache partition. (You can skip this step if upgrade from same ROM)
  10. Then select Yes — Wipe Cache.
  11. Go to install zip from sdcard.
  12. Then select choose zip from sdcard.
  13. Select your zip file ( in my video).
  14. Select Yes – Install your zip file.
  15. Press power button to go back.
  16. Then reboot your phone.
  17. Android 4.0 ICS OS will be loaded then.
  18. That’s all.

I was using NexusHD2 Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Beta1 ROM for HTC HD2 in the video tutorial. It is a port from Nexus One’s AOSP ICS ROM. Thanks XDA Developer, tytung for the ROM. Not all functions are working due to it is still in beta stage. No worry, latest version should be better with all working functions. Do check out XDA website for latest Android 4.0 ICS ROM for HTC HD2.

Download NexusHD2 Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Beta10 NAND ROM for HTC HD2 here.

  • Dutchguy

    Finally some good news after all those games……
    Someone tested this already?
    Which languages does it support?
    Any bugs??

    Grtz. from tha lowlands.

    • cristian

      I tested it and works good but the camera and music app are not functioning properly

      • DutchMan

        I’ve also tested and it worked well. only if you have used the camera he jams and falter.
        I recommend it especially to use as replacement for Windows 6.5, first time I’ve wondered if he could, and in Dutch but it is possible.

        Grtz. DutchMan

  • cristian

    That i have tried.

  • Jammie

    How about battery life & MMS function?

    • No idea as I don’t use it as daily phone OS.

      • DonKabbara

        Hello jayce i want to install this on my HD2 but i have dual boot WM 7.5 mango and Android 2.3.5 nexus gingerbread. what should i do to install this? should i move it to my SD card and install and CMW remove the partition byt itsel or should i format my SD card and install a Stock HD2 rom then install this Android rom?

        • You need to get ICS ROM in SD card version. Above one is NAND version.

          • DonKabbara

            u have given before a tutorial on how to go back from wm 7.5 mango to Android rom . can u paste the link plz? and where can i find the tutrial for the SD Version? and whats the difference between NAND and SD? i know that SD version u use MAgldr and u install it from SD.but with NAND u use CMW and u install it from PC?

          • DonKabbara

            Hello jayce i installed this nand version evrything is working great but camera isnt working and thers problem in lockscreen it keeps freezing many times,then i can unlock screen. How can im fix this problem?

            • It is still beta version. Please wait for stable version…

              • DonKabbara

                How can i maximize or make my internal storage bigger? Cuz in my phone its 175 mb in my friends it 152 mb its very low regarding if i install many apps can u help. Me with that?

                • Use a smaller CWM layout size.

                  • DonKabbara

                    Instead of 250 MB i use 150 mb? Or when im partitionng my sd card with CMW i used 512 i use less?

                    • Use the exact size that ROM chef recommended.

                    • rama

                      when will be a stable version of ICS will be released..??i want to install on my hd2.

      • elliott

        hey jayce i got a important question my friend has a china version hd2 windows mobile and he want to flash any rom from xda developers on it is this possible can this be done being that it has a mtk 6573 chipset in it

        • I don’t think so because China HD2 should be a clone. Not official one.

      • elliott

        thanks jayce but i have one more question if he flash original htc hd2 rom on china hd2 and its successful can he then flash a custom rom like android 2.3.4 on it do you think it would work????

        • Totally no idea as I don’t have such model. Sorry…

      • trigga

        my wifi dooesnt work//
        camera stops workin somtimes
        i get erros about my sim dat i should restart
        memory very low

        • Hi trigga, try other Android ROM.

  • Jammie

    BTW, which one hsould i install? The alpha or the beta folder?

    • Beta is better than alpha…

      • Jamie

        Ok… Thank for the advice ; )

      • DonKabbara

        Hello jayce i wanna ask when i do the step (full wipe-Task 29) does it remove Magldr and Hspl and radio? Or just data and cache?meaning after i do the full wipe do i need to flash radio and magldr and hspl? Or just flash ICS rom? Or i need to install CWM recovery then flash ISC rom?

        • Sorry, I did not perform task 29 before. No idea.

          • DonKabbara

            K what does wipe do?

        • Khaled

          yes task 29 wipes everything, including Magldr and cwm

  • krushna shah

    is android remains permanent after switching off the phone???

    • Yes, this is NAND build.

      • krushna shah

        and in android 4.0 also..??
        and wich zip should i download for android 4.0??
        and as my phone is got switch off after installing android 2.3 thn my phone again starts in windows again….

        • Yes. But better don’t try Android 4.0 if this is your first NAND Android.

  • nazif

    which one to select??

    or if beta must dwload zip1 and2…

    • Get the latest one – beta2.

      • nazif

        what is the Partition for HD2: 150Mb, 200Mb or 250Mb….

        • 200MB for v1. Easiest just use 250MB.

  • David

    How to Partition: 150Mb, 200Mb or 250Mb…..

    • Read ClockworkMod Recovery v1.3 installation guide.

      • David

        I’M using Hd2 toolkit. And how to partition: 200mb ??????

        • Never use HD2 Toolkit before. No idea…

  • Theo Klaassen

    My HTC hd2 says after installing Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich on HTC HD2. “INSTAL FROM SD CARD COMPLETE” and start, restart, and restart, and restart….. what is maybe this problem ?

    thanks Theo
    sorry for the bad langw.

    • Wrong CWM partition size maybe…

      • Theo Klaassen

        Hello Jayce,

        Please, what is the CWM partition ?, and where the CWM ?

        thanks Theo

        • Take time to read my guides. All the information is there.

        • Theo Klaassen

          Hello Jayce

          Everything is oke.
          Thanks for your works
          Theo Klaassen

          • Dennis Claros

            How do i fix the partition? .. my phone keeps reseting and i cant get to the menu wich lets me change it. what can i do?

            • Diplan

              I had the same issues with the partition, and my HD2 froze on the HTC screen, Just follow the instruccion ot change the partition

    • omar

      me to i have a same problem as theo klaassen but with the alpha1 the graphic runing make a lote of time without start !!!


  • blaad

    does audio/sound works?

  • Arsh

    Dear JAYCE

    I have installed the beta2 ROM as per the above guide line but after reboot the screen stuck at HTC black screen.


    • How much CWM partition size did you use?

      • Arsh

        That I dont know and how but i was using the typoon CM7 _3.6.8magdlr (2.3.7 gingerbred) and CWR before

        • You need at least 200MB CWM partition layout. I used 250MB. Just install CWM again then Android ROM.

          • Omar


            My HTC stuck on HTC after instaling the Room, I have partitioned 1024, but it still do not work, it stuck on HTC logo.

            I am installing beta 10

            Please Help.


          • Omar

            Just want to add that i installed the Alpha, and it did boot with no problem bu when i install the beta10 it will be stuked on HTC logo ..

            Please Help


            • Use 190MB CWM layout for beta10.

          • DonKabbara

            helo , i use 250 MB CMW version and i use CMW to partition SD card which size is the best? my internal storage is only 150 MB i cant install to many apps:S

            • Use 220MB CWM. It will give you another 30MB of user disk space.

  • Arsh

    Thanks Jayce!

    Finally have i have the Beta version of ICS hope that all other features will soon fixed by the developers.

  • iiivan

    keeps freezing on the boot screen than reboots and starts from the beginning

    • How much CWM partition size did you install?

      • iiivan

        250 when i installed HSPL4 it newer displayed “we hacked it” on HD2 all i got on PC just this message – “Install succesfull clik OK”

        if this would help i had MIUI on it before and before that WP7

        • Why you want to install HSPL4 again since you have it already?
          Can you still load CWM now?

          • iiivan

            yes i still can load CWM…

            • Good. Wipe data and cache. Then install the ROM again.

              • iiivan

                it freezes on the boot screen

                • Are you sure that you are using 250MB CWM partition layout? Others don’t have issue…

                  • MoAv

                    I too have issues freezing at the HTC logo, I have 250MB but not sure about the 576 radio, how do I check ?

                    • Can’t check unless you are on Windows Mobile. But as long as you can load MAGLDR, you are using radio that support 576 MB RAM.

  • syed

    Hi Jayce,
    I have installed Beta 1 but theh camera is not working and also cannot connect to the mobile data plan.

    • It is beta version. Things do not work are normal.

      • DonKabbara

        Do u know when the pfficial version will be released?

        • There is no official ICS ROM for HTC HD2.

  • Raylot

    what should i do if i want to update to beta 2 from beta 1?

    • Just install it like beta1.

      • Raylot

        even the wipe data/factory reset and wipe cache parts?

        • syed

          raylot – i did the same i installed beta 1 first then installed beta2 over 1 with the same procedure.

        • No need.

          • Raylot

            Thank you, it works! can’t wait until all the bugs get fixed though…

            • trigga

              pls how do u know when bugs have been fixed and where do u download it from??

  • Steven

    Hey, I have followed the whole process. However,after the last reboot, the process does not go beyond the graphical illusion. The graphics keep playing forever. What might I have done wrong?

    • How much CWM partition layout size did you install?

      • Steven

        I installed 400Mb but also tried 150Mb

        • Try 250MB. Use 200MB if you know how to edit CWM layout size.

          • Steven

            ok, lemme try that one. So do i have to start afresh or just replace what i have with 250Mb?

            • Just do it like 150MB and 400MB.

              • Steven

                How long should the graphical illusions take before you get to set up for the new OS?

                • michiel

                  heey jayce i did the whole processe now its stuck on te collored flakes i did wait for 8 hours i guess i did something wrong is there any way to reset everthing and do the whole processe again? even when i put out the battery and did it back in again it still shows the collored flakes

                  grtz michiel

                  • Collored flakes? Do you mean stuck during boot up? If so, how much CWM layout size did you install?

                    • michiel

                      i installed 400 but how do i remove it or replace it?

  • Steven

    It has worked. Thank you very much mate.

  • Umesh Saini

    Hi jaycece
    I want to install android 4.0 on htc hd2 . I have completed all process succesfully, bu twhen I reboot the device it stuck on htc logo on the screen I have 1024 sd card partition. Please guide me what to do

    • Use 250MB CWM partition layout.

      • Umesh Saini

        Hi Jayce
        I have completed the whole process again with 250MB cwm partition but the problem is same it stuck on htc logo.A blue screen appeares for a moment and disappears and htc logo hang on . Please guide me how to make the handset to factory settings I want to start it from 0 level.Thanks

  • Kennedy

    Hello Jayce,

    I have been able to do everything thus far besides copy the rom to the SD Card and load Android could you help by providing the link that is best for the latest verision of 4.0 for HTC HD2 and could you also advise for the last step of putting the zip on HD card?

    Many Thanks bro!

  • danny

    hello Jayce i installed 250m cwm but i dont get past the graphics what can i do to fx it? thanks for your help?

    • Did you install Android ROM after that? If really cannot, you need to use 200MB CWM layout then.

  • Danny

    Is there a link where I can download the 200m or I need to do it myself?

    • Change flash.cfg in 250MB CWM partition layout. For system ya 250M to 200M.

  • ravi

    brother mobile running only on graphics no result and i am trying windows its not getting pls guide me

    • How much CWM partition layout size did you use?

  • Danny

    Hello Jaycee, I was able to edit the flash file but I only did a 190m , this time I was able to load the graphics for about 15 minutes before the phone reset it I will try again tonight and do a 200m ,I will keep you posted thanks a lot

    • No need to change if it is already working… 😉


    i am trying to install beta2 i did all the steps mentioned above along with cwm partition 250 but it stuck on a black screen showing please

    • Look like beta2 use different CWM partition layout. Please use 190MB CWM partition layout for beta2.

      • FAHAD

        i am not able to find that flash.cfg file.can you please guide me how can i find it,or any link of video??

        • In CWM recovery zip file. Edit it after extracted.

  • HelpHunter

    I cant get out auf the MAGLDR. I tried everthing but if i turn it my htc hd 2 on it starts automatically in MAGLDR. what can i do?

    • What had you tried? Everything mean what?

      • Helphunter

        I tried a normal reset, a hard reset nothing works and i can´t also put the 4.0 into my SD card. I cant get in the Windows mode. if i turn on the phone it moves directly to MAGLDR. No matter if i push and hold the power button or just push one time. Is there anything i can do?

        • Did you install ClockworkMod Recovery v1.3?

          • HelpHunter


            • HelpHunter

              now i installed it but after rebooting it moves back to clockworkmod

              • Real the installation guide carefully. Then install what is needed.

                • HelpHunter

                  i got it thanks

  • Danny

    I installed beta 2 , the graphics ran for 15min before the phone shut off again what Ian doing wrong?

    • No idea. I did not try beta2. Try to ask ROM chef at XDA.

  • jeff

    please help, im not sure how to get the process started to upload ice cream …im holding the power on and holding and holding..its just turned the device on. ;(

    • Hi Jeff, did you install all the prerequisites?

  • jeff needs to hold the volume key (up/down) at the same time with the power . MY volume control (up) is broken, is there any other way???

  • Umesh Saini

    Hi Jayce
    Please guide me how to change the CWM size

    • Edit flash.cfg file in any size CWM partition layout. For system ya xxxM to 190M.

      • Umesh Saini

        I have edited System Ya 150M to 190 M but in recovery when i create partition size it shows only 128 M 256 M 1024 etc what to do now

        • Create what partition size? EXT3?

          • Umesh Saini

            hi Jayce
            I have installed android 4.0 successfully beta 2. its running very good. Now I am trying to install beta3. Thanks
            Is there any news for windows mango market place . Have you got activation code.
            Thanks for your suggestion.Thanks a lot

            • No, WP7 still does not catch my heart. So I did not apply activation code at all…

              • Umesh Saini

                Hi Jayce
                I have installed ICS beta 3 now I will try beta 4 thanks a lo

  • Danny

    Jaycee I was able to figured out why I wasn’t able to load ics 4.0..
    . I have cwm v3.0.0.5 but when I tried to installed the v1.3 I still have v3 version any idea what’s wrong?

    • ClockworkMod Recovery v1.3 does have CWM v3.

  • Danny

    Jaycee I have no idea what I’m doing wrong I have all the requirements

    • Which Android ICS ROM version did you install?

  • george

    hi Jayce…when i wiping data on my hd2 i have an error mounting/sd ext! how do i fix this….???

    • Huh? Do you have ext3 partition on your SD card?

  • robin

    i did android ice cream sandwich on my htc hd2 yesterday by flashing, it looks really cool, faster than windows but i have got some problems on it.. there is no camera button as on your video.. i cant run camera, i tried to install camera button and camera360 from the market but it gave some errors and didnt work.. the other problem on it, youtube is not working.. i can browse all mobile youtube pages, videos start to play but only voice is coming, i cant see the videos.. and i dont know what i need to do now..

    • It is still beta version. Not everything is working. You can install Android 2.3.7 stable version if you want.

      • robin

        thanks Jayce.. appreciate it..

      • robin

        Hi again Jayce, i want you to ask another question.. i installed android 2.3.7 and working good but i forgot to get my backup file as a .csv file that I have just a back up that is an .exe file (Backup_20100611.exe) which includes my all contact numbers on previous windows mobile 6.5 version.

        And is there any ways to see my contacts in this file or to convert it to csv file or any files I will be able to use it on my new android system..?

        thanks so much in advance.. i’ll be waiting for your reply..

        • Sorry, I have no idea what program create Backup_20100611.exe.

  • raymond cheung

    Hi, Jayce, i am currently running Android 2.3.7 on my htc hd2, having problem to install version 4.0.
    after selection of item 8 AD RECOVERY, the screen prompt me “ERROR, ERROR, INVALID BOOT IMAGE READER”

    Why ? pls guide.


    • Try to reinstall CWM see.

  • Karan

    I am unable to use my 16 GB micro sdhc card.
    I am unable to use camera, gallery.
    Please help me. I install BETA 3 version and I did 250 CMW Partition.

    • I did not try beta3 yet. Please consult ROM chef at XDA on your issues.

  • raymond cheung

    Hi, Jayce, okay, will try. However, found that your link of downloading of ICE CREAM SANDWICH is linked to, use this ICS_V1.1.MAG.ZIP is better on beta2 file ?
    Pls advise.

    • Both of them were outdated and replaced by latest version. Please get the latest one from XDA website.

  • raymond cheung

    Hi, Jayce, one more thing would like to check, currently i am having ROM manager, which has a function is “TO INSTALL ROM FROM SD CARD” can i use this function?

    • I did not use ROM Manager before. No idea.

  • Karan

    Hey, Anyone has problem with Camera in beta 3.???
    Plz Reply…

  • danny

    The camera still not working give it some time, hopefully soon they’ll get it to work.

  • girimaker

    Hi Jayce,
    Thanks for the newest version ROM for HD2 (! I installed according to your manual above. Before I was running Gingerbread 2.3.7 (Nand) on my HD2.
    But after installing this new rom HD2 refuses to start! Each time it starts it shows HTC logo, loads amagldr 1.3, background goes blue for about 0.2 second and loads the green HTC logo and goes off! Then it starts up again, and repeats the whole process!

    Any idea?


    • Try to use 200MB CWM system partition.

      • girimaker

        Thank you so much! Pity, I could not see that problem beforehand.
        Great, it is working now!

        I was also able to install Sygic Aura and Copilot 8.2!

  • girimaker

    I replaced ICS with Gingerbread again, but without any problem!!

    Thanks again,


    camera is not working


    video playback does not work and what should i do to recover windows..

  • Lukas

    Hi Jay,thanks for the link for sandwich icecream,now I did installed it but the thing is that after I install it get stuck on the black HTC please help jayce

    • Which ICS version and CWM layout size did you install?

      • lukas

        ICS_v1.1_MAG,now it passes black htc but it stuck on those things like many broken glasses,i mean before the first time setups

  • Pradeep

    I have successfully installed ICS4 on my HTC HD2. However, I can’t connect to WIFI because it is not showing available accounts. I tried to add it manually, but saying active accounts not available. I followed each steps correctly . please help.

    • Hmm…. I can connect to my Wi-Fi router. Not sure what is wrong with yours.

  • Zsolt

    Hi Jayce,

    I have installed on my HD2 (from WM) the latest Android ICS based on your description
    (which is by the way very good. Detailed, Easy, Understandable)

    Unfortunately the camera does not work.
    What could be the problem? Is there a fix for it?

    Thank you

    • It is still beta version. Not everything is working. Eg, camera still fail to work.

  • ahmed

    Can I apply this method on my sony ericsson xperia arc? If not is there another method to install android 4.0 ics on xperia arc

  • raymond cheung

    Hi Jayce, i followed your video instruction 100%, even wipe out cache and personal data using CMW before installation of the ics bet5 version.
    the ics running okay, except the known problem on the camera. BUT found that the internal storage only total 150MB and now used 109MB, left only 42MB free.
    Can you please guide me how to expend the original 150MB to higher? as this HD2 should have total 448MB RAM with 512MB ROM.
    thank you.

    • Use 200MB CWM partition layout.

      We can’t use all 512MB ROM because system and other stuffs use it too. The CWM partition layout size is reserved for system use. So the bigger the system size, the smaller the user size.

  • raymond cheung

    Hi, Jayce, but how to do to use 200MB CWM Partition layout. pls advise the procedure (and link if possible).

    it is new for me to on using xxxMB CWM Partition layout.


