How to remove Windows Phone 7 from HTC HD2?

Haha… I received lot of question on how to remove Windows Phone 7 from HTC HD2 and go back to Windows Mobile 6.5. Android on HTC HD2 had been out for months and I did not receive any help request to remove it. But Windows Phone 7 on HTC HD2 is not even 1 week old, people seem don’t like it and want to get rid of it as soon as possible.

Okay, here is the step by step guide to remove Windows Phone 7 from HTC HD2. Oh, you might want to revive your SD card first…

To go back to stock Windows Mobile 6.5 ~ video guide

  1. Download official HTC HD2 v3.14 ROM or latest.
  2. Right click and open official HTC HD2 ROM with 7-Zip.
  3. Copy ‘RUU_signed.nbh’ to desktop.
  4. Rename it to ‘leoimg.nbh’.
  5. Copy leoimg.nbh to SD card root with card reader.
  6. Power off your phone.
  7. Put SD card in your phone.
  8. Press volume down button (don’t let go) and power on your phone.
  9. It will load into bootloader with ‘Red, Green, Blue and White’ screen with SPL-2.08.HSPL.
  10. Let go volume down button when you see ‘loading…’.
  11. Then ROM upgrade screen will be loaded.
  12. Press power button to start update the ROM.
  13. ROM update process will take around 15 minutes.
  14. Take off the battery after update success.
  15. Power on your phone.
  16. First time use preparation process will take around 4 minutes.
  17. Then follow phone onscreen instructions to setup.
  18. That’s all.

To go back to NAND Android ~ video guide

  1. Download DFT_LEO_NAND_Android.rar.
  2. Power on your phone (Hold it until DFT MAGLDR Bootloader is loaded).
  3. Use volume down button to go down to 5. USB Flasher.
  4. Then press call button to load USB Flasher mode.
  5. Connect USB cable from PC to phone.
  6. Open DFT_LEO_NAND_Android.rar with 7-Zip.
  7. Copy DFT_Android folder to desktop.
  8. Enter DFT_Android folder.
  9. Execute DAF.
  10. Follow onscreen instructions to install.
  11. Click ‘Yes’ if User Access Control prompt up.
  12. Phone will be rebooted after installation finished.
  13. Follow onscreen instructions to setup Android settings.
  14. That’s all.

Congratulation, you have successfully remove the ‘not so user friendly’ Windows Phone 7.


  1. thanks much for your excellent video series, you help me finally install Android 2.2.1 into my HD2!
    I’m still using the RAM version with dualboot between Android / Winmo6.5, as I still need Office apps (can’t seems to find free Office apps for Android)

    *you really fast!*… so now you back to Android NAND or still WM7???
    i decide not to install WM7 as well, nothing really impressive plus all those old winmo cannot be run anymore. what a bad mistake steve ballmer must have made! Crazy fellow hahahaha ….

    p.s: btw, do u find running superRAM Android drains the battery faster than winmo 6.5?

  2. yes i have the officail one from tmobile and when i start fone normal says update failed retry update then if sd card trys again then stuck on loading then if i hold volume down it goes to the colored screen says sp-3.03.0000 xe all the other stuff on green it says upgrade rom code error please try again then the screen goes gray and says loading … and nothing for hour and a half i watched a movie while waiting im pressing power when loading nothing

  3. Hi Jayce,

    I upgraded directly from 6.5 to 7 without android, but like you were saying above i don’t think 7 is all that wonderful. I am trying to install Android now, but my computers activesync isn’t reading my phone (as windows 7 doesn’t use it). So, i’m trying to install the ROM upgrade and reset my phone to 6.5 so i can then install Android, but after i load leoimg.nbh onto my SD card and put it into my phone and start is with the VOLDOWN it doesnt kick into the ROM update. I’m lost!

      • Thanks for your reply! Ya I have get to the bar coloured screen like you described. I tried and retried a million times. I followed you instructions as well… just the leoimg.nbh seams to have no effect. Any ideas how to fix that… or another way to uninstall 7?

        • Did you see ‘Loading…’ after the bootloader (bar coloured screen)? Let go volume down key when you see it. ROM upgrade screen will be loaded.

          Note – make sure that leoimg.nbh file (and not RUU_signed.nbh) is in your SD card root.

  4. Ive tried this over and over and when it gets to loading screen it says ‘error code 0028002 not allow’. When i tied the first time it started to up update and was halfway through until it went back to the screen with the three colours and said upgrade rom failed, please try again. I renamed it to leoimg.nbh but on the top right cornor, it says RUUNBH.

  5. Thanks for all your help, my hd2 is unlocked, but I downloaded the Vodafone Rom and it installed without a problem. My hd2 working fine now with Android

  6. Hi Jayce,

    Thanks for the tip on removing Win7 on the HD2. I’ve followed every step you mentioned on going back to stock ROM to Win 6.5, but it’s stuck on step 9. The ‘loading’ screen never appeared and I’m lost on what to do. Trying to get Win7 off has been a pain and hope you can help.

