WeOS 2.0.2 for WeTek Play 2 & Hub

I have no doubt of WeTek continuously support. Yes, the latest WeOS 2.0.2 update is available for WeTek Play 2 and WeTek Hub. WeTek Core will get it later… Well, this WeOS 2.0.2 update is mainly for bugs fixes and system’s improvement too. As usual, just go to WeUpdate app from My Apps. Then select “On-line Update” to get the latest update. For those getting “Sorry, we are having some issues at the moment. Please try again later”, you can always download WeOS 2.0.2 package and install it manually.

WeTek Play 2 Changelog

  • We review some occasional issues when navigating the WeOS Launcher
  • Improved stability for selected streaming apps
  • Fixed a no audio issue with some DVB channels in WeTV
  • Fixed occasional image flickering on channel zapping in WeTV
  • Fixed an issue that would cause loss of signal in WeTV after OTA
  • Bug fix for missing PIN request for locked channels in WeTV
  • Doubled EPG info at DVB-C channels in WeTV has been fixed
  • Bug fix for not detecting satellite input in WeTV
  • Fixed ATSC Signal quality and strength values in WeTV
  • Fixed an issue in which Timeshift and PVR would stop after 10 seconds in WeTV
  • EPG for ATSC channels in WeTV is now displaying correctly
  • Various fixes on WeTV core DVB middleware

WeTek Hub Changelog

  • WeOS Launcher bug fixes
  • Bug fix for some streaming apps
  • Various fixes regarding system’s performance and stability.

More information can be found at WeTek Forum – WeTek Play 2 link & WeTek Hub link.


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