How to restore Kindle Fire with TWRP 2.0? (Video)

Facing lot of application force close issue? Want to retrieve deleted applications and data back? Then it’s time to restore Amazon Kindle Fire with backup. Of course, you need to have a backup Kindle Fire with TWRP 2.0 first in order to do a full system restores. You can select the partitions like system, data, boot, recovery, cache and .android_secure that you prefer to restore in TWRP 2.0 Recovery. Personally, I will restore all of them. Enable MD5 checking of backup files if you wish too. Okay, follow below step by step video guide to make full system restore of your Kindle Fire.

Step by Step Guide

  1. First of all, make sure that there is backup package in Kindle Fire SDCARD\TWRP\BACKUPS\0000000000000000 folder.
  2. Power on Kindle Fire.
  3. Press power button until you get orange colour power light.
  4. TWRP 2.0 Recovery will be loaded then.
  5. Select Restore.
  6. Select the restore package that you want.
  7. Check all the partitions that you wish to restore.
  8. Check Enable MD5 checking of backup files if you wish too.
  9. Select Restore now then.
  10. Click on Main Menu after restore successfully.
  11. Select Reboot then System.
  12. That’s it.

As you can see from the video tutorial, I managed to restore CM7 Android ROM from Kindle Fire stock ROM. Make use of TWRP 2.0 Recovery Nandroid backup / restore feature. You can try out lot of custom Android ROM on Kindle Fire without losing any applications, data and settings. Enjoy…


  1. Hi, Jayce I am trying with all your steps but when my Kindle going to Normal reboot is stucked on the Kindle Fire starting screen, Probbably I accidentally erase some archives under the recovery mode , is that possible? How can I put the into the kindle on recovery mode? if my computer doesn’t see the Kindle, the only way to send orders to the kindle is with the utility tool V.7.
    I really appreciatte your help.

  2. Hi..I’m having a lot of trouble trying to restore my kindle fire after it became bricked (stuck on FireFireFire logo) while rebooting when I tried installing android 4.0. I’ve tried Unbrick Utility and I’ve tried using Kindle Fire Utility to reboot in normal mode, but none of it seems to do anything except let me get to the TWRP recovery menu. I can’t transfer the file to my kindle..It doesn’t show up on my computer as a removable disc (usb mass storage, etc.) it just shows up in device manager as an android phone (Android Phone-> Android composite ABD Interface) AND kindle (Portable devices-> G:/> properties> device description: kindle) at the same time. I really hope you can help somehow…I’m so sorry for bothering you, but I need help ASAP

  3. Hello

    I recently wipe everything from my kindle fire. What can I do to restore it? I can mount it through TWRP, and transfer files this way. Please help.

  4. Jayce,

    I lost my rooted KF password and after several days of frustration decided to restore to factory default. After reboot, I got TWRP menu (v2.0.0). I followed your video instructions and upon Reboot only come up with TWRP menu again (not KF).

    Also, I attempted to connect to PC to sideload and not a single machine detects my KF. Am I hosed?


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