    • Open flash.cfg in 250MB CWM layout. Change system ya 250M to 200M. Then install CWM layout and Android ROM again.

  • raymond cheung

    Hi, Jayce,
    1) how to open flash.cfg ? any video guide ?
    2) install CWM Layout and Android ROM means re-install CWM version 1.3 and Android 2.3.7, right ?
    Pls advise your professionalism.

    • 1. Use any text editor to open. No video guide.
      2. Yes.

  • Donny

    the work you do is amazing!!! i am having an issue with using the marketplace, it simply will not open. thanks for the help in advance

  • Komal

    Its fxxkin working after looooong effort. Thxxxx dude

  • luther

    CAMERA is not working in 4.0 why?

  • luther

    How about the screenshot? lost also.. 🙁

    • It is a beta version. What do you expect?

      • luther

        so itmeans its better i choose the alpha?

        • No, alpha is worst than beta. 😉

        • luther

          its better the gingerbread my friend than 4.0..

  • raymond cheung

    Hi, Jayce, when using GB 237, the sms for previous day message only showing date, and the itming disapprear, how to fix it ? pls advise in details.

    • Sorry, no idea. Don’t use HTC HD2 as daily phone anymore…

  • Hasib

    followed all the steps… but each time it says ‘no boot device found’
    what should i do?

    • Girimaker

      I think you have the same problem as I had! I had a 16gb SD card (in which I had created also three ext partitions) that was locked by WM7. That was the reaso why I got this error.

      • Hasib

        i dont have any partitions, I’ve 8 gb sd card, wht to do?

        • Girimaker

          Either you can hard reset or reflash again with WP7!

    • All steps… What had you installed already? And which step did you face this no boot device found issue?

      • Hasib

        its running on win 6.5

        • Hasib

          First I installed
          after that when i tried to install “ICS_v1.1_MAG”
          then i got stuck at step no 5. where after scrolling down using the volume button to # 8 (ad recovery) it showed no boot source found.

          currently i rolled back to previous WM 6.5 version
          now how can i turn my device with ICS android?

          • You did not install CWM.

            • Hasib

              An error has occurred
              Read below for more information

              Error Description: USB init failed
              Info: .\RSPL\RSPL.cpp (736)

              Error Description: EnterBootloader missing
              Info: .\RSPL\BootLoader.cpp (176)

              This error i’m facing when i tried to install CWM at step number 8

            • Hasib

              now every thing is fine but i’m stuck at the final graphical illusion which continues to play forever. I read from ur previous comment that i need to have CWM for 250 mb partition layout instead of 400 mb. but i cant find 250mb layout from any where. plz send the link from where i can download it.

              • eyal

                Have the same problem, the final graphical illusion never ends.
                how did you solved it ?

            • Hasib

              tnx a lot, at last i did it. but camera not working, is there any option for it?

              • No, we can’t do anything until developers fix it.

  • luther

    Hey man! Good day! how to use the cam because its not functioning? can u help me?

    • Sorry, can’t help much since it is ROM issue. Please consult ROM chef at XDA.

      • luther

        how to go back again to Android 2.3 Gingerbread as i can see the file explorer in ice cream android….a lot of bugs need to fix on android 4.0.1 cant use camera cant use tethering cant see the sd card file. pls help me

  • drez

    need help, when i enter into clockwork and wipe data/factory, its says at the bottom E; failed to find “cache” partition to mount at “cache”

    • Are you still able to install Android ROM with this issue?

  • tom

    hi i istalled this rom just like u did in the video and it just stays on the htc screen?

    • Which NexusHD2 Android 4.0 version and CWM partition layout did you install?

      • tom

        i used the beta 5 and 400mb?

        • tom

          ive sorted it now just got the multi coloured screen i know these things take time to load 🙁 im to impatient

  • michael

    hi how load do i have to wait for my htc hd2 to come up……………………….

    How to Install Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich on HTC HD2?

    • Follow the installation guide in the post please…

  • abosteaf

    I have finished all of the steps but the android OS is not starting how can I re do the steps from the scratch ?

  • Umar


    • Which Android 4.0 build version and CWM partition layout did you install?

      • M.J

        Beta 1!!!!!!! why????

  • Ash

    Hey Jayce,

    I was running CorDroid 2.2.1 then tried to upgrade to ICS 4.0 using your instructions as above.

    It all works but as some users have already stated, ICS 4.0 it just hangs in the animation screen forever…

    I have all the the Prerequisites as you’ve mentioned but tried to check the partition MAGLDR Boot Menu:

    2. Boot AD SD its keep saying “SD kernel Open failed” and when i check 3. Boot AD NAND it keeps saying “NAND kernel open failed”

    Does this mean I will have to partition my SD card again?

    Many Thanks

    • Boot AD SD failed is normal since you don’t have SD Android. But failed to boot AD NAND is not normal since you already install ICS.

  • Ash

    So plz, what do you suggest I do???, Im a newbie and trying to find my way around….Thanks Jayce!

    • Take your time to study the installation guide.

  • HvdG


    I just completed al the described steps, and successfully installed ICS on my HTC HD2.
    Thanks a lot for your easy to understand tutorials, since i am not very experienced on these things.

    It seems that the is VERY stable (a lot more than Win6,5) and i don’t care there are some things that aren’t working. now i at least have a phone that can call, text, email….

    However i do have a question:
    Is it possible to use the android market?
    I seem to have some problems, when i want to download an application, i select download > accept and Download, thereafter the phone says:
    ” Fout ‘appx’ kan niet worden gedownload wegens een fout”
    “‘appx’ can’t be downloaded due to a fault…”

    I did every step described, and was connected to 3g + wifi….

    Maybe its a not so smart question, but i appreciate your help!


    • Android Market is working fine to me. Try to ask others at XDA see.

      • HvdG

        I figured it out, Thanks a lot!

  • sumesh pokhrel

    thanx man it is working i am really happy thanx

  • npnicks

    Jayce hi,
    First of all thanks for this post. its very useful and android is working nice except the camera..
    do you know how can i solve this?


    • Need to wait for developers to fix the camera issue. We can only wait unless you know how to fix it. 😉

      • ali

        Hi Jayce,

        I installed android 4.o on htc hd2 and its working good but the camera is not working properly and video is unable to play properly. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me to rectify this problem

        • We need to wait for developers to fix the issues…

          • ali

            how can i install 2.3.7 gigerbread like ICS on HTC hD2

            • What do you mean? I don’t get it. Sorry…

  • Karan

    Hey Jayce I installed beta5 and using it now. When I want to go in MAGLDR to update beta 7 it says unable to connect because of USB. When I connect it to my computer, I can see USB instead of Serial when I power on and press volume down button…
    Please help me with it.
    Even I am unable to get win 6.5 back…

  • Milocozz

    I install the 4.0, beta7, 500mb.

    All the steps, one by one. All fine. But now Im stock here in the grafic stuff after 1 hour, WTF???

    • Milocozz

      What do I need to do??? 1 hour with the grafic stuff…….

    • 500MB of what? How much CWM layout size did you install?

  • Malai Masrhiem


    Great work on the Icecream Sandwich. i downloaded your froyo before and it was fantastic. i’ve successfully downloaded and upload the Icecream Sandwich but its lagging. How do i make it faster? i mean the graphics and functions are all lagging. not as smooth as i wish it would be. how do i resolve it?

    also my data connection through my local mobile service provider is not working. just to let you know, i’ve download the Beta1 version. if i download Beta2 would it make things faster?

    • Get the latest beta version. I did not test it personally but performance should be better and faster.

      • Malai Masrhiem

        Thanks for the advise. i’ve down’oaded the Beta7 version and it runs really smooth and fast. on the other hand, my camera doesn’t work and i’m still not connected to the local data connection through my service provider. these are the only 2 things wrong with the Beta7 version. hope you can help.

        • Need to wait developers to fix them…

        • Malai Masrhiem

          also what difference does the different sizes in partitions make? i went for the 250mb. should i go for the 500mb?

          • CWM layout partition? That is the place to store system files. No point to use bigger size if system files are only 200MB. You get lesser user disk space with bigger system size.

            • Malai Masrhiem

              oh i see…. i went on ahead and downloaded the 150 partition. now my phone is stuck. how do i uninstall the 250 partition?

              • No need to uninstall. Just install 200M, it will replace it.

                • Malai Masrhiem

                  Thanks. at the moment its saying NAND kernal failed. so it won’t start. i’ll try to reinstall everything and hope for the best. please advice. thanks dude.

                  • Malai Masrhiem

                    EUREKA!!!! Got it, thanks. but still haven’t got enough space to download from the market. Keep us posted Bro!!!

                    • Malai Masrhiem

                      Hey Bro,

                      Saw that the Beta9 version is out. What are the improvements? have you tried it out?

  • zucubo

    Hello! I’ve installed many Android Versions allready an my HTC HD2 and they all where great. now i have followed your steps and installed Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Now my BIG QUESTION is: Can i do something to have “more memory” on the phone? because i just keep getting those >full memory< messages. I've allready tried (more than once) to partition my sd card (16 gb micro sd hc) but everytime it has not worked. the memory of the card will be shown as 13 gb free but the memory phone stays the same.. can you PLEASE!! help me on this one?!


    • You can try to find Android 4.0 ROM that use A2SD+ in XDA. This should solve low disk space issue. Low memory issue? I also have no idea.

      • zucubo

        Hi Jayce, you mean you have no idea how to make a partition on a sd card or if its possible to make one with this ROM? Can’t you help me and tell me what I’m doing wrong and why my disk space always stays the same although the partition has been made?


        • I know how to make partition on SD card. But don’t know how to make the Android ICS ROM to use it.

  • Jah

    So i installed it from sd card and rebooted it, and the only thing its doing is going on and off…does anybody know why? after magldr its shows another HTC screen and then keeps restarting…help please?

  • Jah

    Is there some where I can download that and just install from sd?

    • Jah

      Android 2.3 i mean..

    • That Android 2.3 ROM is installed from SD card too.

      • Jah

        Yes I used a diff sd card and no longer have it, is there anywhere i can download that rom in zip format so i can use usbmassstg to place it… any links? and thanks btw “) im an amateur..

        • Did you read the link that I gave you just now?

  • Tomassss

    Please when will be camera ok? Because i cant making fotos, videos…. nothing. I am using it in slovak and all is ok, but camera not. Sorry for bad english i am 13 years old slovak.

  • Yorick


    I want to use the Beta 7, but it always starts again.
    What do I have to do?

    • Hi Yorick, how much CWM layout partition did you install?

      • Yorick

        I’m not sure but I think two or three.

        • Huh? What do you mean?

          • Yorick

            yeah, I don’t know.
            I thought you meant something else.
            But, I don’t know what you mean with CWM layout partition…

  • Tomassss

    How I can download files from PC in Beta6? And in what is new in Beta7?

    • Sorry, don’t understand ‘download files from PC in Beta6’.
      Please refer to change log in XDA website for new feature of beta7.

  • Tomassss

    How to download files from PC to HTC hd2 using usb. I have got beta6. Do you understand? 😀

  • Pani

    i installed the version NexusHD2-IceCreamSandwich_Beta7 but the camera is not working. any briliant idea?

    • Tomassss

      Read first, then write. Camera is not working and we was talking about it.

      • Tomassss

        srry were talking.

        • Pani

          excellent work. keep us posted when it will work with a newly update…

  • ahmet

    I installed 4.0.1 from the phone, especially of the variance that is not going teme I waited 30-40 minutes is not going
    Waiting to help respond to emergencies is a good idea, no matter

  • tarun kharbanda

    helo..first of all thanx alot for these easy steps dat made us install android so easily on our hd2…i just have one problem my camera is not working the camera application shows the error ”cannot connect to camera” can you hel me out with this please?

    • Camera is still not working. Known issue…

  • rajavel

    Hi jayce, i installed beta7, it’s working great. but if i suppose to play HD VIDEOS (1080&720Pixels) not playing properly in any video player(mob player,etc), video streaming not properly.. any idea….

    • Android 4.0 does not support 720p playback smoothly yet. And HD2 can’t play 1080p smoothly at all.

  • Jose

    Thanks for all your videos they have been a lot of help to me. I have jusr one quick question… how do I know what kind of radio, Magldr and Hspl versions i have? Thank again have a good day 🙂

    • Refer to the guides. You can check HSPL and MAGLDR version but not radio.

  • HvdG


    last week i installed ICS on my HD2, which was great! However, a few days ago my touch screen didn’t work anymore. but after a few hours it started working again. i experienced this a couple of times, and now the touch screen doesn’t work anymore.

    I figured, i needed to reinstall the ROM. So i started your guide at step 11.
    But the problem didn’t disappear.

    My question is:
    How do i completely reinstall your guide, including the prerequisites (which i completed via your guide)?

    Thanks in advance,

  • Wouter

    Hi there,

    I have a small problem:
    Everything works untill I have to reboot it (when the screen gives some weird colours).
    I waited the whole day, but it remains at this screen!

    do you know what’s wrong?


    • Sorry, I am not sure what is the weird colours screen that you mentioned about. Can explain in detail?

      • wouter

        Well its the screen that is supposed to pop up.

        in your video you fast forward this
        In the video it starts at about 1:50

        I tried to install different drivers
        and to reinstall everything but nothing works…
        just to be safe:
        What driver and capacity did you use?

        • Oh, you have boot loop issue.

          How much CWM partition layout did you install?

          • Wouter

            I have seriously no idea!
            I think the biggest one
            What do you prefer?

            • 200MB.

              • Wouter

                okay but how do i reinstall evrything?
                because everytime i start up my HTC
                it gives the weird colouring screen!

                • Nope. Install CWM then install Android ROM.

  • Anthony

    Hey this is a great update, but whenever i plug in my usb i dont know how to turn into disk drive anymore =\
    Also camera doesnt work ^.^

  • Dennis Claros

    When do u think this will be done? like the camera problem etc .. so i can use it as an everyday OS ,… its really awesome btw. good job 🙂

    • It is depended on developers. No body know…

  • Anthony

    I was looking at the video and planned to port the rom over, but i still want to keep my current custom rom also, is there a way to dual boot?

    • Yes, dual boot NAND WP7 and SD Android. But I did not try it on Android 4.0.

      • Anthony

        well is there a way to dual boot android 2.3.5 and 4.0, or is dual boot only wp7 and andriod?

        • Yes, NAND Android and SD Android.

          • Anthony

            alright thanks man home come i never thought about that haha, two thumbs up for the help and the quick response, keep the good work up man

  • Michael

    Hey beta 8 works the best it even boots up faster thanks for posting this my brother gave me his HD2 he was just gonna throw it away wait till he see this.

    • Michael

      Man it’s even loading up all of my apps that I have on my Photon 4g!!!!

      • luther

        how about the camera? tetering, etc..

        • Michael

          no camera is still not working but seems that everything else is,it automatically downloaded all the apps I have on my photon 4g as well as all my contacts and they all seem to work except the one that work with camera,even Netflix works you tube etc…. out side of the camera I feel like I have a new phone,I wasn’t bold enough to try this on my Photon,but like I said before my brother was gonna trash it so I gave it a shot glad i did. don’t have a sim card to play with since I’m with Sprint at the moment so I cant comment on how the phone calls work. But if your gonna do it use beta 8! that’s the latest one.

  • K. Lam

    Hi Jayce,

    Is there a way to update from beta to beta instead of clean install? so I can keep all my setting and apps.

    What are some of the common skin pack for android? icons and theme wise.

    Thanks, love your site.

    • Yes, just install Android ROM without wipe data and cache.

      Did not research on the theme. No idea.

      • K. Lam

        Thank you.

  • Tomassss

    Is camera working in Beta9?

    • Camera is working but buggy in beta10.

  • Sanders

    i would like to install your rom but it isn’t work
    i have

    HTC HD2 Radio Leo
    DFT MAGLDR Bootloader v1.13
    ClockworkMod Recovery v1.3

    i install the rom and after I reboot but its fix to the HTC in green

    you have a solution ?

    ps: sorry for my english

    • Sanders

      I take the beta 9

      • Sanders


        problem : the device it stuck on htc logo on the screen
        i look every post and the problem is I use CWM 150mb and after partition of your microusb ex : 1024 for 16go usb
        Thank you for tour help
        And good job !

        • Problem solved already?

          • Sanders

            Yes problem solved I not use CWM 250mb 😉

  • @Malai Masrhiem: No idea. I did not try beta9.

  • 1 question sir…
    When should i do the ext sd partition for a2sd..After installing rom or before installing the rom..
    bdw i had downloaded ics beta 10,, and will be using 2024mb sd partition..

  • minhaaj

    any idea how update samsung galaxy i9003 to ics??

  • Sponkey

    i did all your steps but it freezed at the green htc logo …
    I use:

    HTC HD2 Radio Leo
    DFT MAGLDR Bootloader v1.13
    ClockworkMod Recovery v1.3

    I changed the CWM 250mb to 200MB as you said but it changed nothing
    I tried Beta9 … I will be trying Beta10 now … let´s see

    Oh one more:
    I´ve got a 16gb sdhc card (if it´s important)

  • Sponkey

    IT WORKS WITH BETA 10!!!!!
    But .. the background is a little bit moved to the right side .. how to move it back?
    Camera is working … quality is OK 😀
    The whole System is working smooth … *PUH*
    Thanks for the Tutorials

    • Sponkey

      Oh found it 😀 only change the Background to another picture …
      But … now it´s saying “camera unfortunately closed” ?
      How to flash the camera update?
      ICS_Camera_HAL_for_2.6 kernel_(credit_to_rapmv78).zip ?

      • Install it with CWM.

  • Sameer

    Hi Jayce,

    Thanks a lot its really a nice guide to. Thanks a lot. You are really wise.

    Take care have good future ahead.


  • Aves

    beta 10 rocks! Camera doesn`t zoom. That`s all;)

  • Raj


    Thx for the guides and videos. I followed the same instructions.
    Audio and Camera , both are not working. Please advice.
    I tried the voice calls, music and youtube.. no audio at all.

    Model: Nexus HD2
    Android : 4.0.1
    Build” ITL 41D Alpha1

    Please advice. Thx in advance. Raj

    • Sanders

      Build” ITL 41D Alpha1

      test the Beta 10 it’s the better …

      • Raj

        Sanders, Thx for the quick update. I tried..
        But now I started getting “Software Update Failed:.Please try again” screen all the time
        Reboot, restart.. all same..
        Any advice please. Thx

        • Wipe data and cache in CWM.

          • Raj

            Jayce, Thx..
            I wiped off the data.
            Now Magldr/CWM/Recovery/task29 is not able to launch with USB connection.

            HD2 shows Red/Green/Blue Screen with the following message:
            PB81120 HX-B3
            SPL-2.08.0000 8G XE
            MicroP(LED) 0x05
            MicroP(TOUCH) 0x50

            When I connect USB, HD2 changes to USB.

            But from PC,DAF/ROMUpdateUtility/CustomRUU all shows as launching but HD2 stops at 0% .

            Please help. Sincere Thank you in advance. Regards – Raj.

            • How can you wipe data and cache in CWM turn your HSPL into SPL?