    Thank you.

  7. Hi Jayce!

    there’s been a lot of hue and cry about having WP7 on HD2. is it really worth it? apart from being able to record 720p video, are there any other improvements over Android? your experienced and informed advice would be greatly appreciated. thanks!

  8. i tried to install custom cookie energy rom by sd card but it stops in loading.
    i have put the leoimg.nbh file in the sd card at root level.
    when i rebooted after removing sd card by pressing volume down it shows me the three red ,green &white band written in use code error please try again.
    but it stucks in loading after trying again.
    i tried to connect with usb cable but the computer doesnt detects the connection.
    please help as i am too much worried that i will lose my phone.

  9. Hi Jayce,

    I’ve had Android 2.2 on my HD2 for over a month and I was thrilled with all your videos, you do a great job.
    Now, for unimportant reasons, I have to go back to lame old Win Moble 6.5. I have downloaded the correct ROM from HTC website, opened the archive, copied and renamed leoimg.nbh on the desktop and then on the SD card. The phone reboots, loads the tri-color screen and doesn’t get to loading. It freezes before that.

    What can I do? Basically I would liko to erase all the steps I have taken to put Android (bootloader, everything) and revert to the original OS.

    Much thanks

    • Hmm… It should be loading just like the video guide. Do you put leoimg.nbh on SD card root level?

      Or you can try install Windows Mobile 6.5 through USB ActiveSync method. But this won’t remove HSPL3.

  10. Hi Jayce.. I followed your blog with ultimate interest…it seems that your NAND guide is very tempting..

    However, I am in need of WiMo due to some of my medical apps.
    But I’m running ANDROID from my SD…I love it too much that it is a waste that the SD version took up a lot of battery…

    What will you say a better option now?… I wanted to try the NAND but it will definitely take the WiMo out of the picture…. is the ANDROID on RAM a good thing?..will I encounter storage problem after that?

  11. with the R-G-B-W screen showing serial> connecting USB cable shows USB.
    active sync not working but the ROM Update utility works as usual.
    so there is no need to change the name to leoimg.nbh or to copy it to SDcard
    Original ROM ver 3.14/ India

  12. so i downloaded the android rom and it works beautiful but right now its not connecting to the internet and i called tmobile to change my data plan to android and they did. they said to wait two hours at most and it should work but i have a feeling its not since its been 30 mins. does this have anything to do with the android rom?

  13. hello, my hd2 stuck in the bootloader when i’m pressing volume down button, it shows only “serial”, i’ve already put ‘leoimg” inside the sd card…. whats the problem? please help me

  14. yes i’m using correct rom
    i forgot to open it with 7-Zip. i’v copied it directly
    & i love ur site……keep it up
    Thnx for reply.

  15. hi jayce
    im in a problem buddy
    iv opened it with 7 zip and rename it
    while following your instruction
    it shows loading
    and the lobding dissappears
    and again it shows the colour stripes
    plz help me to get back to 6.5
    iv downloaded correct rom for asia india.
    So plz help me…

  16. hello Jayce,
    well… i have the windows phone 7 on my hd2. I have to wait for the activation code from windows mobile to get it working properly (its Friday pass working time so…)
    i really think its nice i really like the look of it but i wanted to get all my old info on it and i cant seem to find the storage card on the wp 7.. little help please (a)
    so i had the backup on my storage card and i wanted to know how i can get the info on my phone back..

    uurghh!!This phone has given me so much troubles but i really love her… and wont stop giving her chances :p. this time i really think i am getting close to the perfect phone for me. what do you thinK of the wp7, id really like to know your thoughts on it. u ofcource are an expert 🙂

    • WP7 is pretty much ‘useless’ to me. It is too young and have less application that support it compere to Android and iOS. It don’t even have Chinese input. 🙁

      WP7 delete everything in SD card during installation. What do you want to get out from your SD card?

  17. hi

    i want to remove windows 7 from my hd2. but i have one problem my card shows only 199MB free space i tried to format it but still it shows same space?

  18. Can i install android gingerbread along with win mobile 7 on htc hd2. also the active sync 4.5 is not working with win m 7. is there any other sync application.

  19. can i download the original win mobile 6.5 of T-mobile leo htc hd2? i yes from where?. i actually forget to make backup. so i lost it.

  20. hi! i made the mistake of installing windows phone 7 on my htc hd2, when i try to reinstall it and get to starting the boot loader i have a problem,the instructions say to hold the volume down button until i see “loading” but i never see it, any idea why? any help would be greatly appreciated!

