How to root Kindle Fire with BurritoRoot? (Video)

How to root Amazon Kindle Fire? You can use SuperOneClick to root Kindle Fire. But it is workable on software update 6.2 and below only. Thanks to BurritoRoot from XDA Developer, jcase. We can root Kindle Fire on software update 6.2.1 with BurritoRoot. BurritoRoot is an application that allows the android debug bridge (adb) to be ran as root simply by running the command ‘adb root’. It supports software update 6.1, 6.2 and 6.2.1 for the moment (6.0 is not supported). You can root Kindle Fire with BurritoRoot manually. Or the simplest way ~ uses Kindle Fire Utility to root Kindle Fire. It will install SuperUser App for you too in automated way. Just follow below step by step guide…


  • Kindle Fire adb USB driver
  • Kindle Fire Utility

First of all, you need to have Kindle Fire adb USB driver installed. Else Kindle Fire Utility can’t talk to Kindle Fire from PC. Follow this guide to do so ~ How to install Kindle Fire adb USB driver? (Video) And download Kindle Fire Utility.

Step by Step Guide

  1. Connect USB cable to Kindle Fire.
  2. At PC, go to Kindle Fire Utility folder.
  3. Click on run.bat.
  4. Select 3. Install Permanent Root with SuperUser then hit Enter.
  5. Kindle Fire Utility will root Kindle Fire with BurritoRoot method for you.
  6. Kindle Fire will be rebooted after rooted.
  7. Unplug USB cable
  8. That’s all.

You should see BurritoRoot and SuperUser apps if successfully rooted Kindle Fire.


  1. I am on the final steps of Burrito Root don’t know where to put the last commands on command prompts. it says adb not recognized .I have been working on this since friday and finaly did it with your steps. I don’t know what I did. Iam not that computer savvy when it comes to command prompt.But You ROCK.

  2. Hello Jayce,

    i have trouble with the android market. When i want do download something from the market then the market-app say an error is due downloading happen. And after that i see that the app is notefited in “my apps” without any status.
    Can it be that i must register an another Android-device to the google-account?

    • Please consult Kindle Fire Utility developer with your issue. Not sure how the installation process with KFU. Or you can try my method to install Android Market.

  3. Jayce,

    Thanks for your great work on this. Been rooting/modding my phone for 18 months or so, so not a total noob, and I think KFU is one of the great android utilities I’ve come across. I have a problem, though.

    Rooted my daughter’s KFire w/ KFU for her and it was a breeze. Got Burrito icon, got Superuser icon, messed around with it a little, and all was good. We were having an issue loading the Android market (we hadn’t discovered your guide yet) and decided to start from scratch by unistalling all the “gapps” apks we’d loaded. Unfortunately, she accidentally uninstalled Superuser and Burrito as well. No problem — I ran KFU again to root and load Superuser (which I probably didn’t need to do in retrospect), then loaded TWRP (which we hadn’t done the first time), but it Yellow Triangled and stuck. Wouldn’t recognize device, and the driver was gone. No problem — one of your commenters got me out of it and I was able to reinstall the proper driver. KFire is working again.

    However, since I didn’t see the Superuser icon this time, I ran KFU again (“3” option w/ Superuser), but after reboot, there’s still no Superuser icon and no Superuser app that I can detect. KFU status says I’m rooted, I can boot into TWRP, I just don’t have a Superuser icon, nor have I gotten the familiar “asking for Superuser privileges” message when running certain utilities (though that might not happen on kindle like it does on my phone).

    Should I just dl a separate superuser apk and install it, or am I asking for trouble, since KFU should’ve installed it? Should I unroot and re-root (I’ll need a re-root guide)? Should I flash back to stock and start over? Please advise.


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