Download JDMS Ultimate NAND Android ROM for HTC HD2

JDMS Ultimate Android ROM is well known back in SD card Android. It is one of the fastest non HTC Sense builds. It is based on Ultimate Droid 2.5, Android 2.2.1 and using Hastarin 8.6 Kernel. And this is RMNET, not PPP. RMNET vs. PPP ~ which one is better? Honestly, I don’t know. Both work fine on my 3G data connection.

JDMS Ultimate on HTC HD2

Quadrant score
Software information

JDMS Ultimate NAND Android ROM is fast. With 5681 CPU score, no HTC Sense build can fight with it. With modded Fancy Widget installed, it look just like HTC Sense build, right? Of course, without weather animation…

Installation guide ~ How to Install NAND Android on HTC HD2? (Video)

Download JDMS v1.6.2 Ultimate [Kernel: Hastarin 8.6N] NAND ROM here.


  1. Hey thanks for all the great posts!
    Just installed this rom and cant seem to link it to my PC, may need to reinstall original rom πŸ™
    Any thoughts?



  2. Hi Jayce,

    I got NAND Andorid JDMS ultimate installed !!!…and its super cool….!! no probs with wifi, 3G etc…. all working fine…. followed your step by step guide and video tutorials… and got it right without any issues… thanks a lot !!!!

    Just two problems,
    1. searching contacts in the phonebook… only the scroll method seems to be workng… from the numpad i cant shorlist the name based on alphabets like in winmo…. e.g. to call ‘jayce’ all i need to do was dial 5292… and your name would have been shortlisted right? i have 600+ nums … scrolling through to get the name is a daunting task particularly as i dont rememeber how i have saved it first name last name or vice versa….? do you have any tips for me?
    2. My battery seems to be getting over by afternoon… i always charge it overnight… maybe its because i am using the phone more, now that its on andorid πŸ™‚ but still it seems to be draining faster… any tips?

    thanks in advance,


  3. Thanks for this great rom.

    I’ve had one problem and not sure how to fix it.
    when i plug my phone, it doesn’t ask me to use it as HTC sync or mass storage, and it’s by default “charge mode” so i couldn’t sync my contacts with outlook. is there a way to do it since i don’t have them on my gmail?

    waiting your reply.

  4. Jayce, great work!

    Whats your opinion? This UD Android or MDJ 2,6Gingerbread?? Just subjective. My opinion is that “out of box” JDMS Ultimate is far more better, cool, colourfull, more apps…

  5. I have couple questions regarding this build, I downloaded this build couple days ago flashed it and its running fine pretty much everything works. However, when it comes to sending and receiving mms text i am unable to send or download the received pics or media files is it something wrong with the radio version? im running 2.15.50
    also, is it possible to factory reset the android os when its on NAND? i read that in order to install another rom on to NAND just follow through with the steps and it will overwrite it correct? but wat if i simply want to factory reset and keep the existing rom is there a way to do so? also thanks for the videos and steps it helped me a lot when i did my installation.

  6. Dear
    Thanks for greet jop,

    Is your Rom support Arabic or not, and tell me please how i can enable it or install it
    at least i need to read and write SMS and search the internet in arabic

    Best Regards

  7. Hey Jayce. Ok so i downloaded this rom and i want to flash it on my phone. So everytime i went to the MAGLDR bootloader i got the USB error many got. I figured that it was because i hadnt installed HTC sync. So i went to the htc website and i got it on my computer. So now i connect my phone with no problem when my phone is on. Wen i put it as the MAGLDR bootloader it still has the same issue USB error. I disconnected the usb and plugged it it again and done almost everything in the comments. I still have the same issue. Any tips? Thnks man.

  8. Been using this rom thru ur recommendation. Everything works fantastically. Is there anyway i can make the master volume louder for this build?

  9. Hi , been read your post, great work!!!! I learn alot from here and XDA, I am using this JDMS 1.62 , very stable and simple to use everyday… I found out the Gps and bluteooth cant use at the same time? Any idea, or is the nature of Andriod phone… thanks in advance, and pls keep us update very enjoy reading your post, thanks again.

  10. if i installed this rom, then, is there anyway to install applications like quickoffice and pdf. if you know how, plz let me know

  11. I have one issue with the NAND on my HTC HD 2. I can connect to the internet just fine and send and recieve MMS and GPS working. However, I cannot get the hotspot or cable tethering to work. Every time I enable it, it errors out. I also am able to activate the wireless tethering app through the Ultimate Settings and my laptop can see the android network but it has limited connectivity, so I cant get to the internet. I have reflashed twice with no success. I really need the tethering to work one way or another. Can anyone help?

  12. Using the stock Desire NAND ROM…loving it. One question. I noticed the cellular signal drops out alot, especially while I’m traveling. I’ll keep looking thru the posts on your site and XDA’s for different radio kernels.

  13. hello everyone.i have now a cotulla nand which doesnt support the extended battery and arabic language..does this nand support these?? .thank u

  14. Hi, I have a ?

    Since you’ve been using JDMS Ultimate NAND Android ROM for a while now, have you had any issues with Bluetooth connectivity as far ad receiving phone calls?

    I’ve been using the DFT NAND stock Android ROM for a minute now and my Bluetooth devices disconnect randomly but only for a brief moment. Also, when receiving calls my bt icon in the status bar shows it’s connected, but no audio. I have to manually connect to get audio and this happens every single time I receive calls, never when I make them.

    If there is a thread on this issue and maybe a permanent fix for this I’ll continue searching the posts.

    I just wanted your input on this. Thanks in advance.

    • No Bluetooth and call issue on JDMS Ultimate. But it is not perfect because its kernel is old already compare to the latest one out there. You can try out the latest Android ROM if you want. πŸ™‚

  15. hi everyone!!!i find this rom just excellent but there’s something that really disappoints me:there’s no french language :(..if there is any solution to add it or the same rom with french language,that would very very nice .thanks in advance

  16. hi ~jayce after i download JDMS Ultimate that space sdcard low…y like b4 wm6.5 is 8gb..its this no problem if i use back my wm 6.5?still hv 8gb?

  17. Hey jayce, i hope you remember me. i am the one who had a problem with my led light not lighting up on stand by screen. i was just wondering if you had the same problem when you used this rom


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