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PROBOX2 Air Plus 20170603 Firmware Update

Great news to all PROBOX2 Air Plus users. There is an OTA update on your TV Box. Actually, there was one before this latest 20170603 firmware. That one has system optimization and some minor bugs fixed 20170523. Same apply to this one. Yes, PROBOX2 team is giving out their best on continuously support and improve PROBOX2 Air Plus no doubt. There are 2 methods to install the latest firmware – OTA and TF Card. Just pick the one that suit you most.

HiMedia Q10 Pro Android 7 HMD-2.0.3 2017-04-13.093025

Here comes another firmware update for HiMedia Q10 Pro Android TV box. Android 7 HMD-2.0.3 2017-04-13.093025 is the. Android 5 version was released weeks ago by the way. As usual, new firmware fixed some issues, has some improvements and added some new stuffs. And the major addition in this update – wallposter function. There is ‘Optimized WI-FI stability and increased WI-FI speed’ too which caught eyes. Will do some test later to find out…

WeTek Hub Stock ROM

WeTek Hub is a solid and well performed Android TV Box. And it is highly maintained by WeTek support too. Therefore, there are several WeOS ROM available for you to download then. Or you can upgrade through Over-the-air programming (OTA) method too. Anyway, original firmware is used to downgrade or change back from custom ROM. Else OTA upgrade should fit the bill for most users out there. For example, if you don’t like WeOS v2.0.1 due to slow performance, you can always downgrade back to WeOS v1.0.2. That’s it. So far, there are 6 official ROM for Android 5.0 Lollipop. Android 6 Marshmallow is here too with latest Kodi 17 and support Netflix 4K…

HiMedia Q10 Pro Android 7 HMD-2.0.1 2017-01-10.164949

Thanks HiMedia for great support. Yup, here is the latest Android 7.0 firmware for HiMedia Q10 Pro – HMD-2.0.1 2017-01-10.164949 for you to download and install. As usual, new firmware fixed some issues, has some improvements and added some new stuffs. It might not solve all the previously reported issues but HiMedia is working there to fix them. The last HiMedia Q10 Pro Android 7 firmware is based on November. So HiMedia took 2 months to come out a new one. If Android 7 is not your cup of tea, you can always downgrade to Android 5.1 firmware. Yes, HiMedia continues to support both firmwares on HiMedia Q10 Pro and Q5 Pro. Isn’t that great?

T95K Pro Stock Firmware

Where to download T95K Pro stock firmware? This might be the question after installed T95K Pro Superceleron ROM. No worry, there is original ROM for Sunvell T95K Pro with Android 6.0.1 – build number T5KP0006 for you to download. Yup, that’s the stock firmware that comes along with the Android TV Box. As usual, it should work on other brand T95K Pro as well especially those you find at Amazon.


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