No more ICS menu icon in Riptide GP on HTC One X

I hate 3 dots Menu soft button issue on HTC One X. And coming Samsung Galaxy S III (if have physical Home button) might facing the same issue too. Luckily, more and more developers are starting to fix this issue by hiding ICS menu icon. So you can enjoy applications and games in real full screen mode on HTC One X.

No more ICS menu icon in Riptide GP on HTC One X

Yeah… Vector Unit updated Riptide GP to hide ICS menu icon. I can enjoy Riptide GP on my HTC One X without touching the 3 dots Menu soft button anymore when wants to turbo. Hopefully, all the developers can update their games and applications to support this ~ hide ICS menu icon as soon as possible.


  1. when i play riptude gp on my one x everytime its stops and messages appears that stoppes unxeptedly…tried different setups bt none of them worked…….now what to do ?


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