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Get 2 years warranty for HTC Smartphones in Malaysia

One of my favourite smartphone companies ~ Samsung Malaysia does not provide 2 years warranty anymore. But luckily HTC Malaysia still offer 2 years warranty (1 + 1 year extended warranty) for all HTC Smartphones like the latest HTC One X and HTC One V. Besides extra 1 year extended warranty, HTC Malaysia is offering One to One Exchange for the first year on HTC One X and HTC One V now. A great news for all HTC Fans…

1 + 1 year extended warranty for HTC One X

No more ICS menu icon in Riptide GP on HTC One X

I hate 3 dots Menu soft button issue on HTC One X. And coming Samsung Galaxy S III (if have physical Home button) might facing the same issue too. Luckily, more and more developers are starting to fix this issue by hiding ICS menu icon. So you can enjoy applications and games in real full screen mode on HTC One X.

No more ICS menu icon in Riptide GP on HTC One X

How to remove bloatware on HTC One X?

Why there are bloatwares on my HTC One X? Yes, this is the question you will ask after upgraded HTC One X system update 1.28.707.10. You will find bloatware like AMPed 2.0, deF!ND, Mobile TV, My SingTel, SingTel IDEAS and Starhub MUSIC there. No worry, just reboot your HTC One X. And these bloatware will be gone forever…

How to hard reset HTC One X?

Always face system not responsive issue on your HTC One X? HTC One X lags a lot no matter in which applications or games? Want to pass HTC One X to other? Maybe it’s time to hard reset HTC One X. This factory reset should help to fix those persistent problems that cannot be solved.

Note – Hard reset HTC One X will delete everything including all applications, games, user data, settings and others. Do backup all important data first before perform factory reset HTC One X.

Factory data reset HTC One X

How to force restart HTC One X?

How to force restart HTC One X? Yes, that is the question you will ask when HTC One X does not have a removable battery. You can’t remove battery and restart it when HTC One X is not responding. Touch the screen or press the buttons won’t help to solve the hang issue. Luckily, HTC has a solution for us…

Force restart HTC One X


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