  • Raj

    May be one of the downloads I had might have got installed accidentally.
    How can I wipe/cache and apply the new Android 4.0 please. Thx

    • As I mentioned previously, wipe data and cache in CWM.

      • Raj

        Hello Jayce, I am not even able to get to CWM. I can see USB on HD2 and then no option is working.. Thx in advance . Please advice.

        • Install all the components in the article again.

  • Corn

    hi jayce, before install this ICS 4.0, may i ask about:

    can USB Mass Storage, camera , and hardware accelerator working well??

    • Hi Corn, please get the latest update from XDA website. Most of the stuffs are working now. 😉

      • Corn

        oo ok~ thx for ur info~

  • greatman2406

    I have beta 10 installed sucessful. Most everything runs well except im not able to play games an gallery is buggy. Doesnt want to load sometimes an force closes! Is there a fix for this yet?

  • Raymond Cheung

    Pls guide me how to check my hd2 (CURRENTLY running GB 2.3.7) :
    (1) How Much of System Partition (2) how much on the current cache ? (3) how to increase the item 1 and 2 if i need to in order to fit for the ICS 4.0.3 (beta10) version installation.

    Pls assist.


  • Raymond Cheung

    Hi, Jayce,
    I booted my HTC HD2 (currenly under GB 2.3.7) item 8 – AD RECOVERY but failed. so i went to flash DFT, but it prompted “README.TXT FOR THIS RELEASE MISSING”, after clicked “NEXT” it showed error description: CONFIG: CAN’T OPEN CONFIG FILE, INFO: /RSPL/RSPL.cpp(304)”.
    finally had to click icon “Finish”

    Pls guide me how to reflash it sucessfully ?


  • Raymond Cheung

    Hi, Jayce,
    I installed Beta10 onto my HTC HD2, running ok, but the battery draining a bite fast, 100% only for 4-5 hours, any thing can be done to avoid the draining as i already terminated the unnecessary application, such as wifi, google locaton, google searching, and gps, etc. secondly, what is the difference between ASOP Beta10 vs CM9 both from tytung ? i am confused and would like to know which one is better ? pls adv.

    • I have no idea as I did not test CM9 build yet.

  • Raymond Cheung

    how to update the following FILE into the AOSP BETA10 ?


    Just copy to sd card and use 8. AD RECOVERY to run on zip open from sd card or update zip ?

    Pls guide.


  • Christo Lombard

    I used the beta 10 version but it freazes on the black htc screen, why?? please help

    • Hi Christo, how much CWM layout size did you install?

  • Anthony Jackson

    Hi Jayce,
    I just finished downloading and installing the process as in your video and website. I used the beta 10 version and 400mb partition CWM. What is the normal booting time because i already waited for 2 hours for the booting to finish. I think i have problem somewhere. Need your help to resolve the problem. Appreciate for your feedback.

    • Please use 220MB CWM partition for beta10.

  • Mortis

    I already have cyanogenmod 2.3.7 on my HD2 and I just want to update it to the current version. I copied the zip to my SD card and extracted to the SD card as well but I left the .zip too just in case. When I select 8. AD Recovery, it says no boot sources…what am I doing wrong?

    • Are you using ClockworkMod Recovery v1.3?

      • Mortis

        Actually I’m downloading it right now. Which one do you recommend? 150, 250, or 400?

        • 220MB for beta10.

  • Mortis

    Everything worked perfectly! Thank you so much!

  • Mcoy_Bahrain

    many thanks Jayce…. I got now my Ice Cream Sandwich in my HD2….. Well Done……….

  • Reggie

    Hi Jayce!
    You did a great job!
    I have one question: How can I extend the storage space of 250 mb? I downloaded 5-6 app from market and now it says there is no space available for downloading other apps…

    • Use smaller CWM layout size like 220MB. This will free up 30MB compare to 250MB CWM layout.

      • Reggie

        But i think it’s still not enough. I was thinking about 1 GB…

        • Need to wait for A2SD+ support on ICS ROM then.

  • zeus007

    i’ll compelety install ics on my hd2,but its hang on boot page and restar again and reapeat this over and over.please help me!!!

    • Hi zeus007, how much CWM partition size did you install?

  • zico

    heey you have a nice tut but i cant find How to Partition pls help me please

  • Nissim

    I brought my HD2 already rooted, and running gingerbread. I wanna upgrade it to ics now. Is it safe to say that I have the radio, magldr and everything already and i just need to follow your instructions. Btw when i use rom manager to back up my current rom, it just reboots skipping the actual process. And when I do it manually i go to my bootloader (magldr 1.13) and i go to recovery it says” Cannot read ramdisk image” Please any help, IM dying to do this.

    • Do you have all the same components and versions in prerequisites?

      • Nissim

        Well to tell you the truth I dont know. I didnt hack it myself so I dont know what the man did to the HD2. It originally a windows phone and he put gingerbread on so I assume he did the prerequisites. If I have to redo them I will, but if I were to do them twice would damage anything?

        • Only install those that you don’t have. No need to reinstall if version is the same.

          • Nissim

            Yes, but youre not understanding I dont know which I do and which I dont have. If somebody already put a custom rom on my phone does that mean I have them? My gingerbread is on nand does that help?
            Btw when i bootload it and try to go to ac recovery it gives me an error saying “caanot read ramdisk image” and when i try to backup in rom manager it just reboots without saving anything. Please try to answer all my questions.

            • No. No.

              • Nissim

                I think I just understood something. I clicked the videos for the prerequisites, and if you want to put magldr you need the custom radio and SPL-2.08.HSPL. Well I have magldr 1.13 so I must have those two as well. My only question now is how come when i try to back up from rom manager or magldr, it says cannot read ramdisk image. If you could answer that you would be more super then you already are. Thanks in advance.

                • I do not use ROM Manager. No idea. I use CWM to backup / restore.

                  • Nissim

                    Thank you so much. It turned out i broke my cwm recovery because of rom manager. So I fixed it and followed your video, thanks a billion.

  • Jan

    Hello Jayce,

    I used:
    – HSPL4
    – and later
    – magldr 1.13
    – recovery 150mb and later 250mb
    – beta 10

    I f*cked up i think. Id did all the steps (my win7-laptop would not open CustumRUU so i did that on my winXP-pc) and the other steps on my win7-laptop). When i installed beta 10 it went oke till the startup of the phone. The HTC-letters in green kept standing on the screen.

    Since then i tried the and the 250mb. The problem is now that what ever i install, i dont get the black screen with the choices where you can scroll with the vol-button.
    – it starts to the green HTC en then does nothing
    – when vol-down & power:
    PB81100 SS-BC
    SPL-2.08.HSPL 8G XE
    CotullaHSPL 0x50

    what to do now??

    • Jan

      I tried all the steps in the right sequence on 1 PC (my XP-pc) Maybe that was the problem, because i did 1 step on the XP-pc and the rest on the win7-laptop.
      But i still cant get in to the android flash mode from where you can run the recovery.

      Please help!

      • Can you load MAGLDR?

        • Jan

          No.. I get the 123456
          go go go screen. Olso when i have tried to reinstall MGLDR

          • Jan

            I think that it is the MAGLDR screen yes. But i cant stop it or choose something, it just boots android ics. But evry time its gets stuck at the green HTC sign.

          • Try to restore back to Windows Mobile. And restart the whole process again.

            • Jan

              How do i do that?

              • Jan

                I followed your how – to, to restore windows mobile. It crashes while loading. I start the update with the power-button and it starts running. After 3 minutes is crashes… Then it auto-restarts and i see now the red-green-blue-white with other specs:

                SPL-3.03.0000 XE
                MicroP(LED) 0x05
                MicroP(TOUCH) 0x50

                SHiitttt I am a noob and i am realy afraid i f*uckt – up the device…

                • Jan

                  I tried to restart (vol-down+power) and now in my red-green-blue-white screen is in yellow letters in the green section: “Upgrade ROM code error Please try again”

                  • Jan

                    pffff.. I had the wrong ROM. Its done, and working.

                    Now going to try to get android ics again.


                    • Jan

                      Hey Jayce!

                      It works! Genius! Good work, thanks for the help.


  • How long should this take(becuese myne is taking 1 hr now)

    • Less than half hour.

      • Tom

        Hey, first of all GREAT work really 🙂 , i got the same issue? what can i do if it takes over an hour and isnt finished for now?

        • Hi Tom, how much CWM layout size did you install?

          • Tom

            oh i used 400m now i actually did 200m
            thbks alot for your whole work 😀 now it works

  • harshit verma

    i am unable to connect my htc hd2 (windows 6.5) with my pc having windows7 ultimate. i wnt to install cynogenmod 7 on HD2 how i do it please suggest

    • What do you mean by cannot connect?

    • Dupree

      You need Windows 7 mobile device center (32 or 64 bit). Also there are good “how to vids on youtube”

      I’m planning on upgrading to ICS 4.0 too and was having the same problem just getting it connected to my pc. My cause was a damaged usb cable in the end.

      Also, read through comments on this page. You find the answer to almost anything.

      Jayce, great website,. really helpful!

  • guillermo

    hi all! do u have any update about how its works with the HTC hd2?? for example, is it better than 2.2 or 2.3 ?

    • ICS on HD2 is getting better each day. Thanks to all the developers. Better than 2.2 or 2.3? You need to try it to find out yourself.

  • Nick

    when i want to apply /sdcard/
    why does it say Installation aborted?
    plz help!!

    • What kind of update is that?

      • Nick

        thanks for trying to help me

        The update is 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

        • You need to check with its ROM chef then.

          • Nick

            how do i chech the Rom?

            • Ask the ROM chef…

              • Nick

                how to i ask the Rom Chef?
                And what is the Rom Chef?

                • Ask him at XDA website.
                  The person that create this Android ROM.

  • luther

    4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is ok already?

  • Dr.aosa

    thank u very much.
    I have my HD2 with windows mobile 6.5
    I have 2 Qs:
    1- Is installing this android 4 safe or i should try the older versions first
    2- Can i go back to windows mobile 6.5 (just in case!) and is it safer to install it on SD or NAND

    Waiting ur response

    • 1. Safe but not 100% stable.
      2. Yes. SD or NAND is up to you. Both are safe to me.

  • maik


    i’ve tried to install the program, but its not working, because its starting up every time again,
    does anyone know whats the problem ? and can someone tell me how to fix it?

    • Hi maik, how much CWM layout size did you install?

      • maik

        tried 400 and 200

        • Try 220MB on beta10.

  • sfs

    Hello Jayce, after installed the ics aosp 4.0.3 beta10, I can’t play or view video in your blog even at xda also! Any idea?

    • Sorry, sfs. No idea.

  • uday

    Now i am using HTC HD2 MIUI Android v 2.2 and i want to upgrade it on v 4.0 and i follow your rule and when i turn on Mobile at first …..i didnot see on Number 8.AD Recovery…….
    in my Mobile there were on Number 8 is Service. so how can i upgrade to v 4.0???

    • Make sure that you have all the correct versions for all prerequisites.

      • uday

        thanx a lot Jayce for your Reply,,
        About My PHone”
        Model Number : HTC HD2
        Android Version ” 2.2.1
        Baseband Version :
        Kernel Version :
        gm@ubuntu #1
        Build Number : Jaws-MIUI

        when i power on moblie with pressing volume key there were appear :
        PB81120 HX-B3
        SPL-2.08.HSPL 8G XE
        CotullaHSPL 0*50

        & when i power on mobile with pressing Red(END) key until disappear MAGLDR there were :
        aMAGLDR V1.11
        Build:Dec 31 2010 05:30:51
        by cotulla 2010
        Boot menu :
        1. Boot AD SD
        2. Boot AD NAND
        3. USB MassStg
        4. USB Flasher
        5. USB TTY
        6. AD Hardreset
        7. Tetris
        8. Services
        9. Reset
        10. PowerDown

        I install this version according to your self by watching video and download all files on your download link……….so please help me…..its really work me with out any side effect…my all function worked properly as windows 6.5 till now………but now i want to upgrade it on Version 4.0…..can i re-install it again? or any short procedure???waiting for your repply….what to do on next step???can i upgrade it with our 8. AD Recovery???

        uday from INDIA……….

        • uday

          o sorry Jayce…
          here my mistake, i am using MAGLDR V1.11 and now upgrade in on v1.13…

  • uday

    Dear Jayce…
    here i install all thing….but i thing i have getting problem now……i don’t know where i did mistake….i thing i am confused on ClockworkMod Recovery Partition Size….after finished install DFT MAGLDR Bootloader v1.13 then i installed 150 MB Partition….is it suitable for my MIUI v 2.2?
    and i did not do any thing at that time. have i install anything other in SD card?or have to partition on my SD card???? then i put NexusHD2-IceCreamSandwich_Beta10 on SD card and do as your video….and on formatting process i saw there were :
    No app2sd partition found. skipping format of /sd-ext
    so i think i have to Partition for my SD?
    and anything have to copy on SD???
    please help me…….

    • Yes, 150MB is okay for MIUI. But you need 220MB for ICS beta10. No need to have app2sd partition.

      • uday

        Thanx a lot……
        Its work done.
        Thank you so much again….

        • jatin

          uday yarr maira hd2 bhe android mai kar de plzzzz

      • Kazu

        can we do the partitioning in ClockworkMod Recovery, or thru HD Toolkit?

        • You need to reinstall CWM layout with PC. Can’t do it on CWM. Did not try HD Toolkit before., No idea.

          • Kazu

            So, should I purge everything with Task29, or just install the 250M Recovery?

            • Depend what do you want to do…

  • kipp

    im trying to get my contacts imported but it is not working . i need help!!!!!!asap. i have tried to import them through google gmail account

    • Are your contacts in Google Account already?

  • kipp

    ics android 4.0
    uploaded and install without a problem now its just my contacts help!!!!!

  • Juan Soto

    Excellent tutorials. HD2 work super with Ice Cream sandwich 4.0 Beta 10.

  • Alvin

    Hi~ I have tried it… but it has load to long…almost a day…still stay at the loading screen may u fix it?

    • Hi Alvin, how much CWM layout size did you install?

      • Alvin


        • You need to use 220MB.

  • Kazu

    From your video it seems kinda laggy. But in other video (which uses the same distro) its really snappy. what’s ur personal scale? From 1-5, 1 being freaking laggy and 5 being silky smooth.

    • Yes, beta1 is slow. Latest build should be better now.

  • Robin

    Hello. i have installed android 4.0 on my htc hd2 and everything working. (i think i installed it on phone memory so the WP 6.5 is whole gone.
    So now i only have android 4.0 and an empty SD-card.

    But now i would change to WP7 or newer version of android.
    But how can i come to boot menu ?
    When i start the phone it will boot to android 4.0 directly and i can’t come to boot menu there i can clear cache and so on..

    Can i delete everything and start over the installation ?

    (sorry my bad english) Best regards..

    • Robin

      I downgrade MAGLD from 1.13 to 1.12 and now i come to the boot menu 🙂

      I think i Solved it 🙂 …

  • dennis

    unfortunately, the process has stopped!!
    what does it mean? what can i do?
    please help…

    • Try the latest build.

  • Caio

    Hey man, first of all, GREAT work… i install android 4.0 in my htc hd2, i love it… but my cam recorder didn’t work…
    my friend tell me to install android 2.3.4 or someting like that…

    i try to unistal or delete or put wm 6.5 again on my hd2…
    now, even my android work…

    how can i reset my hd2, instal Wm 6.5 again… already do a hard reset, didn’t work…
    i just get stuck… please, some help xD

  • Callee

    Hi Jayce,

    I tried to follow the instructions on how to installa ice cream 4.0
    Everythings seemed ok untill the final reboot, i keep on starring at the startup icon (just like in the video) but it stays like that.
    The partitions i chose for the 2nd option.

    Do you maybe know what im doing wrong?

    Thank you in advance!

  • sirlozy

    i am now running the android 4.0 but my wireless is not working. any help??

    • Try to wipe data and cache in CWM…

  • luka

    Plz Help Me !! ,, I made all above steps ,starting from installing HSPL4 till clockworkmod , then i made the other steps of installing android ice sandwich and reached the final step when i press power button to go back and reboot the phone,, but it rebooted with green htc logo and it didn’t make the blue waves like the video and android didn’t open,,,, plz help

    • Hi luka, how much CWM layout size did you install?

  • joe

    How about battery life

    • I did not use ICS as daily ROM. No idea. Sorry…

  • Raymond Cheung

    Hi, Jayce, How are you ? trouble you again. i am using HTC hd2 under CM9.1 of ICS 4.0.3 from ttyung. noted that the time stamp went missing after passing 12:01am and then only showing the date only. is there any where can change it to show the date and time stamp receiving for previous day / days for all sms.

  • Raymond Cheung

    sorry, the ics version should be CM9 v.1.2 of ICS 4.0.3. pls advise per my previous message a minute ago.thanks.

    • Sorry, Raymond. No idea about that as I did not try CM9 v.1.2 yet.

  • Nour

    I have followed all this steps but it lags at the last step the step that have moving pictures plz help

    • Hi Nour, how much CWM layout size did you install?

  • Nour

    Can i install a rom through usb flasher and from where i can download it guide me plz

  • jatin

    dude i have htc hd2 windows phone 6.5 but now i want latest android in it …….and m afraid to follow these steps becozzz i don’t wana lose my phone , in INDIA i dont have anyone to help me (in this case)

    So plzzzzz can u help me ????

    • avinash

      hey jatin do it bindass
      i have done it twice
      its safe
      and too good
      thanks to jayce

      • jatin

        bro avinash …..where are you from ???

        • avinash

          hi jatin i am frm visakhapatnam

          • jatin

            to bhai maira htc hd2 bhe android mai convert kar da …plzzzz kabka ye sadowa windows 6.5 chala raha hu 🙂

    • Don’t install ICS if you are not 100% confident after reading all the guides and watching videos. Take time to study more. Only do it after you are very confident.

      • jatin

        bro can u do it for me plzzzz through any remote control or any other thing …..plzzz plzzz plzzzz

        • Sorry, I provide support through this blog comment system only.

          • jatin

            :'( my htc hd2 will never get android ?? </3

            • Take your time to study my guides here. You can install it too.

              • avinash

                hey jatin its really easy i had also tried many times but finally by following jayce site job become much easier
                and yes upgrade ur hd2 from its site then follow the instructions
                best part it u can have many andriod versions
                once u do get
                all the best buddy

                And yes thanks jayce for his good work
                and jayce can u give the good working link for miuiv4 for hd2 i had tried many but some major problem like internet or andriod market was there saying not enough space on phone
                plz send the link

                • Sorry, did not try MIUI v4 yet. No idea…

  • erwin

    i have a htc hd2 t8585.

    i have followed the instruction on xda forum to get andriod 4.0.3 on it every stap is going wel
    after the last stap you need to reboot thats works i get even the moving shit on it. butt after waiting an hour is still on the moving shit. what to do?

    • Since you followed guide from XDA. Please consult the ROM chef there. 😉

  • Raymond Cheung

    Hi, Jayce,
    I tried and re-tried many times and unable to download the CM9 v.1.3 from this link ( ) as prompted the message as “Wrong IP”
    Anyway you can help where can download this v.1.3 version ? pls adv.

  • Raymond Cheung

    finally, the mentioned website is able to download already. No more wrong IP indication.

