HTC One X 3G signal test (vs Samsung Galaxy S2)

Several users reported poor 3G signal on their HTC One X no matter on which Malaysia telco like Celcom, Maxis and DiGi. And sometime even face no signal as the worst case… I am having weak 3G signal on my HTC One X as well. Not surprise after discovered poor HTC One X antenna reception. So I made a comparison between HTC One X and Samsung Galaxy S II. Tested on Celcom 3G network. Both set to use WCDMA only in Network mode. How is HTC One X 3G signal? Let’s find out…

Hmm… My HTC One X does have weaker 3G signal compare to Samsung Galaxy S2. How about your HTC One X?


  1. Hi Jayce, first of all, I want to say thanks for great job running your web site. I’m visiting your blog about 2 times per day, waiting for new posts.. 🙂
    Thanks for all great tests you’ve made on htc one x, ’cause I’m planning to buy it soon as it comes here in Serbia, at my service provider. (it should be here in few days from now)
    Currently, I have HD2, and I thing it’s time for a new phone, but these tests you’ve made, are killing me. I was expecting much more from one x, and now, I’m in dilemma.. :/
    To buy or not to buy, the question is now? 🙂

  2. I was also from malaysia, so i know d reason y u compare like this, thanks alot,
    another question, do u test between galaxy note and galaxy sII?

  3. This is a bit concerning. I recently ordered the AT&T One X with LTE. I’ll be on 3G most of the time. I live in a rural area with okay service. It really suffers in large buildings. I have a iPhone 4 that does a decent job. Can I expect the One X to offer poorer performance compared to the iPhone?


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