How to test HTC One X hardware functions?

Want a perfect working HTC One X? Yup, several HTC One X owners reported that their HTC One X has hardware issues. So be sure to test all HTC One X hardware functions before pay for it. Like other HTC smartphones, HTC One X includes HTC Function Test application to test important functions like audio, backlight, Bluetooth, button, charger, flashlight, G-sensor, headset, LED, light-sensor, line drawing (touchscreen), P-sensor, camera, vibrator, Wi-Fi, battery, AGPS, live call and NFC. Besides, you can check device, hardware and software information with it. Factory data reset and safe mode are included too.

HTC Function Test

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How to test HTC One X hardware functions?
Go to Phone. Dial in *#*#3424#*#*. HTC Function Test application will be loaded then. Take your time to test all of them.


  1. Hi bro, i dont know why my stock launcher cant add the gmail widget to it. It will only shows loading and the screen go back like before. What do you think?

    Thank in advance.

    p/s: glad to know that you also got the HOX. Been following your blog since the legendary HD2.

  2. Affter I did the factory reset from the bootloader then everything going fine again. However I did not know that after thhard reset everything in the internal memory got wiped… Poor me huhuhu..

  3. sorry for this random question, but any ideas why my swype keyboard likes to get squished (narrowed) to the center after a few uses? usually, i’d have to switch to a different keyboard then back to get it back to its full size.

  4. I’ve got issues with my one x heating up but I watched your video on the test you done and read the reply that you got from HTC… Do you know if that is a firmware issue that the phone is heating up like that and also my phone has randomly reset its self. Do you know what the issues might be cause I’ve heard that it might do that if the phone over heats

  5. I am experiencing WIFI issues.
    I can’t get my Wifi scanning for nodes, although my WIFI is turned-ON(Settings). The logo is not displayed on the top-bar.

  6. When I performed the battery test. There was 72% remaining on my phone but there have been others that are reporting that they still have close to 80% after the test. Btw i’ve already updated to 1.28.707.10

  7. Hello there. I tried your battery test but my phone won’t go past 30minutes mid-way the test. Is there something wrong with my battery?

  8. My HTC One X keeps going into airplane mode all by itself… leading to loss of connectivity. I have to restart for it to go into OFF mode. The airplane mode then comes back on after a few moments. Its frustrating. Any fixes out there?

  9. Hi,

    Since i have update to Jelly Bean 4.1.1 orignal rom for HTC for HOX, the *#*#3424#*#* = HTC Function Test program doesn’t work anymore
    This not the HTC Function Test v3.01.01g anymore but i have HTC Function Test v4.01.01g, is there a different code to access this new version?


  10. my HTC one x is heating upto 42 degrees and my battery ruins after using 10 mins its starting heating. so please tell me how to reduce problem
    Thanks in advance

  11. dear Jayce Ooi
    my HTC one X – G SENSOR has problem.
    befor i restarted it to factory reset , also i have flashed it and also calibraed its g sensor several times , but nothing was happened.
    please help me.
    thanks a lot.


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