Download Co0kie’s Home Tab v1.8.5, CHT language pack and CHTEditor v1.8.5.1

Wait no more… Here are the latest Co0kie’s Home Tab v1.8.5 and CHTEditor v1.8.5.1. And CHT language pack comes along with them too. As usual, new release fixed those bugs like calendar issue in previous version. Further more, this 0.0.5 version add several new features especially in wallpaper section.

Co0kie’s Home Tab v1.8.5 New Features

  • Option for scrolling appointment and task lists
  • Task improvements: counters, color options, option to display both start and due date
  • High quality wallpapers
  • Taskbar and softkeybar skinning
  • Wallpaper control quick links: previous, next, random wallpaper
  • Compatible with manila_home 2016
  • Addon cab: alternative lockscreen for WM6.1 users
  • The analog clock has it’s own mode9 and script file
  • Weather animation on the lockscreen now plays even if weather is off on the home tab
  • Music player (or any element) will no longer be loaded on startup if it’s not visible on any layout

By the way, you can get more information about Co0kie’s Home Tab v1.8.5 new features usage. I did not have the chance to play around with wallpaper yet. Will study HDWall and try it soon.

Download Co0kie’s Home Tab v1.8.5 here, CHT language pack here and CHTEditor v1.8.5.1 here.


  1. Dear All,

    I have installed version 1.6 before and got 4 appointment at Home Tab. But I get only 1 after I installed version 1.8. Would you please advise how to set it back to be 4.

    Best regards

  2. I loaded this to my HD2 and it started running like a snail. I received the error “HTC SENSE could not be loaded” I ended up reverting back to out of box configurations.

  3. hi.. i managed to installed Co0kie’s Home Tab v1.8.0 but failed to install CHTEditor v1.8.0.0.. plz help. before this i used v1.7.0.

  4. Hi can u tell me how to enable the weather animation on the home tab, as soon as i hit the home button the weather icon would start the animation but it would only last like 3 seconds and then it stays still, i want to know if i can have the wather animation again on the home tab, thx

  5. it don’t want to instal on my o2 xda exec I installed chteditor 1.8.5 but I can’t instal cookies home tab 1.8.5.pleas somebody help me


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