  • adamm

    When i first plug in my hd2 with the usb cable i go to MASS STRG and on my computer a scan and fix window pops up and i click continue without fixing. when i drag the ROM to the SD(removable disk f) it starts the process of copying but then stops half way through and says the file cannot be found??

    • Fix it. Then try to copy again.

  • Pati

    so I Install
    1.HSPL4 on my htc from SPL-3.03.0000 to SPL-2.08.HSPL
    2. Install Custom Radio v2.15 ROM
    3. Install MAGLDR v1.13
    4. Install ClockworkMod Recovery v1.3 n problems
    but then i used 400MB Partition my htc hd2 i want to reboot my phone and there is only the white screen with the green logo then it is something written black screen something with booting and then is the black screen green htc log and the system is starting too boot, the screen is getting ths colored symbols but after 20 min nothing is happening!!!!
    now i want to change the Partition to a smaller one but how ??? my pc is not identify the mobile!!!
    Help me!

    • Install smaller size ClockworkMod Recovery v1.3 again.

  • Simon

    Hi Jayce! U helped me a lot with changing ROMs on my hd2, but I just gave out my hd2 and i bought a htc sensation xe.
    U haven’t posted anything on the xe…
    I want to install ICS on my new sensation xe… Please could u give me suggestions/link on how to install the best ICS for my phone?
    thanks man

  • Gianco

    So whenever I try to put the .zip file in it randomly stops and says to specify area to which you want to place file. I’m putting it in my SD card using MassStg, am I doing something wrong? Help appreciated.

    • If USB MassStg is not working properly, try to copy it with SD card reader instead.

  • Drew

    Does this rom support a2sd+

    • Not yet as far as I know.

  • Jid

    everything works perfectly except for the camera on this 4.0.3 ICS system

  • david

    hi jayce,

    thanks for making this tutorial, the first part of this work is so much easier thanks to you.
    now here’s my problem: at step 14 i select the and press call. however instead of starting to install things my phone goes right back to the clockworkmod recovery screen. i’ve installed the 250mb version.

    what should i do?

    • david

      btw and this is probably irelevant but the ClockworkMod Recovery is v3.0.0.5 and not v1.3 but as this is the same in your video this should not be a problem right?

    • Try 220MB CWM layout on beta10.

      • david

        sorry, accidentaly started a new question.
        where can i get that one, its not on xda developers:

        • Please refer to my CWM v1.3 installation guide.

          • david

            it didn’t work but i started all over again and that did work so i now have ICS, thanks for your help!

  • Jeff

    Can I root the Android4.0 Ice cream to my LG Marquee from Boost mobile??????

    • Sorry, I have no idea as I don’t have LG Marquee.

  • Ruud


    I have used and instald this rom.
    But i cant come in android.
    When i shut the phone on it sais : SD kernel open failed.
    And then i come in the aMAGLDR menu.
    I have delete the rom and install it again but it doesn’t help.
    Do you now how to fix this?
    I am using the ROM in your link.

    Best regards,


    • What component had you installed so far? And give me the version too. TQ.

      • Ruud

        I already had Anroid 2.3 instald.
        So I already had MAGLDR.
        But i installed that again with the HD2 toolkit.
        I am using MAGLDR v1.13 and in the 3 colorscreen stands:

        SPL-2.08.HSPL 8G XE

        I’m using a sandisk 1GB Micro SD card.
        I hope it is clear.

        Best Regards,


        • You still need to install CWM 1.3 220MB.

          • Ruud


            It works!
            Thank you very much!

  • bryan

    im not working on the android 4.0
    keep loading in boot to settle this matter

    • Hi bryan, how much CWM layout size did you install?


    i should use how many mb?

    • Hi bryan, 220MB for beta10.

  • bryan


  • Felix

    I pre-excuse myself for maybe not reading the instructions enough. But before I update I’d like to know if my phone is able to being turned into an android. Here is its information:

    OS: 5.2.21869
    ROM-version: 1.66.413.2 (76641) SVE

    (Not sure about the translations, essentially swedish)

    I know, for example, that the radio version may have to be updated. But I’m uncertain that my OS or even my phone can simply be turned into an android without any issues.

    Can anyone please give me some input? I want to learn, so please bother!

    • Yes, you can install Android as long as you can install all the prerequisites.

  • samuel

    hi Jayce,
    thanks for all the excellent tutorials,,ive been following ur site quite long,
    Now i have installed (Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich on my HTC HD2)by following ur i have :android ver:4.0.3.
    i understand that it is still beta version.cos my camera and gallery hungs sometimes,(any solution).can u pls suggest me whether i can use the same until the stable version is released or do u want me to install any stable version rom..if yes ple recommend one for me..
    thanks a lot.
    ur site is awsome

  • samuel

    hi jayce,
    this is the first rom i ve installed to my htchd2 wm 6.5.

  • Maher

    Hay Jayce,

    i followed all the steps to install Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich on my hd2 but it stucks on the screen before the android start ( which you did fast forward on the video )
    Does it take a very long time or maybe there is a problem

    • Hi Maher, how much CWM layout size did you install?

      • maher

        when i installed CWM i haven’t given any choice to choose the size . so please can you explain to me where can i find the size or where can i change it ??


  • maher

    i opened flash.cfg file by notepad and find the following information :

    recovery rrecov|ro|nospr filesize recovery-raw.img
    boot yboot|ro 8M
    system ya 400M
    cache ya 8M
    userdata ya|asize|hr all size so i think it’s 400 M and the CWM only need 250 M right ??

    • Depend on the version of ICS that you install. Beta10 needs 220MB.

      • Maher

        i modified the details of flash file to be the same in your guide and it worked, thank you very much Jayce.

        unfortunately, there is another problem that the WiFi doesn’t see any of the available networks .

  • Sumit

    HI…….i did everything in the instructions but when I reboot it, it just freezes on the HTC logo ….HELP please

    • Sumit

      I downloaded the beta 10 which was shown as the download link “Download NexusHD2 Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Beta1 NAND ROM for HTC HD2 here.” when i pressed this link it downloaded beta 10.

    • Hi Sumit, please use 220MB CWM layout size for beta10.

      • Sumit

        OMG thank you so much!!!!! It actually works!!

  • babinos

    hey i have a problem i did NOT put the android zip on sd card….and i can not finish the last part WHAT CAN I DO?

    • Copy it to your SD card.

  • bobpatra

    Hi, I am a newbie to this. I have a Tmobile HD2. I wanted to know if doing the above steps to install ICS will wipe out windows 6.5? I am looking for something like a dual boot where I can have my windows 6.5 and ICS on the phone. I dont want to wipe out windows 6.5 and the data in the as this is my main phone.
    Appreciate if anyone can let me know if it is possible to have both.

    thanks in advance.

  • hesham hamdy

    it’s get freezed on the black screen with htc logo ??

    • Hi hesham, how much CWM layout size did you install?

      • hesham hamdt

        it’s installed just fine , i reinstall CWM with 256mb
        , now i install apps , and it’s works awesime with me , but there is alittle internal space , can i install CWM with 400mb, and what will happens if i did???

        • It won’t able to boot into Android if you use 400MB. Use 220MB, so you can have extra 30MB on user disk space.

          • hesham hamdt

            sorry my friend , but how can i do it ???

            • Please refer to CWM installation guide.

  • Hi Jayceooi i tried the icecream 4 on my htc hd2..then i had follow all the instruction, but after reboot i’m stucked at htc display, am i need to wait for long time?

    • Hi Lanzo, may I know what had you installed so far?

  • SD Karnel failure

  • My phone before this android 2.3.5 and i try to upgrade to Ice Cream 4 and i,ve install the HSPL4 on HTC HD2, Custom Radio v2.15 ROM ,but failed to install MAGLDR v1.13 because its already in my device and then ClockworkMod Recovery v1.3. after i install the Android 4.0 ICS ROM zip file in stucked on htc display..then i check boot the WPH is not installed, SD kernel open failed,
    can i do anything reset or else..i donno..

    • You need to boot from NAND Android.

  • i got it…finally i got back my phone with Ice Cream Sandwich, Thanks a lot Mr.Jayce..then my brother told me there is 3D UI..what is that?

    • I am also not sure what 3D UI does he refer to. Better ask him.

  • Bhndraave

    I have install hspl4 then radio 2.15 then recovri 250 then android 4.0.1 but it can work very slwo what can i do

  • Bhndraave

    Camera , gelery and many apps also not work what cen i do

    • Bhndraave

      Pless answer…pless pless

    • This is beta version. So bugs exist. Install latest version when it come out.

  • arpan

    post the link for DFT MAGLDR Bootloader v1.13
    ClockworkMod Recovery v1.3…

    • Please get it from the post.

  • bhavendra

    I have install 4.0.1 can i install 4.0 on hd2 ?????

  • Christian

    Hey is there any way this can be from a Mac? Thanks for any info!

    • Sorry, I have no idea as I don’t have a Mac to test.

  • Harsha Puttagunta

    flashed my 2year old HD2 with ICS 4.0.3… it works so well… thank you for a very detailed step-by-step Guide… but I have a small issue…
    I used the below values…
    boot yboot|ro 10M
    system ya 200M
    cache ya 10M

    and I feel its a little slow… is there any changes I need to do to make it faster??? and if so what are the steps I need to redo to change these settings???

  • Andyboy

    Hi i own a HTCHD2 with 6.5 windows, and i am a IT professional. since i am new to all this . i was very much interested in installing the android 4.0.1 ICS. could you provide me the detailed links to take a complete backup of the existing windows on my original ROM on my phone so also to install the new 4.0.1 ICS .
    I would also need to know whether it would affect my carrier Zain (kuwait) for any issues. etc.
    when is the final release expected for the android 4.0.1 since it is still on beta.


    • Sorry, I don’t have Windows Mobile backup ROM. However, you can download official WinMo ROM from HTC website.

      No idea about your carrier too.

      You can try the latest ICS version here –

      • Andyboy

        can i backup my htc HD2 and do the process to update to ICS 4… will my carrier work with my new update…
        I guess i think this is still runnning on beta version .. is the final release anytime soon so i can wait..


        • No idea on backup WinMo ROM.
          Not sure about final release too. That’s depend on ROM chef.

  • bhavendra

    if may htc hd2 downgrade from 4.0.1 in to 4.0 any problam with my hd2

    • Amaan

      Why do u want to downgrade ? try 4.0.3

  • James

    how long did the boot take ?

    • James

      its taking tooo long, any solutions ? ive already tried to install it again ! 🙁

      • Hey James, how much CWM layout size did you install?

    • Few minutes…

  • nstl2k

    dear Jayce ,
    Hey, I have followed the whole process. However,after the last reboot, the process does not go beyond the graphical illusion. The graphics keep playing forever. What might I have done wrong?

    I installed 220Mb CWM

    but problem same can any one help pl

  • nstl2k

    steps followed

    1.HSPL4 selected 2.08.HSPL
    2.custom radio Radio+Leo+
    4.Recovery_250M_system_10M_cache[v3.0.2.4] but edited to 220m
    ROM: NexusHD2-IceCreamSandwich Beta10

    and all the steps as recommended where i miss

    • Steps look correct. Try to wipe data and cache in CWM. Then install Android ROM again.

  • nstl2k

    dear Jayce,
    Select wipe data/factory reset
    Select wipe cache partition
    what is android ROM can u pl explain

    • NexusHD2-IceCreamSandwich is the Android ROM.

      • nstl2k

        is it NexusHD2-IceCreamSandwich Beta10 or any other ver pl kindly conform

        • nstl2k

          i had already downloaded will it work pl conform

          • nstl2k

            if rom is is it NexusHD2-IceCreamSandwich Beta10 i had tried 4 to 5 times and continue all the process but no use still problem not rectified Hey, I have followed the whole process. However,after the last reboot, the process does not go beyond the graphical illusion. The graphics keep playing forever. What might I have done wrong?

            I installed 220Mb CWM

            • nstl2k

              dear Jayce,
              install android logoapears but touch is not working trying to download NexusHD2-IceCreamSandwich Beta10 again .

              • nstl2k

                dear Jayce,
                tryed with NexusHD2-ICS-CM9_V1.3 still touch is not working any idea.

                • Aleks

                  the touch wont work because there is cable under the red(last) button of the phone.
                  Try to push litle harder that button and you`ll should make again the connection for the touch screen. For me worked out and for many others.
                  I hope this will resolve your problem.

            • Sorry, no idea…

        • Beta10

          • nstl2k

            dear Jayce,
            installed beta 10 but touch not working stuck @ android logo can u pl helpme , before that it is working fine in windows6.5 (touch).

            • Sorry, nstl2k. I have no idea. You can restore to Windows Mobile since it is working there.

  • Sumit

    What do I do if the camera does not work for the 4.0.3 beta 10?

  • Inderjeet

    i have followed the stepwise procedure on my HTC HD2 and andorid 4.0 is running fine but i cannot access 3G services. The 3G sim is not working on my device. can you help me with the problem please.

  • Martin

    i have andriod 2.3.7 and i have buy some apps on it do i also have these apps on android 4.0?
    plz answer 🙂

    • You should be able to download and use them on ICS if they support ICS.

      • Martin

        Sorry. ICS?

        • ICS == Ice Cream Sandwich.

  • Johnnie

    Hi! Jayce, so listen i installed every thing and did everything follwed by the videos and instructions. now im a little stuck. i dont know if i was suppose to download the android zip to my sd card before all this? but now i cant even get into my sd card because windows mobile is wiped from my device. how can i find a way to get to my sd card so i can install it?

    thanks! 🙂

    • Use SD card reader or MassStg in MAGLDR to copy.

      • Johnnie

        ok thanks…now i have another problem lol sry =/. i did that and i downloaded the android zip for 4.0.3 and for some reason it wont fully download onto my 16gb sd card. ive been trying everything. even “clearSD MBR” thinking i had to format my sd card. and when i did still nothing. what am i doing wrong?

        • Johnnie

          and idk if this helps but in my HD2 appears “no app2sd partition found skipping format of sd-ext” when i do the ” full wipe”? not sure =/

        • How did you copy it? SD card reader or USB Mass storage mode?

          • Johnnie

            nvm i got it! i used usb mass storage mode instead. thank you for your tutorial!! 🙂

            • Steve

              how did u solve it? i got the same problem, i´ve copied mith mass storage mode, pls help 😉

              • Johnnie

                even after that it took a while to solve it. for some reason it wouldnt copy onto the sd card until i completely deleted everything off of it and formatted it. from there it pretty much installed android onto my hd2. what exactly are you stuck at?

  • danny wong

    why my Android 4.0 ICS OS keep loading non stop 1? i wait 30mins already still keep loading, can some1 solve my problem?

    • Hi danny, how much CWM partition layout size did you install?

  • Thom

    Hey, i did everything and it did it fine. But now i have trouble, after reboot it. it doesent start the phone (4.0) but it goes back to the Magldr menu. What do i have to do?

    Thanks so much for helping me!

  • Thom

    Hey, my phone is rebooting now. But it doesent seem to go further that the text HTC. It doesent seem to reboot fully like on the video and it is like this for an hour now!

    What do i have to do???


    • Hi Thom, how much CWM layout size did you install?

      • Andres

        Hi master

        I have the same problem
        to reboot is now on the video and it is like this for an 1 now!
        I install the CWM 400mb

        What do i have to do???

        • Hi Andres, you need 220MB CWM for beta10.

  • gogo

    can i install this directly to the hd2 hard drive or do i need to use the sd card! i prefer not to use the sd card for it but if its the only way then i guess not a big deal

    • It will install on NAND memory. But need to install from SD card first. So SD card is needed.

  • Orkhan

    installation aborted hepl please:(

    • Which step are you at now?

      • Orkhan

        i choosed zip from scard, then i choosed nexus hd2 ice cream sandwich. when i chose yes-install nexus hd2 ice cream sandwich_beta 10 it wrote
        — Installing: /scard/NexusHD2-IceCream
        Finding update package…
        Opening update package…
        Installing update…
        Installation aborted

        • Is the Android zip file okay? Can you extract it on your PC?

          • Orkhan

            It worked!Thank you very much!:)

  • Niels

    i saw the game Tetris in the list too

  • dana hurt

    on the final part when i copy the beta nand rom it says this is no longer location i got it from and says verifiy the items location and try again

    • How did you copy it?

      • dana hurt

        i tried draging the folder into the phone and copy and pasting it

        • Use USB mass storage mode or SD card reader?

          • dana hurt

            i use usb mass storage

            • Use SD card reader in this case.

              • dana hurt

                how do i use that

                • Put your microSD card in SD card reader. Then copy Android ROM there.

                  • dana hurt

                    do you have to buy that

                    • Yes, if you don’t have it.

                    • dana hurt

                      when i use sd card reader to copy and paste it says this disc is write protected remove the write protection or use another disc. what do i do. aslo when i turn on my phone it shows the regular boot stick together

                    • dana hurt

                      thanks alot i got it to work but will beta 11 have 4g and i have clockwork mod 250 but 3/4 of my space is full

  • nstl2k

    ear Jayce,
    installed beta 10 but touch not working stuck @ android logo can u pl helpme , before that it is working fine in windows6.5 (touch).

    touch screen not working pl kindly help-me out.

  • Martin

    Plz i Need a fast help i have install of the things i need to get ICS but when i reboot my phone there come a loding sceen (as normal) but it just stay on that it not come to the next step i have try to reboot the phone but that not help plz help me :S

    • Hey Martin, how much CWM layout size did you install?

      • Martin

        400? is that too high? oh ok i try the middle one thx dude 🙂

        • Hi Martin, you need 220MB for beta10.

          • Martin

            if you stell are there can you so plz say me how to do so the sceen not stuck at that sceen i no that i need to install another CWM size but how do i do it when i not can go into MAGLDR? an not replace it plz help :S

            • Why you can’t load MAGLDR?

              • Martin

                i can load it but it start the stuck sceen. i can not come to the menu as i want 🙁 do you no how to fix it ?

                • Which menu?

                  • Martin

                    MAGLDR menu.

                    • Huh? You said MAGLDR can load but menu cannot. What do you mean here?

                    • Martin

                      1. i get stuck in the sceen where it loads android (as you no)
                      2. so i what to fix it whit go to the MAGLDR menu and reinstall it whit MAGLDR 150mb
                      3. but i can’t becouse when i load it says “booting andorid to NAND”
                      4.and i dont now how to reintall MAGLDR becouse it loads ICS when i starting the phone
                      5. i ask you how to reintall MAGLDR so it not start “booting android to NAND”

                    • Aleks

                      the best solution to not walk around like a [fly without head :)] is to “format” your phone like PC.
                      So, download task 29 and install it with the tri colour screen.( VOL down and power button).
                      After this your phones “hdd” will be empty like you format C:/.
                      And you should start everything from start for the rom you want, except the 2.08 HSPL.
                      THESE are llinks for the ics witch will help you a LOT.

                    • Martin

                      Now it just freeze when htc logo come…. help :S

                    • Martin

                      but thx for the tip it help but as i say it now just freeze in step 16. it reboot but so just stay on the htc logo plz help me :S

                    • Martin

                      the screen freeze 1.44 (in the tut video over the comments) can someone plz help me :S

    • eyal

      Installing 400 mb for CWM solved my problem.

