Download Co0kie’s Home Tab, CHTEditor, CHT language pack and Addon Widgets v2.0.0 Final

Finally, the latest and greatest Co0kie’s Home Tab is back. Getting its final released on v2.0.0 (beta since 26 September 2010). There are addon widgets and user manual on this release. It is a must install for HTC Sense 2.5 lover on Windows Mobile 6.5 or later…

Co0kie’s Home Tab v2.0.0 Final

Current stage indicators
HD Mini Lockscreen

Do read Co0kie’s Home Tab user manual to know it better. And get more juice from it.

Download Co0kie’s Home Tab Series v2.0.0 Final

  • Co0kie HomeTab v2.0.0 here
  • CHT Editor v2.0.0.0 here
  • CHT v2.0.0 UserManual here
  • CHT v2.0.0 LanguagePack R2 here
  • CHT v2.0.0 Addon here


  1. Hi Jayce,
    I would like to lock the phone with “pin code” but i have already installed CHT 2.0 and used lockscreen. Based on the manual. the CHT lockscreen does not support ” pin code ” or ” passward”. Do you know any way to lock the phone if I am using the “lockscreen” of CHT 2.0 ?

    Please help
    Thanks a lot =)

  2. i instaled it, but i dont like that it replaces the original HD2 tab, the one bellow, with the albums, internet, settings, mail, messages, phone how can i get it back in the home display?

  3. i have instal the languarg pack, but when i open my chteditor v 2 and try to change the languarg to danish…..but there are noo danish why, i would belive that the languarg pack also is in danish.
    what do i doo wrong


  4. how do i get danish languarg on the chteditor then.. i can se that there is a file there refere to danish?
    i will belive that the filname “0CAB1BCF.010” in the languarg pack R3 is the danish fil.

    if you cane doo somthing it would be great, then i think that i can up my phone correct.

  5. Hi!

    wich theme is this windows skin on this screenshoots…and this bar line for battery, signal and clock at the top of the phone screen???…is this a part of rom upgrade or just theme

    …and where can i run this ”Current stage indicators” windows that u show on screenshoot 2

    wr, tadej


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