Official HTC Statement: HTC One X is normal to overheat

If the phone is in normal use without playing games or calling for long time, the temperature should be around 37°C or 38°C. But if you use your phone to play games or surfing internet for a long time, it will be normal that the temperature rises to around 55°C.“, official statement from HTC.

I was worried after discovered my HTC One X is overheating up to 53.5 °C. Consulted HTC Support. Was asked to do a battery test. And found out that my HTC One X battery is performing well. So I double confirm with HTC Support again. And got the statement as above.

Is HTC One X overheating an issue? Look like this is not an issue at all based on HTC statement. As you can see in the video, HTC One X temperature can easily go up to 50 °C after 10 minutes of playing NVIDIA Glowball Demo (from 33.5 °C at standby mode). And hover around 54 °C after 15 minutes. Wow… Can you imagine how hot when you touch the screen and hold the phone at 54 °C?

Hardcore gamers and Internet surfers, do take note on this. HTC One X is hotter than you thought.


  1. guess HTC should think that in the middle of the game if you received a phone call. Also the reason it is called overheating is because the other phones normally dont. Guess they covered up that well.

  2. my one X get real heat (> 50°C) when taking video 5-10 minute straight.. what is yours ? some time when open the camera to snap a photo it’s easily jump to 45.. is this consider normal?

  3. After 1.28 its update the phone temp seems to be lower but still hot. batt life seems exactly same tho….but at least streaming video is ok. no more gray screen overlays. will do a battery test once the batt charges to full. I live in singapore

  4. I have that same problem, its overheating when I open games like for ex. Temple run its so fast to get overheat. Its annoying when you hold the device.

  5. hot means the battery is low efficiency. Energy lost through heat during energy form conversion. Much energy waste even before reaching processor. The overheated battery may shorten the battery life and affect other components which each has working temperature range. This may cause by poor material of battery, poor contact and circuit design or overload. It not normal but engineering design failure. Check if it happen when charging or talking.

  6. I think the biggest problem is the very poor power management en and power hungry tegra 3 CPU. This CPU is on the top side of the phone above the battery. the CPU may reach temps of up to 95 degrees. If you think logical, this means that the space in the phone will heat up to the same temperature in seconds. This means the battery is heating up not only by usage but also the heat the tegra 3 CPU is producing.

    In short terms this means the battery will drain super fast due to the lack of good power management of the Tegra 3 and on the other hand it looses extra power due to temperature rising.

    Putting the one X on a plastic bag filled with water will keep the battery temp to around 40 degrees even on full load. But this can only be used while watching a movie… with playing a game you need to hold the phone.


    I think the main problem is the tegra 3 CPU. it has a 5th core, but this core is only used when not using the phone. as soon as you visit a webpage or typing a message the CPU wil throttle to full speed (between 1000 and 1500mhz)and uses approx 25 to 100% CPU load. With 50% cpu load on 1200 mhz the battery will heat up to approx 54 degrees. When on full load 1500 mhz with 90 ~ 100% the battery will reach a temp of 64 degrees. on this temp you wont be able to touch the screen anymore without burning your fingers. also the battery will start damaging at about 48 degrees.

    So you probably use the one X only for light use. it sure is not made to play 3d games!

  7. Right ! if playing games have the power save on !, just played real racing 3 on my 42″ tv with hdmi over an hour and a case on , my htc one x gets warm but no over heat, give it a try power save on work for me no overheat…

      • Normal??? Are you serious?

        FYI this 62-65 °C in CELCIUS it’s about 149 degrees in FAHRENHEIT.

        You can boil water at +10 degrees more on high places, you know?

        • Yes, mrtnb. My unit able to reach 70 °C and auto shutdown after that. Sent to HTC for service and they said it is NORMAL.

          So I made a conclusion – not to buy HTC product anymore.

          • Same here. This was 4th HTC phone and the will be the last one. I sent my device to HTC’s official service here and they ruined my phone after changing. They denied their mistake so I sued them in court.


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