Download BsB Tweaks v1.6 for HTC HD2

BsB Tweaks v1.6 is a must installed application on HTC HD2. I forgot to mention it after using for several months. Too bad that it did not update since 27 December 2009. But the tweaks in version 1.6 are enough for you and me.

BsB Tweaks v1.6 Features:

  • Many Tweaks and Reg changes.
  • Rotation: Add rotation support to any applications easily.
  • Pinch to Zoom: Add zoom support to any application easily.
  • Data Connection: Enable/Disable Data connections.
  • Manila Language: Changes manila language.
  • Take screenshots of the screen when shaked!
  • Change Manila Left Softkey easily!

Tweaks list


  • Power Saving
    • – Enables the power setting options to save some battery.
  • Hidden Camera Modes
    • – Activates hidden camera modes (GPS photo mode & video share) .
  • Auto Lock
    • – Automatic lock the device when not in use.
  • Auto Sync Clock
    • – Automatic sync the clock and time zone.
  • STK Service
    • – Enable or Disable the STK Service (Sim ToolKit).
  • Windows Settings
    • – Show normal settings in start menu
  • SIM Contacts
    • – Show SIM contacts in your contact list.
  • SMS Mode
    • – Change SMS view, between Chat and classic view.
  • HTC Vibration
    • – Enable the vibration in HTC applications.
  • Customer Feedback
    • – Enable or Disable the custom feedback service.
  • Error Reporting
    • – Enable or Disable the error reporting service.
  • Owner Info
    • – Show or hide the Owner Info in settings.
  • Screen Sensitivity
    • – Decrease screen response sensitivity.
  • Polices
    • – Allow install and run unsigned applications.
  • HTC Magnifier
    • – Enable or disable the HTC magnifier option.
  • Phone Slide Cover
    • – Show or hide the incall slide cover option.
  • Windows Notifications
    • – Enable dismiss X time in windows notifications.
  • Radio Deemphasis
    • – Improves radio quality.


  • Glyph Cache
    • – Enable high glyph cache, graphics render for faster graphics.
  • TCP/IP Cache
    • – Increase cache of TCP/IP
  • Startup Animation
    • – Disable the startup animation for faster boot.


  • System Menus
    • – Enable or Disable the default windows menu.
  • Manila Send Button
    • – Show send button in messaging applications.

Led Notifications

  • Message Notification
    • – Enable LEDS when you have a new SMS.
  • Voice Mail Notification
    • – Enable LEDS when you have a new entry in voicemaill.
  • Call Notification
    • – Enable LEDS when you have a missed call.
  • Reminder Notification
    • – Enable LEDS for reminder notifications.


  • Wifi N
    • – Enable Wifi N, to improve network throughput.

Opera 9.7

  • Opera Vibration
    • – Enable vibration in Opera browser.
  • Opera ZoomBar
    • – Show or hide the Opera zoom bar control.
  • Opera Visual Back
    • – Enable Opera visual back feature.
  • Opera Link Click
    • – Enable the ability to click links without zooming.
  • Opera Tabs
    • – Allow having 9 opera tabs in browser.

Download BsB Tweaks v1.6 for HTC HD2 here.


  1. I added this application. When I go to add the pinch to zoom to different programs, it doesn’t save. I tried checking them with the green check and then doing a soft reset and it won’t save.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  2. Hi there
    I’d like to thank you for the tweak . its basically brilliant however i do have a problem.
    Having installed it successfully on my HTC HD2 i now wanted to also do the same for a friend of mine but having completed the installation successfully, i get the following error message when i click on the BSB tweak icon on his phone
    this application requires a newer version of microsoft net compact framework than the one installed on this device
    Can you kindly advice on how to acquire the new version required if thats possible


  3. I’m having the same problem as Mike. After I add Pandora to my pinch to zoom list and do the soft reset, it disappears from the list. So far this us the only app I’ve added to the list. Is there an easy fix?

  4. Tghis tweak is great. I already notice the difference in using the keyboard!!! Great download!! thats hard to find these days.

    I still have a problem with bufferring… buffers a lot. stops the video buffers than stops again. This tweak has mnade it better though. it seems to grab more data before it starts again,,.,..,.,

    I’m having this problem when i use the phone as a wi-fi hotspot on my laptop and when i use the actual phone to browse the web.,.,.,.,,it must be my connection. im in southern md. middle of of nowhere….

    that and i cant use wi-fi hotpot and my phone at the same time. if i call, it cuts the internet connection off, if i try and browse the web with my mobile it wont let me….no data connection…??? ………………im new!!!”:)

  5. i’m sorry but i can’t find where i can disable the data connection via this application,it’s not showing on the tweaks list,could you kindly help?


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