  • Aleks

    Hi, why my phone htc hd2 wont start, only stops on magldr boot screen and dont show the option list and vibrates only 3-4 times and that is it?

    • Sorry Aleks, no idea. What did you do until you got this issue?

      • Aleks

        i updated miui 2.2.24 and started this problem, but wen i clear the rom with task 29 and start all procese again, it starts and instal the rom with out problem.
        But after restarting couple of times it stop again the same way.

        • For me, Gingerbread is still better now.

      • Aleks

        i dont know why but somehow magldr get broken, the moment when it should boot it just vibrates and that`s it, no boot up, no menu, just the black screen and title of magldr… strange but anoying 🙁

        • Me also don’t know why…

  • apeck

    Hi Jayce,

    From MAGLDR v1.13 Bootloader to go down to 8. AD Recovery, when I press call button… there is no ClockworkMod Recovery loaded but this NO BOOT SOURCES appear… why??

    • Aleks

      because you are probably transfering from wip7?
      and you should start all proceses for android instalation, you have it here on the blog.

    • Aleks

      oh, you need to make recovery partition!!!

  • Hksky

    Just installed beta 10. Everything works well except wifi. I live in the student hall and we have a very very long password for wifi. My laptop and my samsung galaxy ace have no problem with the password. But my HTC HD2 give no respond to the password. It just like I press cancel instead. Help!! Thanks in advance.

  • abdullah

    what about desier , could i update it to ICS.

  • Kasper


    Hi.i have install HSPL 2.08, Custom radio v 2.15, MAGLDR v 1.13 and Cloackworkmod recoyery 1.3 but i took 400MB and that don’t work so i wanted to try agien so i use taks 29 and it help me to clean MAGLDR and Cloackworkmod so i do it alle agian but this time i try whit 150MB to be sure i work but when i reboot my phone as step 16 is just freeze in the black backgrund whit htc logo
    i got no idea how to fix it so i want to ask this website there have help me alot how to fix it
    plz help 🙂

    • Hey Kasper, use 220MB CWM layout size for beta10.

      • Kasper

        thx dude youre the best 🙂 i try.

        • Kasper

          it works! but… it is a little bit slowly is there a way to do the phone faster?

          • Kasper

            it is andorid 4.0.3 and i can not play games whitout it lack and so times is just close the app is there any help how to do the phone faster?

            • ICS is still not 100% stable and fast. You can try other latest ICS version. Or use Gingerbread build which is stable and fast.

              • Kasper

                Hi 🙂

                Sorry it was just in the start 🙂 i was a little bit to fast to say that 🙂

                but i will still ask you…

                Is andorid 2.3.7 best or andorid (ICS) 4.0.3 best (just wanna hear 🙂 )

                but thx for all the help and…

                Youre Awsome dude 😀

                • For the moment, Gingerbread on HD2 is better. Future will be ICS.

  • cutterwood

    dude how the fk i dont have AD recovery when i boot the phone???? can u tell me how to enable that option,i thnik its coz i have maldgr 1,11 and the rom requies 1.13, pls reply!

    • Please follow the guide to install v1.13 then.

      • cutterwood

        hmmmmm, either im noob or i cant see any guide on the video 🙂

        • cutterwood

          ok i thnik ive found how to, but should i go via usb mass storage or can install it on ordinary USB conection thru pc?

          • Take your time to study all the guides. Start from HSPL guide. You will get your answer there.

            • cutterwood

              its not my 1st time, its just it was long ago and ive forgoten, btw i have the newest hspl and im instaliing maldgr 1.13 atm. so if i have any problems ill write again

              • cutterwood

                now on ad recovery mode says : NO BOOT SOURCE

                • cutterwood


                  • Oh, you need to use 220MB CMW layout size for this beta10 ROM.

  • dana hurt

    when i use sd card reader to copy and paste it says this disc is write protected remove the write protection or use another disc. what do i do

    • Make sure that your SD card convertor is not write protected.

  • ed ram

    hey how I can restore to the factory mode again ?

  • Can

    Hey,how long does it need to load Android? sorry for my bad english.

    • Less than 30 minutes.

  • mihir

    hey…how long does the last part take..? mines been doing that design thing for like 2 hours now?? please help..! 🙂

  • mikeysho

    i don’t what i have done wrong, but my ICS is showing the first boot and then nothing else ie just showing the flashing colours and nothing else, pls help

    • Hi mikeysho, how much CWM layout size did you install?

      • mikeysho

        i have this custom rom windows 6.5 on my htc hd2, now what do i need to install to get the bootable side that show 1 -12 because anytime i did mine it goes straight to my windows

        • Install all the prerequisites first.

        • mikeysho

          pls i’ve mess up big time, i have just used wipe(task 29) from HD2 Android NAND toolkit to wipe everything out of my htc, pls can you list the process how i can get it back to installing ICS form the beginning, what i needed to instal first like that to the end.

          • mikeysho

            Pls tell me step by step what and how to install.

          • All the steps by steps guides are here.

  • Ling

    hello, does my sd card need to be in a specific format when i copy icecream in it?

  • billy

    Thanks you bro whom make this thing done ,done all download but camera no working ?

    anyone can help ?

  • billy

    Hi Jayce,
    Thanks you very much for your important inform.
    re-download the nexushd2-android-4-0-3-ics-cm9-rom and run into my HD2 , will the camera / video / contact able to do import / export ….Wifi is will function , yet link up with BT ….
    thanks you so much…..

    please update if that any new coming update.

  • “I’m completely flashing android 4.0.1 ICS on my hd2 but even when it says installation complete it is not starting…it just stays with android symbol on the center…I have waited for 20 minutes and still same…what is the problem…???”

    I saw someone on Youtube installing it on a HD2 but not from T-mobile. Is there something else I need to do to install it on my cel? I have MAGLDR 1.13 and ClockworkMod Recovery v3.0.0.5. Please tell me which is the best ROM for this cel… Thanks!

    • Hi luis, how much CWM layout size did you install?

  • Darko

    Hi Jayce,
    I have htc hd2 with win mobile 5.5. I have never tried android and I want to. Do you recomend me to try this or no. I am not experienced with this kind of stuff, but i hate winmobile. I also use camera a lot. If i install this, can i use wind also or this will be permanent.
    Best regards

  • Irvin

    So the camera doesn’t work? is there a fix to it?

  • Mohammed

    Thanks it works

  • kikolopman123

    What song in the video??

    • Sorry, I forgot already. I picked it from YouTube AudioSwap.

  • Hi Jayce! is Android 4.0 compatible with Galaxy Y? thanks!

  • billy

    master been completed load ICS 4.0.3 but phone run slow and loading games phone may run lack and halt also auto close app ! may i downgrade to GingerBread version which stable ?

    please advice!

  • sohaib

    i am using android 2.3.5 on hd2….. and i have no market on it….
    i want to have youtube, facebook and other apps, plz help

  • orton

    hey is it permanent??

  • orton

    if i off my cell will it open with this or windows??

  • jona

    my android does not load it shows in red letters sd kernal open faild did i miss a step need help

    • This Android ROM is NAND version. Sure SD kernel will fail to open.

  • Arthur

    everything works great but when i try to watch videos or play any kind of videos the screen just goes black but the sound plays is there something i can update or downlaod or did i miss a step somewhere?

  • sohaib

    which should I do, 4-0 or the latest 4-0-3? because in Comments people have mentioned problems in both …

    • Depend on you. 🙂

      • sohaib

        brother don’t know what to do..currently using 2.3.5, everything is perfect but no application because no market .. wanted to go back to windows but couldn’t find it on htc site.. don’t. want to loss Wi-Fi or/and camera so not doing any ics4… HELP 🙁

        • As I said, you can try and ROM that you like. Then choose the best for you.

  • Ray

    How long did it take to load on the portion of the video that you fast forwarded?

    • Hi Ray, less than 30 minutes.

      • Ray

        Thanks Jayce.

        I’m currently on that screen. I wasn’t sure if it was suppose to take that long so I restarted it and realized its taking just as long. Will it take that long every time the phone is restarted? Have you seen or heard of cases where it stays on that screen?

        • No, only the first boot. Yes, check back others’ comments.

  • galen

    how to copy the 4.0 file into the phone

    • galen

      do i have to extract the file to my computer then copy the file to my phone or do i just copy the whole zip file to my phone

      • Copy the zip file to phone. No need extract.

  • sohaib

    I m already on 2.3.5 so I don’t need to install the prerequisites? must directly install ics 4 to phone??

    • You might need to change CWM layout size.

  • sakhawatshah

    hi i want install my htc hd 2 in android 4.0 but i attach the usb cable but it is dosnot responding and the boot time my devisc cant saport wat is my pc in miss ing

    • Huh? Which step are you at now? And what had you installed so far?

  • sakhawat

    my window 6.5 htc hd2 i want install android but it is usb not sported during the process

  • Kriss

    hello jaice 🙂
    I did everything according to your videos and flashed hspl, radio and mgldr properly . . . .
    In mgldr . .after flashing d 250 mb clockwork recovery . I went 2 the 8th option . . .ad recovery . . . . My hd2 displayed the exact same thing in ur hd2 did in the video til 123456 Go Go Go!
    Bt after dat . . . It just doesnt go further on . . . . . I thought it ws a wrong recovery . . . .so i flashed the 400mb . . . . . It stoped at Go Go Go only . . . .so did the 150mb recovery . . . .
    Can you please gve me a solution. 🙂

    • Stuck at go go go issue only happen on MAGLDR v1.11. I have no idea on v1.13.

      • Kriss

        i have v1.13 of magldr ……. can u plz suggest another method or something to install dis rom???

        • Sorry, no other method…

  • ilyas

    hellow i got v big problem i forgot to install hspl, radio and mgldr and i install ics and my phone is broken.. and i have no idea what to do. pleas help me.. my htc hd2 phone is complitly broken..:( pleas b quick.. tell me what to do.. pleas.

    • How can you install ICS without CWM? May I know what had you done actually?

  • ilyas

    my phone is resterting after i install it.. i dont knw what to do. help me. pleas..

    • Kriss

      this may work ……
      put your fone off by removing the battery … insert the battery again and keep the power on button and the volume down button continously pressed …. u will enter the bootloader screen …..
      den just flash a wm 6.5 rom ….
      it shuld work then 🙂

  • Hi!

    I installed OS and works. Occurs to me that gets blocked when I turn on the camera or while doing something, as if the poor RAM memory and gets stuck. Is it a bug and you have to repair it?

  • bhavendra

    I have install android 4.0.1 on htc hd2
    What can i do for install windows 6.5

  • Wong

    Hi Jayce:

    Previously i flash TyphooN CM7 Android 2.3.5 NAND Android A2SD+ Zip ROM..then everything work well..then i decided to flash ICS into my HTC HD2. I try to create custom ClockworkMod Recovery partition size for HTC HD2..then i bump into your post to about remove the EXT3..i follow the way u post in “How to revive SD card after install Windows Phone 7 on HTC HD2”..

    then i want to flash this ICS by wipe data/factory reset but i get the error

    E:failed to mount/sdcard (Invalid argument)
    Error mounting /sdcard/.android_secure!
    skipping format..Data wipe complete.

    even i try mount unmount the sdcard also to solve the problem?

    • Wong

      i manage to solve the problem..i recreate the ext3…nw it let me to flash the Nexus HD2-ICS-CM9 ROM..why like tat ah? in this post you didnt mention about Ext 3…

      • Sorry Wong, no idea about that.

  • bhavendra

    i have install android 4.0 my htc hd2 dos not conect with pc what can i do

    • Do you mean USB mass storage is not working?

  • ramin

    HI i need help. i instal icm 4.0.3 on hd2 but its held in boot and dont work.plz help me

  • ramin

    plz help ma about 220mb partotioning sd card for icm installing

  • ramin

    how long first boot for icm 4.03 on hd2?

  • ramin

    hi.jayce plz reply, how long it takse the first boot?

    • Less than half hour. How much CWM layout size did you install?

  • ramin

    i dont know.plz teach about CWM layout size.i m begginer.before i instaled android 2.3.7 on hd2.

  • ramin

    plz reply quick jaycee.i want tp instal android 4 on my hd2.plz guide me about CWM layout size.

  • ramin

    plz reply quick jaycee.i want to instal android 4 on my hd2.plz guide me about CWM layout size.

    • Hi ramin, please refer to CWM installation guide.

  • ramr

    Great guide! Before I get into my problem, I want to thank you.

    Tried to upgrade to ICS from an old existing Froyo ROM that was on it when I bought the phone. I have the T-Mobile HTC HD2, if that makes a difference.

    Verified hspl, radio version, updated magldr from 1.11 to 1.13, installed 250mb-sized cwm 1.3 (or All of this worked without a problem.

    Then, from CWM, I did the following, in this order:

    – formatted SD card with 512mb (0 mb swap size) partition for a2sd

    – mounted SD card on pc and transferred the latest (checksum already confirmed)

    – wiped data/factory reset

    – wiped cache

    – wiped dalvik

    – flashed

    – rebooted

    #1. After the reboot it froze on the screen “requesting superuser permissions.” Had to pull battery and wait a few.

    #2. After next reboot, it got past the first setup dialogue (where you click “next”) and loaded with date and time (it took a long time to get there; I was asked by Android if I wanted to FC Settings, it was so slow). On date and time setup screen, it froze, with a dialogue at the bottom saying “superuser permissions denied.” Another battery pull.

    #3. Rebooted into CWM and repaired permissions. Rebooting into Android gave me the same problem as #2. Tried FC’ing settings this time when it asked me, thinking I shouldtry to get out of the setup process so I could enable superuser. Screen just went black except for status bar at top and it froze.

    #4. Wipe data/factory reset, wipe cache, wipe dalvik, repartion sd card, fix permissions, reboot into Android

    Now it won’t even get as far as before; it just freezes on the colorful multicolored spinning platforms screen.

    I feel like I’ve followed everything to the letter, including reading the ROM’s thread at xda. I don’t want to do this all over again. Is there something simple I’m maybe forgetting?


    • Hi ramr, how much CWM layout size does the ROM chef recommend for NexusHD2-ICS-CM9_V1.5?

  • ramr

    They recommend “at least 165MB.” I saw nothing about it needing a custom size.

    Update: removed the sd card and did a slow format on my Win7 laptop using card reader. Then left the phone alone (with battery pulled) for a couple hours. Voila! It booted into Android setup, let me grant SU permissions permanently and I setup the phone. Oh, did I say, “voila?” I spoke too soon. It soon froze up again after about 10 minutes and was getting hot (this is just a problem with some htc hd2’s, as you know. It’s happened in the past with my Froyo ROM but not constantly like right now.) So…another battery pull, but I only waited a few minutes; not a couple hours like before. You guessed it; it booted but froze on the Android unlock screen. It really needs some time to cool down!

    I think all the tricks that the ROM chef put into it to make the hardware work with ICS just pushes my phone too far. Living in Thailand probably doesn’t help, either. It was 98 degrees F today with no aircon in my apartment. Still, I was having this problem only occasionally with the old ROM…even in the heat. I don’t think ICS is in my future. Do you know of a good Gingerbread ROM for overheating issues. Is there such a thing? I’ve searched for awhile, but haven’t found anything yet.

    Thanks for everything, sorry for the long post.

  • dylan

    Hello Jayce, Is the android version of ice cream sandwich you’ve used is the same as the one that xda developers has……… Cause I’m looking for the original version of ice cream sandwich…… any ideas if it is out would be a great help……..many thanks.

  • dylan

    and can you send me a file for the ginger bread android or any links where I can downlaod it…….? thanks.

  • Harry

    Merci 1000 fois!!!!!!!

  • afiq

    hey jayce. why i cant play any video?

  • Ashish

    hey my camera and video recording on HD2 is not working i have installed ICS BETA 10 and other features are working well

  • Ashish

    So do i need to follow the whole procedure again for this installation like magloader,HSPL etc…

    • No need. Install correct CWM layout size. Then wipe data and cache. And install Android ROM.

  • Ashish

    Or should i wait for few days and i can expect the fix for the camera. What would you suggest.

  • collette

    someone pls help.. so on the very last step it says i selected “install from sdcard”, then i chose an “zip from sdcard” but it says files not found.. pls help????????????????

    • Did you copy the file to your SD card?

  • mihir

    umm..idk if you can help but…my wifi is stuck on authenticating…it doesnt connect at all…the router is ok..i can connect through a laptop though..

    • collette

      pls give me the steps on how to fix my problem plssssssssssssssssssssssssss……!! i cant do anything with my phone

    • Try restart your phone.

  • bhavendra

    How kan install camera on Android 4.0.3 on HTC hd2

    • No idea. Please consult ROM chef.

  • collette

    and oh.. can i reverse the whole proccess of downloading the android..? i wana go back to Windows

  • Aman

    I have installed Android 4.0 ICS ROM on my HTC hd2 mobile but camera function is not working. In the bottom of the screen the tuch buttons are not activited. I am unable to shearing internet. How can I use the HTC hd 2 with my lap top as a internet shearing for browsing internet. Please advice me.

    • Hi Aman, this is still a beta ROM. So got issues. Try this one instead –

      • Aman

        Hi Jayce,
        In that case do i need to do all the steps for installing Android? Or I can copy the ROM on the root of SD card & during boot select the folder? Please suggested me?


        • No need but you need to install correct CWM layout size first. Then repeat the steps here.

          • Aman

            Hi Jayce,
            What is correct CWM layout size? And how can i recognize the CWM size?
            While running android 4.0.3 ICS ROOM on HTC HD2, Its displayed insufficient memory space during installation of new program. How can I solve the problem? And also during installation I am unable to select SD card.
            Is it possible to install camera driver or hardware accelerator for htc hd2 camera?

            • Please refer to XDA website for the correct CWM layout size.
              Install A2SD+ to solve low internal disk space issue.
              No idea about camera. Please consult ROM chef.

              • Aman

                Please give me the link to download A2SD+.

  • raymond cheung

    Hi, Jayce, would like to check whether ICS 4.0.3 build in with Beats Audio ? thanks.

    • CM9 ROM does not have it. Only HTC Sense ROM has it.

  • raymond cheung

    if so, where to down load the HTC SENSE ROM for HTC HD2 ? can help to provide the link and the installation process.

    • Hi raymond, there are several ROMs. Please use the search function to find them. Thanks.

  • Esra


    I’ve installed everything you’ve described and now I am on the beginning screen with that graphic that repeats itslef, but how long do I have to wait for it? I am waiting now for at least one hour.
    Can you help me please?

    thank you

    • Hi Esra, may I know how much CWM layout size did you install?

      • Esra

        I don’t remember becuase I tried all of them because some didn’t work, but can I see it somewhere on the phone? If not, can you give me then the right one I need?
        thank you again

        • Hi Esra, you need 220MB CWM layout size for this ROM.

          • Esra

            so 250 is also enough? and do I have to re-install everything else?
            thank you

            • Can’t be more or less. Need exactly 220MB. Install CWM. Then Android ROM.

  • dylan

    Hello Jayce…… please please tell me how to uninstall this ICS on my phone……. many thanks.

    • dylan

      iT’S just that I can’t use the camera well…….. but had good times with it though, with a good processor, its quicker than my laptop.