  21. I installed windows 6.5 from windows 7 and now after installing windows 6.5 using usb methood, am not able to install android… helppppp…

  22. Hi Jayce,

    Not sure where to post this question, so forgive me if this is not quite right!
    I have DFT LEO MAGLDR Bootloader v1.13 for HTC HD2 on my HD2, and had then installed Windows Mobile 7, decided I didn’t like Windows Mobile 7, and the went back to Android following the above instructions.
    This Android version works great for me.
    However I now notice when powering on and going into the MAGLDR menu and then selecting AD Recovery I get the following message…. “No boot sources” in red.
    Everything else is working fine, just can’t get into AD Recovery.
    Is there any way I could recover this situation?

    Thanks again,


  23. Error Description: USB init failed
    Info: .\RSPL\RSPL.cpp (723)
    ? what now i installed hspl4 and the custom radio rom from wp7 and i want to install android

  24. hey jayce…
    i installed cm7 as per mentioned steps… but i dont get why m not able access my ext3 partition which i created at the time of installation..

  25. Hi,I downloaded the window phone 7 to my HTC HD2 and then went back to the window mobile 6.5.

    but after I uninstalled it,I can’t install the android gingerbread.which is strange because before the windows phone I used to use android Froyo. Please advise.

  26. to get back from wp7 to HD2 default,
    follow from tri color,
    connect phone to vista and run any hd2 rom from pc, follow the instruction. ,
    better keep you sd card out while doing it.
    for sd card recovery, do clean it wit partition disk, as linked above the post.and don’t delete entire sd card but select desk 2= sd card and remove partition, then apply and done. go back to my computer consul and right click on sd card, click format it works fine for me,
    this works 100 % for me. already bye bye wp7 and HD2 6.5 on board again.

  27. hello,
    after i followed ur steps i got an error at 10% while updating the stock rom,
    error code 00018003
    LEOIMG.nbh -FAIL
    RADIO_V2 – RSA Fail

  28. hi, if i wanna back to windows 6.5, is the content saved like pictures, office files will be gone. so that i have to make backup

  29. Hey Jayce,

    Now i’m in a bit of a pickle. I’ve recently bought this HTC HD2 from a friend who instaled Android OS through MAGLDR (i’m sure because that’s what loaded at start).

    Now weirdly enough, as i was playing though the settings, i decided to use the “Unmount” option in the SD Card menu and clear the data on it. The phone froze, so i removed the battery.

    Now the phone wont boot anymore, and is stuck at the logo. So i decided to remove all this and go back to the original OS (windows mobile 6.5). Since i can’t use the PC because it’s not reading my phone fast enough (keeps on rebooting), i decided to use your technique of puting the RUU_signed.nbh and name it to Leoimg.nbh.

    Sadly that didn’t work, and now my phone is stuck to another screen “Sofftware update failed”. Could it be because it’s not the right Rom? I used the international one (because i’m in Lebanon). Any way you can tell which ROM is the right one for my phone?

    At the RGBW screen, it says

    SPL-3.03.0000 XE
    MicroP (LED) 0x05
    MicroP (TOUCH) 0x30

    Could anyone help me? I have no other alternative to use my number.

  30. Hi. When I tried to get back to the windows phone 6.5 from hand android I got the upgrade rom code error (0028002) I couldn’t continue and need your help to get back to windows. thanks. I followed everything as shown in the video

  31. I have an htc verizon model no. whit100 {pocket pc} which’s OS is windows 6.5. pls how can i install Android on it ???

  32. Sir,i was having android gingerbread 2.3.5 and windows 7 on my htc hd 2 .But something went wrong and my android stopped working and now i am having windows 7 on my cell which is also not properly working and is show low space .PLEASE tell me how can i install a new version of android or else is their any other better compatible version of android .

  33. Hi Jay,

    I have installed WM7 in my HTC HD2 , rechristened it as HTC LEO. I have followed your instruction during tjis transition.

    But I am not gettign connected to my PC thru USB or signed for any updates.I am beign blocked.

    Hence I want to install Android in my HTC HD2 from WM7.

    Tell me the steps to do it and suggest me the best Android OS for HTC HD2

  34. hi please i need your help i just install window mobile 7 on my htc hd2 T-mobile leo , am finding it difficult to update the windows

    …i keep getting this error code 800705B4 each time i try i was ask to go to aplication delete history of explorer, maps. search and some image all this

    i did still the error never left what else can i do now?

    and also i can sign in into window live id they keep telling me am not activated or somthing

  35. I was able to resolve the problem by going back to winmo 6.5, but how do i make my phone windows 7 or get thr lates android?

  36. hi jayce

    i did all the steps till number 9 but that “loading” dosent appear when i go into bootloader mod, i just see a white flash then it nothing happens then the bootloader comes again……have no clue y, i did everything u mentioned to do..


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