How to install & use Chainfire3D on Kindle Fire?

Chainfire3D is a must installed add-on for 3D gamer on Android devices. With Chainfire3D, you can enjoy 3D games that optimised for Tegra 2 THD and Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset on Amazon Kindle Fire that is using PowerVR SGX540 GPU. Therefore, you are not limited to PowerVR 3D games on Kindle Fire from now on. Example, you can play Tegra 2 optimised 3D games like Galaxy on Fire 2 THD…


  • Root access

Chainfire3D requires root access on Kindle Fire to install its intermediary OpenGL driver. Please refer to this guide to root Kindle Fire – How to root Kindle Fire with BurritoRoot? (Video). By the way, it is advisable to have TWRP 2.0 Recovery installed on Kindle Fire too. Make a full system backup before install Chainfire3D. I tried Chainfire3D on both stock Amazon software and CM7 ROM. Working great…

Install CF3D driver on Kindle Fire

Step by Step Installation Guide

  1. Install Chainfire3D from Android Market here.
  2. Download here and here.
  3. Put these plugin zip files at sdcard.
  4. Launch Chainfire3D.
  5. Allow Superuser Request access when prompted.
  6. Select CF3D driver ~ Install / upgrade / install CF3D driver.
  7. Then select Install ~ Install CF3D driver and reboot.
  8. After Kindle Fire rebooted, select Install plugins / shaders ~ Install plugins and shaders from sdcard.
  9. It will scan sdcard for and plugins.
  10. Select each of them to install.
  11. That’s all.
ZIP install complete!

How to use Chainfire3D on Kindle Fire?

  1. Launch Chainfire3D.
  2. Select Default OpenGL settings ~ Configure default OpenGL settings.
  3. Go to Use plugin ~ Load a plugin.
  4. Select NVIDIA for Tegra games, or QUALCOMM.
  5. Exit Chainfire3D.
  6. Launch the games that you want.
  7. That’s all.

Too bad that Kindle Fire PowerVR SGX540 GPU can’t support Chainfire3D Pro MSAA feature even on 4x MSAA mode. So don’t bother get Chainfire3D Pro unless you need to use its other pro features. Enjoy Tegra and Snapdragon games on your Kindle Fire…


  1. How can I Allow Superuser Request access when prompted?

    I’m getting the same error all the time after clicking Install: “Could not write to /system”

    Thanks in advance for your answer


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