    • Just install Gingerbread ROM to remove ICS.

  • raymond cheung

    hI, jAYce,
    found several HTC SENSE ROM in your websites, currently my htc hd2 using ics 4.0.3, not sure whether i can use for Download Sensation XL NAND Android A2SD+ Zip ROM for HTC HD2
    for my HTC to enjoy Beats Audio ?

    and what is the process to load in htc hd2 ?


    • Yes. Installation process is the same. Just make sure that you re-install correct CWM layout size. And create EXT3 partition on SD card.

  • Saskia

    Hi, I am stuck… in the vid 0:51, there is one option. On my mobile foon, I have three: META-INF/ or boot/ or system/ …

    which one do I need to choose to finish it ?

    Thanks for your great work and vids.

    Kind regards, from the netherlands

    • Saskia

      got the answer…. but now it seems apply/sdcard/update. zip…..seems that my foon doesnt see that ….installation of that got aborted

      • Saskia

        ha, found it. Seems that you have to hit the powerbutton when having installation complete on the screen. So now its busy as in the vid.

        Thanks to you, help from my brother and a little from my bf….

        THANKS Big time!

        • Saskia

          Hi Jayce, one more question. Have installed the 250Mb, but how can I switch from the internal memory card to my mini SD card 2G. Still busy checking out if I can find a way to do it manual in the phone, in windows the phone always asked me where i want to storage things on.

          Is there anyway I can use up the 2G on the mini SD card instead of the user storage ?

          Hope you can help me out with this matter.

          Thanks. 😉

          • Hi Saskia, you can move to phone storage if the app supports it.

  • dylan

    Please please……. can you give me tips or tutorial on how to remove the ics system and bring back the original windows 7 phone…… cause I’m trying to install gingerbread….thank you so much…

    • You want to install Windows Phone 7 or Android 2.3 Gingerbread?

  • Mathijs Harbeek

    Hi Jayce,

    My HTC HD2 will not boot after I was in the bios. Can you help me to fix it.

    • BIOS? Which screen is that?

      • Mathijs Harbeek

        The color screen. With the information of HSPL

        • I see. Just pull out battery. Put it back. Then start your phone.

          • Mathijs Harbeek

            I already try it.

            But he will still not boot…

            • What had you done until you got this issue?

              • Mathijs Harbeek

                First sorry for my incorrect english.

                I shutdown my android what I installed 2 weeks ago.
                Then I boot into the colored screen.
                And then I pull out my battery for a reboot.
                but he wont boot anymore.

                • Which Android version? If can, give me the website link. You can try to reinstall that Android ROM again.

                  • Mathijs Harbeek

                    Yes I will, but he don’t start up at all.’
                    And the battery isn’t empty.

                    • Err… You can’t even power on your HD2 now?

                  • Mathijs Harbeek

                    Nope. Since I was in the colored screen….

                    • Sorry Mathijs, you can’t do anything when you can’t power on it.

                    • Mathijs Harbeek

                      Mmm, I tried an hard reset, and he boot!!!

                      Thanks for your time

  • Mathijs Harbeek

    Hallo Jayce,

    Now I have another question,
    Is it possible to make the partition that I install android to bigger? As when I’ve installed Android I only have 80MB left for apps. Where the maximum size is 150MB. And to my knowledge, the internal memory is a total of 500MB

    • Install Android ROM with A2SD+ feature. It will install apps and data on SD card then.

      • Mathijs Harbeek

        Oke, thanks

        But I have installed now the Android 4.0 ROM on a 350MB space.
        But he only gives the load screen from Android 4.0

        • Hi Mathijs, this ROM needs 220MB CWM layout size.

  • Ferdnand

    I would like to install Android 4.0 but I’ve never been on that screen for booting. Can you help me?

    • Hi Ferdnand, may I know what had you installed so far?

      • Ferdnand

        I downloaded that package and that package includes boat, System and meta-inf in
        Now I put that on my sd card but when I want to start (with the on / off button pressed) so if he starts differently. And this is my problem. Can you help me?

        • Err… Ferdnand, what had you installed in those prerequisites list?

  • Ferdnand

    I do not remember 🙁
    Can you give the link for the download so I can try again

    • All the information is in this article. Take your time to study them.

      • Ferdnand

        Thanks !!

      • Ferdnand

        That files must you That Unpacking?

  • edgar

    HI i am completely new at this and yesterday tried to install TypooN cm7 on my htc hd2. it was a complete fail and i ended up having to install the stock ROM for tmoblie us htc hd2. i know this process removes MAGLDR but does it also delete my previous HSPL( 2.08) and radio ?

    • Just boot into tri-colour bootloader to find out.

      • edgar


  • Hwa

    Hello Jayce I have installed ics on my HD2 but everything is so slow and laggy eg (when I click the menu/applist button it takes ages when it zooms) and my interal memory is only 151mb so i can only download up to 7 apps, did i do somthing wrong, if i did please tell me how to fix and by the way i have 8gb sd card

  • @Aman: Sorry, can’t help much on the camera. Please consult ROM chef. As for charging auto turn on phone, this is normal.

  • Shadi

    Hi Jayce,
    I have installed Beta 10, and followed the whole process, it works smoothly, and no problems, but the WIFI Connection is not finding any network, also cannot connect to the mobile data plan, and the Video recording is not working even that the still shots is working well.
    Please Advice,
    Thanks a Lot

  • Danny

    hi jayce,

    i apologize for beimg a hassle but i have everything on my phone android 4.0 and all but theres an issue! i dont have a back or menu tab on the touch screen like you did! how do i fix it? becuz everything else is perfect except i have no back button it did that with every rom i tried can you help?

    • Hwa

      same here but who needs a back/home/taskthing when you already have the buttons
      you have the back button the home button and the task thing if you hold the window logo for 3 seconds

  • Danny

    thats what im saying when i downloaded the rom my home button and back button stopped working and i saw on your video that you dont even use the buttons because there a back and home on the actuall screen that you can touch thats what i want cuz i cant go back or anything on any rom

    • Beta10 ROM does not have on-screen buttons anymore…

  • Danny

    do you know any roms that do have on screen buttons?

  • yarbar

    So I’ve followed your steps exactly, installed everything correctly. Now that I have my phone all set and ready, my touch screen isn’t responding to anything. My hard buttons are still working, but my phone (since I’ve started running ICS on it) wont do anything. I’m stuck on the “Welcome” screen and can’t progress any further than that because well, I can’t press anything. Any suggestions? Should I try re-installing something? Please help, I really need a phone to use.

    • yarbar

      Oh and I’ve already tried resetting and all that jazz.

    • Hi yarbar, may I know what had you installed so far? Please list them one by one.

      • yarbar

        Radio that support 576 MB RAM
        DFT MAGLDR Bootloader v1.13
        ClockworkMod Recovery v1.3
        Nexus HD2-ICS-CM9_v1.5 and then when my screen wasn’t working, i tried using the one you suggested (NexusHD2 Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Beta10 NAND ROM)

        • Both Android ROM also stuck at ‘welcome’ screen? How much CWM layout size did you install?

          • yarbar

            Yeah, both are stuck on welcome. I mean if I press the hard buttons it’ll take me to the emergency dialer and the prompt to shut off my phone, but i can’t press the screen to take any action further than this.

            I’m pretty sure i used 250.

            • Hmm… Suspect your touch screen hardware is faulty already. Try to revery to Windows Mobile to double confirm.

              • yarbar

                so i’m attempting that right now, and it says “Update Terminate UPDATE FAIL”

                • yarbar

                  wait, nevermind. I got it. I tried using the USB method and it worked. It looks like it is faulty hardware since the screen is still not working. 🙁

  • Shahed Nabi

    Hello Jayce
    If I install icecream sandwich android on my htc hd2 (512mb), using your video tutorial, and if i remove my sd card, will my phone still remain on icecream sandwich?


    • Hi Shahed, yes. This ICS ROM is NAND build.

  • @mihir: Restore to stock Windows Mobile and start over again.

  • mihir

    why does it stop freqently…when i reboot the phone? it gets stuck in the part after the logo…now i need to install it again? is their better and more stable version out so i can maybe just put that? 🙁

    • I have no idea why it stop. Personally, I am still using Gingerbread build which is much more stable.

  • mihir

    what do you say..? what should i do?

    • As I replied earlier, restore to stock Windows Mobile and start over again.

  • Darren D

    Hi ,Jayce ,I installed ICS 4.0.3 ,everything works OK ,somehow Netflix no video ,just sound,
    should I go back CM 7 ,and then reinstalled ICS ? ,Thanks

  • Mike

    Instagram is not working for me on this rom. Any ideas as to why??

    • Sorry Mike, no idea. You can try other Android ROM if you want.

  • Mike

    I installed cm9 version 1.5 and it works now! That’s definitely a better ics rom than this one.

  • Hassan

    hello Jayce, do u have any solution for HTC 7 and HTC mini, how to convert them to andriod operating system. thanks in advance.

    • Sorry Hassan, nope.

  • Emil

    Hi Jayce, I’m using win XP which is already administrator. I noticed that your video used win 7 and using ‘run as administrator’ when running phone tools. I double left click the tool, sample is HSPL, it will run (as I said because I’m admin). Will that be okay or I really need to use ‘run as administrator’

    Another thing is HTC HD2 international more durable than HTC HD2 T-Mobile? Thanks a lot! 🙂

    • No harm to run it as administrator, right?

      No, both build quality is the same to me.

      • Emil

        No harm to run it as administrator. So if I use any tools even if I do not use ‘run as administrator’ I will get all administrative privilege on my HTC once installed? By the way thanks for your first reply.

        • This have nothing to do with your phone.

  • redpert

    hi jayce! can i ask question? is this run in internal or in sd card?

    • Internal storage.

  • richards

    hola ya después de que haga este puedo cargar una rom mas baja como android 2.3?

  • arturo

    does it take so long to start up?

    • No more than 30 minutes.

  • Oliver

    hello fast forward screen is not that always remains just want to say before you leave the start. could you help me? a greeting.

    • Hi Oliver, may I know what is your issue? I don’t understand.

  • Oliver

    the problem is that the Cell has 7 hours of squares on the screen in the video of you are from minute 1:48 to 2:11
    could you help me?

    • Hi Oliver, how much CWM layout size did you install?

      • Oliver

        he size of the CWM is of gentle 400, since it is the only one link that was leaving me to install. It goes 24 hours on this screen, and does not advance. could you help me?

        • Hi Oliver, you need 220MB for this ROM.

          • Oliver

            I can do?

            • Sure Oliver, why not?

              • Oliver

                What I can do to fix it?

                • As I mentioned previously, install 220MB CWM layout.

                  • Oliver

                    But as I do?

                    • Hi Oliver, please take your time to study all the guides here. 😉

                    • Oliver

                      Hola jayce, ya me lei la guia mil veces pero la cuestion es la instalacion de android 4.0 ya esta hecha y cuando quiero acceder al recovery no puedo porque se pone automaticamente a cargar lo de android 4.0

  • CRubio

    Hello, my problem is that the mobile goes already many hours on the screen that in his video appears between the minutes 1:48 and 2:41 and does not advance, can help me ¿?.

    Spanish: hola, mi problema es que el movil lleva ya muchas horas en la pantalla que en su video se muestra entre los minutos 1:48 y 2:41 y no avanza, me puede ayudar¿?

    • Hi CRubio, how much CWM layout size did you install?

  • Hwa

    OMG Jayce PLEASE help…!!
    whatever rom i install with clockwork (i think) doesnt work i reboot it then it goto madglr and do 123456 go go go then go to blank page with green HTC logo then keep rebooting and keeps stopping there WHAT DO I DO !! PLEASE HELP!!!! i NEED TO USE MY PHONE SOON.
    i tried downloading the ics 4.0.3 and ics 4.0.1 and i wanted to ask what is the kernal ics 4.0.3
    shall i download magldr again or … PLEASE HELP

  • CRubio

    Hello, the size of the CWM is of gentle 400, since it is the only one link that was leaving me to install. It goes 24 hours on this screen, and does not advance. It can help me

    • Hi CRubio, you need 220MB for this ROM.

  • Aman

    Hi Jayce,
    Is it possible to install & download Google play app directly on the SD card? Or how can i utilize full phone memory during installation? FM radio app not working please advises me?

  • Saumya

    Thanks Jayce,
    With your help I added new life to my 2year old HTC HD2.
    I was so depressed with Widows on updates no new games etc.
    Thanks again.

    I have two issues i done know if it is with phones hardware or some thing else.

    1.very frequently a message pops up saying that you have reinserted the sim card and need to restart.

    2. The phone will automatically restart 2 – 3 times a day dont know why.

  • Shinta

    Umm I’m stuck with the green HTC logo. I don’t know what to do. Help?

    • Hi Shinta, may I know how much CWM layout size did you install?

  • jazmen

    hi im tryin to install shuimo miui on my htc hd2 will this way work, im sooooo new to this so this is all so very confessing thanks

    • Hi jazmen, please consult shuimo miui ROM chef. I did not try it, no idea.

  • Manoj

    hey Jayce, i must thank you first for because of you i have done so much with my hd2… and i really love it now!!
    i want to know if there is an sd rom for android 4.0 ICS available? because i want to dual boot my htc hd2 with WPH7 and ICS. Thanks for your help 🙂

  • Axel

    Do I need to remove the previous Android OS (2.3.7) before I add this one?

    • No need. New Android ROM will replace it.

  • Billy

    Hi, Master Jayce,
    Right any stable ICS version for HD2 ? currency been using Gingerbread V 2.3.7 everything fine but…WiFi Weak……any idea to solve this problem or i need to convert to ICS ?

    please advice.


    • Hi Billy, my HTC HD2 is not with me. So I did not try HD2 ICS ROM lately. No idea.
      Do try it yourself. More latest ICS ROM can be found at XDA website. 😉

  • Andyboy

    Hi Jay,

    i have the HTC HD2 with 6.5 official rom . i would like to erase the complete phone with the best working Ice cream sandwich rom that works perfectly with all features of the phone.
    could you provide me the link to download all the required programs and videos to resolve and update perfectly. i would like to have a non beta version if possible.

    thanks for your support . also update me with all the latest updates to my email .thanks once again.

  • Islam

    Thank you very much, i have a question
    after i did all this steps nd repoted my device, it did not open,the only thing that appears on the screen it is the word htc and black backgroung, so what is the wrong or what i should do.

  • Raj

    Hi Jayce,

    How can I add home, back softkeys on ICS in hd2…?

    • Hi Raj, you need to install ROM with softkeys. Please consult ROM chef.

  • redpert

    hi jayce its me again :)) i want to ask why is my internal mem. is 66 mb in ics? is there a way to make it bigger? xD

  • redpert

    ahh jayce whats the difference using this one ^^
    to this one ?….php?t=1354267 is up there is the latest? xD

    • CM9 build is the latest.

      • redpert

        oww thanx again 😉 so my internal mem. will get higher? than the ics beta 10.?

        • Yes, little bit. And A2SD+ helps to install apps to SD card.

          • redpert

            ahhh.. thats cool hah thanx a lot have a nice day 😉

  • Alex1699


    What is the latest version ICS? I followed the instructions above and everything worked out well, I did not have any issues installing because I have done this a few times. In fact I went from 2.2 to 2.37, and finally to 4.0 within two weeks. I guess I have an idea of installing I just want to thank you for all the information you provide. The only issue I had with the above install was my camera acts up and the video does not work. I figure these are all some minor bugs other than that everything works really fast and stable. Again is there a newer version where everyday works? Thanks.

  • Alex1699

    More question I found a link that states this ” Here is a zip file which can be flashed on top of an ICS ROM.” I already have ICS on my phone, how can I do this step?

    • Hi Alex1699, I am not too sure. Installation process should be the same like this one. Please consult ROM chef for details.

  • Raj

    Hi Jayce,
    where I found ROM with softkeys, also Camera Flash light are don’t work properly, how I solve this. I noticed , I install from your tutorial….ICS, Waiting from hearing you.

    • Hi Raj, we need to wait for ROM chef to fix it for us. Unless you know to fix it. I don’t.

  • costas

    i have stay in the internity to the start of loading of the
    moving colors helppppppppppppppppp

    • Hi costas, how much CWM layout size did you install?

  • Shaun

    I just wanted to say thankyou for your help and i enjoyed this transformation to android

  • Luis Perez

    Trying to install NAND version but when I flash the rom from MGLADR and reboot the phone it gets stuck at the HTC boot screen and does not go any further. Any ideas as to why that may be? I would appreciate any help I can get. Have no problems flashing the Gingerbread ROM from the same developer. tyung….. awesome btw…

    • Hi Luis Perez, how much CWM layout size did you install?

      • Luis Perez

        I used 250MB for the partition through CWM. Even then it would stay stuck at HTC load screen. Not sure what else I might have done wrong.

        • Hi Luis Perez, you need to install 220MB.

          • Luis Perez

            Im sorry but how would I go about doing that exactly? I used the partitons from CWM. There are 220MB available. What do I need to do beforehand in order to get this rom installed. I have no problem installing the Gingerbread ROM I just can’t get this one to work for some reason.

            • Luis Perez

              I’m sorry I meant there is no 220MB available to choose from.

              • Please refer to CWM installation guide. Then create 220MB version yourself.

  • Shaun

    Is there a way to get the new ICS 4.0.4. I already have 4.0.3 but want the newest one

    • Yes, find and install Android 4.0.4 ROM.

      • Shaun

        Do you know of any links with this Rom, and also if i get a new Rom how do i put the new one over the one i have now?

  • Zaran

    jyce plzzz…help i want ics rom for htc desire hd…?but will my camera work???

  • Raj

    hello Jayce,

    Please let me know how can i add softkyes mod in ics rom, 4.0.3

  • Raj

    How to install please?

    • Hi Raj, install it with CWM.

  • Raj

    Hello jayce,

    How to install with CWM… need add zip file with CMW, or how? Please

  • Raj

    I got it
    and thanks to you

  • Alex1699


    thank you for the link for the softkeys zip. I now have softkeys. Is there a way foe me to go into settings for the softkey options, for instance I do not have a power off softkey. Thanks

    • No idea about that. Try to find at Google Play Store.

      • Hwa

        WHAT IS SOFT KEY?? soz about caps lockXX

        • Onscreen Back, Menu, Home Buttons…

          • Hwa

            arrrhh.. can i 2 have the soft key rom or zip. thanks

            just reply with a link please!!

  • Steinsvik

    At step 8 i cant see the menu for the yes and no selections all i see is the hat logo and no options, if i press anything it goes back to the main menu of clockworkmod.

    • Which ClockworkMod Recovery version are you using?

      • Steinsvik

        The one in the description 1.13 but the AC recovery says v3.0.0.5

        • Version is correct. Try to reinstall CWM see.

  • naxes

    HI Jayce
    i just receive a my new htc7s and i really don’t like the software and i want the android ice cream software can you help please how to do it plus my phone is a unlock phone from att to simple mobile is that going to be a problem

    • Sorry naxes, I have no idea too.

