HTC One X antenna reception test

Err… Why my HTC One X has poor reception / signal? Hey HTC One X user, you’re holding it wrong! So you will have poor reception. Just like iPhone 4, HTC One X has antennagate (death grip) issue too. Check out below HTC One X antenna reception test video to find out more…

I tested HTC One X antenna reception with Network Signal Info App on Celcom 3G network. Force it to use WCDMA only in Network mode. So that it won’t turn into GSM network when reception is poor. As you can see in the video, HTC One X does suffer from antennagate issue. Signal drops 2 bars when holding it ‘wrong’ with left hand. No issue when holding with right hand though…

HTC, where is my FREE HTC One X Hard Shell HC C700 Clear to solve this death grip issue?


  1. just information..
    some of my friends want to buy this hp ..
    but I do not recommend as there are some real problem..
    i waiting n follow u to test this hp..
    and now i know..

  2. hello jayce..
    one of my friend buy HTC One X..
    and after test for Network Signal Info..
    my friend result same with you too..
    very poor signal..

  3. My wife having same issue.
    Not only this but also GPS…3rd party GPS like X5 can’t b used.

    There is only one way to boost signal at this moment …Fresh Network…
    I found this for her but help little loh…able to boost 2 bars.

    Any ideas, I would like to hear more.
    Thanks for info mate.


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