  • Alex1699

    Hi Jayce,

    I found the latest Rom and everything works camera, video, and everything else. Here the link
    [5.May.2012] NexusHD2-ICS-4.0.4-CM9-HWA V2.0 (Kernel: tytung_HWA_r2)

    • Hwa

      thats what i used but the touch screen messes up once in a while so i put touches on and it was tocuhing eles where and boot animation isnt hd]
      cpu only 1164
      and need to flash a audio thing as well

      • Alex1699


        did you install the Rom correctly with proper partitions?

        • Hwa

          what were the partions??

          • Alex1699


            the partitions you can use are 200 or 220, I used 200 and everything was fine.

  • Mony

    Hi Jayce,

    I already installed NexusHD2-ICS-4-0-3 on htc hd2 successful. why it dosen’t have the soft key at the bottom.

    • Hi Mony, you need to install it manually. More info at XDA website.

  • Mony

    How to install manually..? Can you share the procedure to install it..?

    • Install with CWM. Just like the way you install Android ROM zip.

      • Mony

        So, which CWM should i install? There are 3 option 150M, 250M, 400M. Now i used 250M.

        • No need to reinstall CWM. Install soft keys zip will do.

      • Alex1699


        I used this Rom, “[5.May.2012] NexusHD2-ICS-4.0.4-CM9-HWA V2.0 (Kernel: tytung_HWA_r2)” and I need to install softkeys is there a file you can provide. I tried using the framework but it did not work for the this ROm. I believe it was not compatible for this rom.

  • chava

    Jayce I insyall ice cream on my htc hd2 ,verything whent well but when yuo try to install it only stays on HTC.tthas all it does . is there somthing wrong i did.

    • Hi chava, how much CWM layout size did you installed?

  • Hwa

    what were your partion size for cwm or maldger

  • vincent

    hi please help me, my htc hd2 doesnt boot up, it stays at htc green logo, and nothing happens, i think that my partition size is 250 mb

    • Hi vincent, this Android ROM needs 220MB.

      • vincent

        oke, but how can put zip file into my sd car now then?

  • kadiatou

    if you download 4.0 to htc hd2 can you revert it back to htc hd2 and can you please do a video on how the messaging looks like?

  • soheil

    hi. i install android version 4.0.4 SD on my HD2 but wifi dont work, what should i do? tnx

    • Hi soheil, please consult ROM chef on Wi-Fi issue. Might be ROM issue.

  • kadiatou

    hello please help me please i tried doing to my phone and now i got to the part where you do the devise driver and tried to install and it didnt do nothing and i tried turning my phone back to windows and it shows i have to finish but it not working please help me i know its not your video but please thank you

    • Hi kadiatou, I did not try CLK before. No idea. Please consult YouTube video guide owner.

  • Kenzie

    pls can you help me get back to my old froyo after installing the ice cream sandwich my phone keeps restarting.pls help me

    • Hi Kenzie, just install Froyo ROM like the way you installed previously.

      • Kenzie

        pls Jayce can you give me a ling for that where i can please get to download it…….thank you

        • Sorry Kenzie, I have no idea which Froyo ROM did you install. Or you can try other Gingerbread ROM here.

  • Kenzie

    Ok Jayce please let me have the ginger bread rom ok if only it is also going to be the same process like how i installed the ICS…counting on you.thankx

  • Kenzie

    THANKX Jayce will let you know when am done can you give me your mail so you can be my personal teacher and hacker ………cos you doing marvelously well.thankx counting on you co operation

  • Kenzie

    JW MIUI v1.8.5 [Kernel: Tytung r10] NAND A2SD+ Zip ROM is the file i want but it tells me it is unavailable and that the page is down any help pls….your are my only hope

    • Hi Kenzie, can’t help much for unavailable download link too. Try other ROM instead.

  • paulll

    There are some bugs: the camera is not working and alot of games don’t work 😐 if you have a bugfix or a newer version contact me please! 😀

  • angelica

    Best tutorial ever! I followed everything step by step. So easy. Everything works..i was so surprised! so far I have no problems. Thanks for your help! 🙂

  • rbam

    Hi there i did everything on your tut (its great)
    BUT if i reboot my phone it only shows the starting video over and over? what did i do wrong?
    its not really adding the latest NexusHD2 Can u help me please?

    • Hi rbam, how much CWM layout size did you install?

      • rbam

        Well I picked one of your suggestion! i picked the Recovery 400M I thought it would be better!? i thought bigger better 🙂 does that do anything with it?

        • rbam

          This are the ROM im tryin to run!

        • No, you need exact CWM layout size that match to Android ROM. Please refer to ROM chef if you are not sure.

  • rbam

    Hey Jayce,

    thanks for the tip its working!!


  • Shahram

    TanX a lot. what’s the problem with the Wifi? how can I fix it?

    • Got Wi-Fi issue? Which version are you using?

      • Shahram

        I’m using Android 4.2 (ice cream) as you said I followed the instructions, but now, Wifi turned on but I can’t search for rooters, the other problem is that, there isn’t a file manager to explore on sd card, and the other issue is the Camera. What can I do?

        • Sorry Shahram, I have no idea of Android 4.2. Maybe you can try other Android ROM. Or consult ROM chef on your issues.

          • Shahram

            Tnx Jay, I’ve fixed my problem by downloading Android IceCream Tosti, it has file manager and other useful options 🙂
            I suggest to have it a try 😉
            by the way, Camera’s working but still have Wifi problem 🙁

  • Yuri

    I’ve done all.
    At the last step it’s stuck on hte HtC screen (Black with green letters)
    That weird shit whats coming after dont pups up.

    What is wrong?


  • Yuri

    Took the battery out. Started phone but still first magldr and afterwards stuck on HTC

  • naveen

    i install nexus ics i.e 4.0.3 i am hvng problem with camcorder…its nt working…n my phone is little bit slow so can i get honeycomb or upgraded version than 2.3.7

    • 2.3.7 Gingerbread can. No Honeycomb ROM for HD2 as far as I know.

  • Yuri

    Tried to reset to factory settings…. nothing worked

    My mobile is still stuck at that F*cking HTc screen

  • Samia

    I did the whole process and now the phone has been stuck on the green htc label w black screen. I tried to restart it but it just took me to same screen. plz help!

    • Hi Samia, how much CWM layout size did you use?

  • Yuri

    Yeah Samia and I have te same problem!

  • Billy

    same think i have problem on Gingerbread on my Cam for video …..not working !! Wifi also very very weak !

  • mihir

    umm..when i try to open shows settings has stopped working..any idea what to do? would you be able to help in this? 🙂

  • mihir

    how do i do the factory resst? there is no settings.. :/

    • Load ClockworkMod Recovery. Select wipe data/factory reset.

  • Mohan

    Hello jayce im having htc hd2. I installed Nexushd2-IceCreamSandwitch beta 10— 4.0.3. GPRS data access is not working. First I install HSPL4 that is SPL 2.0.8 then Radio_Leo_2.15.50.14 then Recovery_400M_system_4M_cache[v3.0.2.4] and MAGLDR 1.3v DAF, ClockworkMod-Recovery-v1.2 finally installed (Nexushd2-IceCreamSandwitch 4.0.3). kernel version Everything works fine except data access and cam. Without cam it’s ok but no GPRS data access is not fine help me what should I do to data access?

    • Hi Mohan, did you set the correct value for Mobile Internet?

      • Mohan

        Ya before it self i saw the link you given here in your other replays. Im using aircel sim i cant find any settings for mine i’ll try to buy Vodafone sim any ways thanx a lot. If any doubts i’ll b back.

        • Try to consult Aircel for APN settings.

          • Mohan

            Thanx Buddy….

            • Mohan

              Hello jayce i got the APN settings for aircel it works >> Wireless Networks >>Mobile Networks >> Accesspoint >> Menu>> Add New APN >> APN Name : AIRCEL (capital Letters must) >>APN: aircelgprs >> Authentication :None >> Menu >> Save…
              Power off the phone for 2-3Minutes and it will get ready to use…

              • Mohan

                hello jayce Low internal memory on htc hd2 total space of 150 mb how to increase ? i used 1 tap cleaner and apps to SD for increasing the internal memory . when i install any apps it says out of space having 55 mb out of 150mb me

                • Look for two tutorials about how to enlarge your internal storage at XDA website.

                  • Mohan

                    Hi Jayce im going to install NexusHD2 Android 4.0.3 ICS CM9 ROM on my htc hd2. Can i use recovery 400mb system 4mb cache?

                    • No, use the exact CWM layout size recommended by ROM chef.

  • Shahram

    another question Jay, I’ve unistalled this android and installed another android (american 2.3). now I wanna reinstall android 4, but in clockworkmod I have an issue, it says that “fail to find cache partion” , what should I do?

    • Hi Shahram, I am not too sure what’s wrong. Can you reinstall CWM?

      • Shahram

        you know what? I don’t know the difference between CWM and Android OS. As I install Android, CWM should be installed too, is that right? I mean, is CWM one of the components of Android or not? If not, how can I install it manually? and where can I download it? and which version should I download for Android 4 ?

  • Amir

    hi, i installed beta 1 version. but i have some problem.
    1. I don’t have any option to connect my mobile to pc for using HTC sync and installing program.
    2. WiFi is not working
    3. USB Tethering is not working and has error.
    4. camera and gallery in not working so well.
    when i can’t install program then can’t use my mobile. i just can call with my phone!!!!
    Please Help
    i installed:
    HSPL 2.08 HSPL
    Radio 2.15
    MAGLDR v1.3
    CWM v1.3 (250)

  • Sayem

    Hi Jayce! I got 1024MB ROM on my TMOUS HD2. Is there any difference in taking time to restore ICS rom from backup through CWM and clean installation? Can I keep multiple ICS roms and/or combination of ICS & GB backup in my nand so that i can restore any rom anytime? If no, what is the way to keep and restore it?

    • I did not calculate the time between fresh installation and restore. No idea.
      Yes, you can keep lot of backups no matter which Android version.

      • Sayem

        Thanks. BTW, if I make backup of any ROM, does that mean my entire operating system and installed apps, contacts, sms, pictures, music and others files will be barcked up?

        • No, only system, SMS, contacts, apps and apps data will be backup (those cannot be accessed by SD card). Files on SD card will not be backup.

          • Sayem

            thanks a lot

  • pedro99zagal

    hi jayce any luck with fixing the camera problem? love the android 4.0 ics but the only thing not working is the camera please please please HELP!!!! thank you

  • naveen

    I need a version above 2.3.7 ……cam is not working in ics ….

  • George

    Hi Jayce,can you please tell me which languages does this version support?

    • Hi George, English is supported for sure. No idea about other languages. Sorry…

      • George

        And i wanted to know if it supports greek…never mind thanks!!! 🙂

        • George

          Your video has 2 fast forwards…in the second your screen has some colored glasses moving around…how much did it took you to start because 10 min have passed and it hasn’t started yet in my phone

          • George

            One more thing i forgot to mention…i have the cyanogen android…do i need a different version of android ice cream sandwich or the one you propose with the links in other questions?

            • You need to fulfill all the prerequisites. And make sure that you have correct CWM layout size installed.

          • Forgot already. But no more than 30 minutes for the whole process.

            • George

              More than 45 minutes passed and it doesn’t still work…how can i make sure i have intalled correct CWM layout size?

              • You can’t check without Android OS. Just reinstall the correct CWM layout size that match to your Android ROM. Then install Android ROM.

  • Sayem

    Hi Jayce! Currently I am using android 2.3.7 cynogenmod through CWM. Now i would like to upgrade to ICS. Is there anything else do i need to do before following this tutorial like reinstalling CWM? Please note that my I had installed 250mb CWM on my tmous HD2 while flashing 2.3.7.

    • Hi Sayem, you need to install the correct CWM layout size that match to ICS ROM. Then wipe data and cache. Create EXT3 partition on SD card if needed. Finally, install ICS ROM.

      • Sayem

        Thanks for your prompt reply. For correct CWM layout size do i need to reinstall the following 1. MAGLDR 2. CWM (for correct layout) 3. install ICS rom from SD using CWM? Pls correct me if I am wrong. Do you suggest any other alternatives? Do you recommend Task29 before reinstalling MAGLDR?

        • No need to reinstall MAGLDR if your version is already v1.13. I did not perform Task29 at all on my HTC HD2.

          • Sayem

            Ok i got it. BTW, could you please advise me the step by step process to install another rom on my HD2?

            • Just follow this guide. Skip prerequisites that you have. Then follow the step by step guide.

              • Sayem

                ok thanks.

  • Vargren

    Hello, i just installed everything according to the manual, it booted for the first time. It was looping for a while, i took out the battery to restart it cause no buttons had any effec. No it wont’t reboot, no reaction. Any idea what might have happend?

    • Run out of battery?

  • Bob

    Hi Jayce, how do I stop getting spam mails from this site?


    • Go to Comment Subscription Manager. Then remove your email subscription.

  • JUSTcircle

    Hi Jaycee,

    I want to ask.. I already done until step
    “Then reboot your phone.”
    after i reboot.. My HTC not loaded..

    it’s still in GO! Go! Go! at 1:42 in your video can you help me to fix this problem?
    I keep waiting my phone to loaded but it still freeze on that step.
    Hope you can help me.

    Thank you in advance.

    • Hi JUSTcircle, which Android ROM did you install?

      • JUSTcircle

        Thank you for replied. ^^

        I use this ROM..Android 4.0 Ice Cream NexusHD like on this link..

        Well, my phone doing fine now.. I tried to turn on it again and it’s loaded..

        Just my problem it’ll freeze if I connect to mobile internet.
        It doing fine for wifi.

      • JUSTcircle

        i use 250mb ROM.

        • Hi JUSTcircle, you need 220MB for this ROM.

          • JUSTcircle

            I found 250mb ROM in this link..


            Do you have 220MB because I don’t know how to find it..

            I love this android.. but sometime it’s not respond and I have to close it. Instagram not working properly too.. And I can’t install facebook for anroid.

            Sorry for so much complain from me.. I hope I can fix it.. ^^

            Really thanks for your help.

            • Create your own 220MB. Just follow the guide.

              • JUSTcircle

                i followed.. then i tried to install it..

                An error has occurred
                Read below for more information

                Error Description: USB init failed
                Info: .\RSPL\RSPL.cpp (736)

                this error occured.. T_T I install 250MB before.. I can install it..

                • Are you using the same PC to install?

                  • JUSTcircle

                    yes.. I use the same laptop.

                    • Sorry JUSTcircle, I have no idea then. The installation is the same as 250MB.

  • JUSTcircle

    it’s okay.. i try to install it in another pc.
    thank you for your answer.


  • naveen

    i lost my htc hd2 ,, caan u track it r is thr anyway to track without a police complaint r ser. provider
    i hv imei no:::

    • Sorry to hear that. You can’t track it unless you installed tracking software on your HTC HD2 previously.

  • kumar

    Please upload a guide to upgrade NexusHD2-ICS Android 4.0.3 to 4.0.4.

    Awaiting your post. Can I skip the below steps and do as instructed in this video using the android 4.0.4 zip file?

    Install HSPL4 on HTC HD2? (Video)
    Install Custom Radio v2.15 ROM on HTC HD2? (Video)
    Install MAGLDR v1.13 on HTC HD2? (Video)
    Install ClockworkMod Recovery v1.3 on HTC HD2? (Video)

    Kindly advise,


    • Installation is the same. Just install a new CWM layout size that match new Android ROM. Then install Android ROM.

  • Mohan

    Thanx Jayce everything fine on my HTC HD2

    Thanx for ur advice….

  • Graeme D

    Your patch worked very well, thanks.
    Only one very small glitch, when making phone calls, the speaker on the HTC HD2 broadcast the incoming message.
    Just means that people can here the conversations.
    Any ideas what could fix the problem.

    Thanks again. You helped turn a rubbish windows phone into a usable, fun, piece of tech.


    • Sorry Graeme, I have no idea about this issue. Please consult ROM chef for help.

  • Mateus

    travou quando estava instalando o androide e fica só mostrando um tela preta escrito HTc

    • Hi Mateus, how much CWM layout size did you install?

  • honey22

    my htc hd2 is stopped at htc green logo after all process. anything can be done? answer please. thanks

    • Hi honey22, how much CWM layout size did you install?

  • Katrice


  • Katrice


  • sam

    hey i want both andorid and windows what will i do ??

  • Mateusz

    i have problem with it when i do it i dont have baterry for full and my phone switch off after animation what i must do now ?? help me on email

    • Hi Mateusz, charge battery and boot it again. By the way, how much CWM layout size did you install?

  • Andres

    Hi recently i’ve been having the problem that the phone doesnt charge.. i connect it to the charge and the little orange light turns on and it says its charging but in a few minutes the light turns off and says charging but it really isnt… What should i do?? should i leave it off for a day??? or two??

    • Any software changes done to your phone lately? If yes, might be caused by that software. Else might be hardware issue then.

  • Serge

    Hi Jayce,

    I installed everything, used NexusHD2-ICS-CM9-HWA_V2.3 ROM. First, it kept showing the startupscreen with alle the colors. After getting the battery out and starting again it all seemed to worked. However, after that it went back to showing only that startup screen (looping) and I can not get beyond that now. Already reinstalled everything, using custom 220mb CWM layout size.

    Do you have any suggestions what I can do?

  • Doncarlito

    hi pls am new here and also new to android and all this switching of operation system from windows to android.
    am using HTC HD2 Win 6.5 and wud love to upgrade to d latest android OS.
    I need a step by step instruction and also wat will be needed of my phone in terms of requirements to upgrade to android. thanks

    • Hi Doncarlito, please refer to the installation guide.

  • djriver


    I just install NexusHD2 Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Beta10 NAND ROM for HTC HD2, but my camera is not working. I need my camera back…. What can I do to fix the problem….

    Thank You

      • djriver

        How can I download-install-nexushd2-android-4-0-3-ics-cm9-rom-for-htc-hd2. When I click on the link to download it transfers me to the XDA developers page. In what part of the page do I have to go to download the Rom.
        Please explain me!!!

        Also, do I have to fellow the same steps to installed on the phone???

        Thank You

        • Hi djriver, please take time to study it. You find the download link.

          Reinstall correct CWM layout size. Wipe data and cache. Then install Android ROM.

  • djriver

    This is the Rom that i find to download NexusHD2-ICS-4.0.4-CM9-HWA V2.3 please tell me if is the same Rom as nexushd2-android-4-0-3-ics-cm9-rom-for-htc-hd2. Also tell me if my camera will work with this Rom Thank You…

    • That’s the latest version. Based on ROM chef, camera is working.

      • djriver

        Are you talking about NexusHD2-ICS-4.0.4-CM9-HWA V2.3…. Thank You I will downloaded to my phone now…..

  • Max

    Hi Joyce,

    I tried above tutorial to update my HTC HD2 to Android. All the actions were performed perfectly.
    Now after Android is installed, it is just stuck on Boot Up Screen…(where you did fast forward in the video). It is stuck on the same screen. Nothing happens after that.

    Is there any way to update this again as I tried to do that but my phone enters immediately into Android loading up mode. Or is there anyway, I can reset the phone to factory settings and then perform these actions once again to install Android.


    • Hi Max, how much CWM layout size did you install?

      • Max

        I figured that out..I accidentally used 400MB.
        I am trying to reinstall the CWM again. Everytime I restart the phone, I can not enter MAGLDR, is does not show those options now, it quickly takes me load Android and I get stuck at the same screen. Can you tell me how I can reset all this and go back to install CWM 250MB and then do the installation.

        Currently the Loader does not show any options as it did before. It just quickly goes 123 GO GO GO and the same screen starts again. Please advise how I can load up the Boot Manager again and then install CWM 250 once again.

        Thanks Joyce.

        • Max

          Thanks. Fixed it all. Thanks for the good work.

  • f.h

    plz helpppppp me for wifi. how i can fix prob?

    • Hi f.h, what is the issue?

  • Ida Christiane


    I have some problems! I’ve downloaded the zip-file Nexus HD2 – Ice Cream Sandwich from, I’ve done exactly the same thing as you did in the video! BUT, I seriously can’t find the actual main zip file “” to put on my SD card!

    Can you help me?

    And I’d install CWM 250MB btw ..

    It’s a great side though!

    • Can’t find the actual main zip file… What do you mean?

  • Ida Christiane

    According to your list under the video –

    “1. First of all, copy the Android 4.0 ICS ROM zip file that you want to install into SD card (use SD card reader or MassStg in MAGLDR).”
    and ” 13.Select your zip file ( in my video).”

    When I’ve copied what I’ve downloaded on the SD card, I can’t fing this zip file on my phone!

    Do you have any suggestions what the problem is?

    • Make sure that it is in .zip format.

  • Patrick

    thanks for the great software en how to, it works great.
    althoug i still have the problem with the camera it crashes after one foto,
    is there a fix for this bug or is there one omming?

    hope to hear from you soon

    Yours Patrick, holland

  • Gabe

    Hi again,
    I cannot see the Nexus file on my SD card, It’s a zip file and I put it correctly on the SD card with MassStg but I still don’t have it when I have to install it, Maybe it’s because it the Beta 10 and it’s an diffrent use?

    • Gabe

      Well also everytime that I put the file in the SD card, it vanished, gone, and I keep doing this, put the file and when I unpluged the USD and then plug it again in the computer, the file is no more there… Any idea? thx

      • Try to use SD card reader to transfer it. File should not disappear after copied.

  • Gabe

    thanks for the fast reply
    and … still doesn’t work with the sd reader…

    • Gabe

      When I start MagLDR I also see Nand kernel open failed.

    • Your SD card might be faulty then.

  • maniteja

    hi jayce, your guide is very helpful..but i got a problem after installing it,when ever the phone goes into sleep is shutting down automatically…and again i have to pull the start the phone..can you please help..?

    • maniteja

      and more over..i cant find the network on it… 🙁

    • Sorry maniteja, I have no idea on this issue. Never face it. Maybe you can consult ROM chef. Or change to other ICS ROM.

  • JUSTcircle

    Hello Jaycee,

    My HTC is run out of battery.
    So, I’m charging now my HTC now. but the HTC keep turn on and vibrating until the words “by cotulla 2011” the green color font..

    I connect my HP to power source for charging my HTC.. but still it keep restart until the word “by cotulla 2011” it’s repeat and repeat if I charge it. i try to pull off the power source.. then my HTC can’t turn on.

    Do you know how i can charge my HTC?

    Thank you.

    • Hi JUSTcircle, what had you done until you got this issue?

      • JUSTcircle

        I done nothing..
        Just my HTC is run out the battery.
        So, I just charging as we use to do when our HP is battery low rite?

        IDK what happened.. I try to take off the battery.. but still my baterry doesn’t have any power to turn on. Sorry if my problem so weird. I dunno what to do then. T_T

        kindly need your advice.. Thank you.

        • I also don’t know here in this case. Maybe you can try to use 3rd party battery charger to charge your battery separately.

          • JUSTcircle

            Huhuh! i don’t have any 3rd party battery charger.. but it’s okay.. thank you for your suggestion. ^^ I’ll try to figure out about this probs. thank you Jaycee.

  • jay

    pb81100 hx-bc
    spl-3.03. hspl xe
    cotullahspl 0x40

    i m a bigner and stuck on
    your os rom isn’t customized for your hardware.
    please reflash the proper rom code or contact the service centre
    need help bro

  • jay

    i was stuck while installing

    now i m stuck on

    your os rom isn’t customized for your hardware.
    please reflash the proper rom code or contact the service centre
    need help bro

    • Hi jay, please make sure that this is the correct region ROM for your HD2.

  • pankit

    i am getting no sound at all, is there some way to get audio working

  • Ariela

    Thank you so much, I just installed it and it seems to work fine. Just one thing, the connecction to internet via APN is not working , the usual symbol like the H with the arrows up and down doest appear , actually no different symbol, only the antena and battery.

    I can say I have enoght space, like 50mb to install my stuff and that makes me feel really happy cause in my 2.2 version I only had 22mb and I couldn’t install almost nothing .

    Thank you for your collaboration , and hope you can help me with the connection thing.

    Have a great day!

      • Ariela

        Hi, just wnted to tell that it didn’t work, my phone fell down and started working XD!! Almost two week but my phone got stuck, mycontacts got lost(I had to recover them almost daily) and the apps didn’t work fine at all.

        Im happy cause igot to know icecream sandwich on my phone, but think i will go back to gingerbread.

  • sumit

    for my htc hhd2 androide i dwnload only rom is that suffficiant to convert in androide

    • Sorry sumit, what do you mean?

  • nick

    can u please send me the link from where to download DFT HSPL4 for HTC HD2

    • Hi nick, please read the guide carefully. Everything is there.

  • nick

    jayce i can’t find the download link for DFT HSPL4 for HTC HD2….pls send me d link…
    thnk u

    • nick

      when i click the button for Downloading DFT HSPL4 for HTC HD2 it takes me to your home screen….pls send me the link

      • Which browser do you use to download?

  • Mel

    Ok, I messed up. I did well all the way to installing ICS. I forgot to put it on my sd card before I went through the rest of the steps…. what do I do????

    • Hi Mel, put SD card in. Then continue the steps here.

  • Quentin

    when i go to install Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich it says installation abort. what diid i do wrong??? or did i put it on the sd card wrong because i had some trouble getting it on the sd card.

    • Suspected your zip file is corrupted. Make sure that you can extract the zip file at PC.

  • Cillian

    Please man accept donations!
    You save me 500 bucks for buying the sg3 I can atleast give you 20 euro of that!

    • Hi Cillian, thanks will do. And visit my blog everyday. 🙂

  • Aman

    I installed ics 4.4 10 beta the phone gets stuck on htc logo screen after installation ?

    • Hi Aman, how much CWM layout size did you install?

  • igor

    Hi Jayce,
    I have instaled this ROM, evrything is working expet one thing.
    When I dont use the phone for more then 1 hour, after that the phone is freezed. I have to remove the battery and put in again to reboot it.
    Any idea what could be?
    Thank you

    • Sorry, igor. No idea. Lot of factors can cause it.

      • I have the same problem Igor – did you figure out the issue? I installed everything according to your tutorials (THANK YOU so much, btw – they are great tutorials!) and it went fine, but When the phone sits for an hour or two, it freezes and I have to remove the battery to get it to start up.

        The ONLY thing I think might be an issue is that I used the 250 ClockworkMod Recovery partition layout, and you recommend 220 for the Beta 10. Could that cause problems?


        • igor

          Hi Justin,

          No, I am still with this problem, and nothnig that can I found on internet. Is very annoying.

          Do you know where can I find others ClockworkMod? diferent from 250? I will try that one.
          If you resolved the problem please tell me back.

        • Yes, Justin. Use 220MB CWM layout size.

          • igor

            From where can I find 220MB CWM size Jayce?
            Thank you

            • Hi igor, create your own custom one. Please refer to CWM installation guide.

            • Yes Igor, it’s here:

              Jayce, I have 2 more questions.

              1- Will I need to re-install the ROM after I fix the partition size?

              2- I just need to change the System size to 220? I can leave cache, etc the same?

              My current file is:

              misc ya 1M
              recovery rrecov|ro|nospr filesize recovery-raw.img
              boot yboot|ro 5M
              system ya 220M
              cache ya 10M
              userdata ya|asize|hr allsize

              Thanks again!

              • 1. Yes.
                2. Yes, unless ROM chef requires other values.

                • igor

                  Hi Jayce,

                  How can I find what values requires ROM chef?

                  • Ask ROM chef himself. Usually, he will post it on XDA website.

              • igor

                thank you mate.

        • igor

          I have tried 220 MB and nothing. same problem. NOT resolved. :((((((

          • Yes, I tried 220 as well – the phone froze again last night (so my alarm didn’t go off!) Very frustrating, and strange. Any other Ideas Jayce? Maybe you could suggest another good, stable Android ROM to try?

            Thanks again for all your help!

            • 220MB CWM layout size has nothing to do with ROM stability. That’s beta ROM issue.
              You can try this one.

              • I installed this ROM you recommended last night, and so far, no freezes. I will update if it freezes, but so far, so good. Thanks again Jayce! You’re the best!

                • Still Freezing. I found a forum that mentioned issues with the memory card that could cause freezing. Igor, you might try removing your SD Memory and see if that solves your problem — It did NOT solve my problem.

                  If you have any other suggestions, please let me know. I’ve tried multiple different ROMs, reinstalled everything, taken out the memory card, etc. and nothing seems to work. It still freezes randomly, when I’m not even using the phone, and I have to take the battery out to reboot.

                  Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated, else I’m just going to have to get a new phone.

                  Thanks again for all your help!

                  • igor

                    Hi Justin,
                    At one moment I though I have found the solution, but only false alarm. I placed original HTC battery and it was fine for 1 day, without freezing. But next day again the same problem. Nice idea with a SD card, I will try it.
                    To be hounest I think is something software or hardware problem and I dont think there is any solution. :((


  • verson

    I have followed the instruction you have given.
    but the phone is freezing at reboot the screen…. non-stop…

    • Hi verson, how much CWM layout size did you install?

      • VERSON

        250MB OR 400MB i dun remember…
        and i cant get in wm now….

        • Hi verson, you need 220MB for this beta10 ROM.

          • VERSON

            so.. i need the actual size right?
            may i have any link pls??
            and i am using this””
            is this ok??

            • Yes.
              Please refer to CWM installation guide.




    jayce lots of kisses to u….
    succesfully installed ics 4…..
    but my wallpaper screen is bad like left side part is blackk help?


    can u help meeeee?????

    • SHYAM

      no need jayceee i changd the wallpaper and its working fine”””

  • edi

    help…. i made all the process smoothly but when i did boot at end the screen showed HTC and never moved? why htc hd2 t-mobile

    • Hi edi, how much CWM layout size did you install?

      • edi

        sorry i dont get it what do you mean by cwm what i did is
        1-flash hspl4 then radio ( costumruu) then romupdate then daf and i followed the screen as your video thats all and things went good no complication the only thing i saw a cotullahspl 0x50 not 0x30 as your vidio
        thanks for reply

        • You said all processes…

          Well, did you install radio 2.15? 0×50 or 0×30 does not matter here.

          • edi


            • Sorry edi, I have no idea if you have installed SPL-2.08.HSPL and radio 2.15. Try to consult others at XDA website. Maybe they know…

  • @michiel: Just reinstall 220MB version to replace it.

  • mantas

    thanks dude u did a good work on it:) i had windows mango but this made my phone better:) thanks agein

  • Detech

    i recently installed this ROM and everything works expect the Wifi and GPS..
    each time i trun on the wifi it stays on ”turning on wifi’ and i can never see any wireless network.
    Also, the same happens for the GPS which I need the most for apps tht uses the GPS. when i open google map it can not locat my position and bounces all around my actual location. i can try to get direction but it keeps saying ‘searching for gps’….
    Is there a a fix for this??? HELP….

  • Aidan

    So I did everything, and everything went well however now my phone will not boot. Its stuck on the HTC logo. Ive waited a couple of hours and nothing has happend. Is there anyway i can put a different os system on without waiting for the phone to load?

    • Aidan

      Ah never mind i found out what my problem was. 😉

      • Aidan

        Oh w8 i do have one question. How do I open magldr since my phone doesnt boot. Do i have to do everything again? plz reply and thx for everything 😉

        • Doesn’t boot == can’t power on?

          • Aidan

            No It was just stuck on the htc logo but i found it out. Thank for every vid man! My phone works beautifully.

            • Teisha

              how did you get it to do that? i can’t get past the htc screen?

  • Luke

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!! Your the only Guy that has a reliable and quick and easy site of how to’s! this Tutorial was so easy my grandma could’ve done it! I couldn’t have done it without you! A Jayce Fan and follower for life! 🙂

  • Eduardo

    Does this room and all the required components to setup ICS 4 works on HTC HD2 LEO T8585? I am really interested on this OS 🙂

    • Yes Eduardo.

      • Eduardo

        Thanks so much for the answer. I´ll try it.

  • Thes

    Hi Jayce , it’s me Thes again, i try to use android 4.0 ICS but i cant download any apps, can you help me please,thank you.

    • Hi Thes, try to factory reset it see.

      • Thes

        Thank you Jayce,I can now download apps but only 4 apps it say’s no enough memory and theres no sound in my handy, i tried to call my handy and theres no sound. I really like the ICS than the windows 7.5 tango. I want to keep this OS, how can i put more apps and where to fix sound?, I tried the settings already, when somebody called i can’t hear it ringing it only vibrate,then when I accept the call no sound, I can’t hear them talking.Thank you so much Jayce.

        • Hi Thes, not sure about no sound during call issue. Didn’t face this before. Maybe you can try the latest ROM. As for not enough internal disk space issue, try to install Link2SD or A2SD script.

          • Thes

            Thank’s Jayce I am good to go with my apps now….so happy with the outcome. Many thanks to you…

            • Thes

              Hi Jayce good day, I encounter another error, I can transfer my apps in my sd card but after 3 apps it wont accept anymore, i still have 5GB, some apps cant be transferred but why after 3 apps the error comes up again? it says insufficient space. oh what would i do now Jayce? thanks….

              • Sorry Thes, no idea about this. Please consult others at XDA website as I don’t have HD2 with me now.

  • Julio

    1. First of all copy the Android 4.0 ICS ROM zip file that you want to install into SD card (use SD card reader or MassStg in MAGLDR) .

    How do you do this I have everything else except this part could you send me a step by step on copying Andriod 4.0 into SD card .



    • Hi Julio, copy the zip file to SD card through SD card reader.

      • Julio

        Sorry i am not very computer sabey so i im trying to figure out which SD card your talking about so I just right click the zip file copy and how do I send it to the SD card

  • Julio

    having trouble getting message E: failed to mount/ sdcard (No such file or directory)
    Error mounting/sdcard/. andriod _secure!

    Please help

    • Please google for how to copy file to SD card reader then. Take your time to learn it.

  • pankit

    pop up appears again & again…

    SIM card added
    you must restart your device to access the mobile network

    restart button.

  • wojciech

    How can i acces to my folders with music, videos and games from my micro sd?

    • Using USB mass storage mode or SD card reader.

  • Dannyboy

    I was wondering how i can remove everything and return it to windows for the purpose of selling it!

  • Rod

    I put the zip file on the SD Card but it keeps saying file not found. need help

    • Hi Rod, please make sure that you can extract the zip file.

      • Rod

        Would there be a reason my netflix wouldn’t work

        • Sorry Rod, I don’t use Netflix. No idea.

  • bayar

    hii,, can i use this files for htc sensation xe,,, pleas help i need to get information about How to install Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich for htc sesation xe

  • wojciech

    What do i have to do now, if i want to change my andoid 4.0 to android 2.3 gingerbread because on android 4.0 my battery is empty after 3-4hours! Please help

      • wojciech

        it says that i have to create ext3 partition right? but when i On my hd2 it just starts android 4.0 how to get to this boot menu?

        • wojciech

          ok i did it but battery still get empty so fast, is it normal?

          • No (on normal usage). Maybe it’s about time to change your battery.

            • wojciech

              this mobile have about 2two weeks, and everything was ok when i had windows on.

  • I-AM

    Hi Jayce!

    Thanks for your very clear instructions. I’ve managed to install Nexus HD2 ICS rom on my HTC HD 2 and it worked fine.

    It’s been a few months now, im thinking to replace the current 8 gb SD card with a bigger memory SD card (perhaps 16 or 32 gb)

    My noob question is – what do i have to do if i want to use a different SD card? Do i have to reinstall the ROM again? From which step do begin? Could you please clarify this?

    Do you have any recommendation for SD card? I’ve read that there are many classes, some of them work better than the others. Im confused.

    Thank you very much
    Have a nice weekend

    • Hi I-AM, did you create EXT3 partition on SD card?

      Class 10 SD card will do.

      • I-AM

        EXT3 partition?

        I did install a custom partition size using ClockworkMod Recovery.

        Is that what you mean? Or is it another step that i have to do?

        • Nope, not that one. But it is easier then. Just copy all your files from old SD card to new SD card will do.

  • pankit

    its giving me constant error
    unfortunately, android keyboard has stopped.

    i cleared cache partition, CWM cache, but still problem persists

  • Boni

    hi Jayce I followed what u teach on the video how to install android 4.0 on my htc Androids running on Android2.3.7 my phone is unusable now it just display htc logo on green .
    please tell me how to recver it as before

    • Hi Boni, wipe data and cache in CWM. Then install back Android 2.3.7.

  • meru

    Hi I have got a query. In the installation guide to install NEXUS HD2 i need to copy a zip file to the SD CARD—– how do i do that when i cannot get through to the sd card throught the whole process. There is written ——use SD card reader or MassStg in MAGLDR…what does that mean???

    • Can’t go through SD card?

      • meru

        I think i managed. At step 17 how long does it take for the colourful part to stop? does it take a while?

        • meru

          I have managed. 🙂 thanks alot for your help.

  • Boni

    thank u very much Jayce what u told me worked the phone is working now
    but when I start the phone the menu with 12 directories still display and i have some manipulation to do before the phone starts .Please tell me how to procced so as the start all alone

    Thank u Jayce to introduce me to phone progamation world.

  • pettie

    hi jayce do you know where can i download the new android 4.1 jellybean for my htc hd2, what do you think of this new version?

  • john

    when i do this and i pick 150 mb,,,then my hd2 remain in the scree”HTC” colored green..please help

    • Hi john, you need to install 220MB.

  • indra

    hi i have follow all the steps for installing android to my htc hd2 but after rebooting android sign appear but it could not load android. i observe it for 24 hr but nothing happeng please help

    reply soon

    • Hi indra, how much CWM layout size did you install?

      • andrea

        250 i believe

        • 220MB for this beta10 ROM.

      • indra

        ya i have successively install thanks very much can u do any thing to my samsung gt c6625 windows 6.1

        • Sorry, no idea about this Samsung model.

          • indra

            what abt my htc hd2 ram size it ony have 150 mb memory left for the application whenever i install the new app i shows low space and i also install link2sd but it doesn’t help and will i install go launcher ex for the interface

            please help thanks

            • Hi indra, can’t help much on low internal disk space issue since you already installed Link2SD. Maybe you can try Android ROM that uses lesser CWM layout size. This will increase internal disk space a bit.

  • andrea

    when i do the final step, it aborts installing the adroid sandwhich zip file, am i not putting it into my sd card correctly?

    • Can you extract the Android ROM zip? Make sure that it is not corrupted.

      • andrea