Top 5 NAND Android A2SD+ Zip ROMs for HTC HD2

NAND Android with ClockworkMod Recovery and A2SD+ is the best Android ROM for HTC HD2. NAND Android is better than SD card Android because it uses less battery power and noticeable faster. ClockworkMod Recovery eases to restore and backup while A2SD+ solves less internal storage issue on HTC HD2 by installing applications on SD card. CyanogenMod 7, Stock MIUI, HTC Desire HD and HTC Desire builds, pick you that you love…

TyphooN CyanogenMod 7 NAND A2SD Zip
TyphooN CyanogenMod 7

Stock MIUI
CoreDroid DHD NAND A2SD Zip
CoreDroid DHD
skink Clean Desire NAND A2SD Zip
skink Clean Desire

SD card partition guide ~ How to create ext3 partition on SD card with ClockworkMod Recovery?

Installation guide ~ How to Install NAND Android on HTC HD2 with ClockworkMod Recovery? (Video)

There guides will help you to get started. Enjoy…

  • reng

    hey jay, I’ve been trying out different roms other than the jdms build but majority of them still seems kind of buggy. do you know any gingerbread NAND builds that are stable for the hd2? kind of want to try running 2.3 but don’t want to constantly switch roms i keep finding myself going back to the jdms build, but i want something different and just as stable. thanks =)

    • Hmm… I don’t think that we have a very stable Gingerbread builds yet.

      • reng

        how about any other stable roms running froyo other than jdms, and the desire z

        • Don’t know. JDMS Ultimate is the best ROM for me. πŸ˜‰

          • reng

            lol same here, to install swype do i just download the file and drag into the android folder of my sd card? then install it on the phone?

          • hi how to install android os 2.2 in htc hd2
            plz send me email

            • Please follow the installation guide in the post. Look for it. πŸ™‚

    • The most stable and indeed FASTEST Gingerbread ROM for HD2 is the HyperDroid GBX. Currently in version 5.0.

      I’ve been using it since release and are very very happy about it. Everything is working.

      The only problem I can find is that it’s not fully multilanguage. I still see some english menus after changing to Norwegian language.

      And as it’s Android 2.3.x, there is no support to use HTC Sync.

      But WOW how fast, how snappy it is. HIGHLY recommended.

      • reng

        Thank you very much, you’re a great help

  • Marshall Loo

    Hey, Jayce. I am undecided, as to which NAND Android build to try. I am running Android from my sd card now.
    Which build is most stable with least bugs? I know this is asking for too much. Haha.
    Anything close to perfection?

  • zubair


    I m having issue while logging into the google account as it asks for password and after waiting the screen goes black. But the Rom works fine.

    I am using the dl-desire z Rom + A2SD Rom.

    I cant install applications as I cant login to market due to the Google account issue.

    Please help…….

    • Do you have issue to login into Android Market on other Android ROM?

      • zubair

        No, now I am using the core Droid +A2SD Rom and it is ok but I can’t watch videos on the browser and on youtube. It always takes me to the home screen

        • zubair

          Dear Jayce,

          i have investigated more and found out that my phones adobe flash 10.1 is facing error.
          Even when i go to applications in Settings to delete Adobe flash, its not allowing me to delete it and the size is also showing 0B

          Please reply soon

          • Try to update to the latest version of Flash from Android Market.

  • Gabriel

    Hi jayce,
    thanks for your useful recommended upgrading to android nand 2.2 instead of gingerbread.
    initially i’m intents to have gingerbread 2.3,unfortunately i failed that process.
    And what you’ve suggested to me on 2.2..finally its awesome with it,however the steps was kinda of complicated.
    Furthermore,i have couple of question for you,
    1.currently i’m having DFT LEO NAND ANDROID 2.2,But every time the phone shut off due to out of
    batt,the phone can’t switch on when i plug in the charger unless i reinsert the batt again.
    Is this a weird occurs?
    2.The batt was burning off very quickly,the previous wm 6.5 was not that bad.With this software,it flat up totally with only a few calls and stay with stand by mode,yet,receiving some mails.isn’t my batt has gone prob or this software originally consumes lots of batt life?

    basically what i wanna know from you was these question,and i’ll appreciate your kind respond.

    • 1. This is a known issue.

      2. I don’t have battery issue with JDMS Ultimate build. I can use it for a day. But that’s depend on your usage. FYI, 3G Internet eats lot of battery.

  • Murray

    Hi Jayce

    Thanks firstly for a brilliant website. I am new at rooting the HD2 and with your reviews etc I have now installed 1 NAND version and two A2SD+ versions.

    My question is this: Essentially I am a business ie I need real speed on my phone. I also need space on internal memory, hence moving to A2SD+. My first A2SD+ was Typhoon 1.6a (reviewed above). This was very fast but had too many settings (even for me) and the music players lost all my songs after a restart so I moved to RAFDROID as reviewed above but found their latest version on which has muddled me even further because there are so many options. Even their latest version is very slow.

    How do I find a build that suits me perfectly, ie fast, plenty of space for internal memory and preferably with HTC Sense (but not essential) and that works. I have scoured the net and you, androidforum and XDA seem to be the only guys worth looking at but there are almost no reviews and the ones I have found are a month or two out of date.

    Kind regards

  • Murray

    Thanks Jayce

    Just to be sure – this Dark Tremor – I understand that I can install a NAND build then run the Dark Tremor app and it will allow me to use internal memory on the SD card?

    I currently have a 16GB sd card with a 2.5GB etx3 partition and a 12.5GB FAT32 partition. Will this work or will i have to re-partition it?

    • Applications will install at EXT partition instead of internal storage. And it should work.

  • Monit

    Will my camera quality go bad if i shift from windows 6.5 to Andriod?

    • That’s depend on the Android ROM that you are using. Some builds are better than others.

  • jim

    Hey Jay thanks a million, WE all appreciate your time and efforts.
    I dont know if this is how the Jaws Miui Rom is suppose to work and wanted to find out. When i reboot or power off the phone will pull info from the SD card to load the rom.. is this how it suppose to work? I assume no since the whole idea was to get away from the loading from SD card. In any case, once the phone starts it does not need the card anymore. Im curious and concerned if i need to change SD card or if it gets damaged…my phone will be rendered useless if it reboot/power off/on..
    Also i found under settings…the ringtone settings and notification setting are one and the same? is this a error or the way it is?
    Thanks for all your help and time again

    • All A2SD+ Android ROMs require SD card to work since it stores application data there.

      Err… Not sure about ringtone / notification setting. I don’t have MIUI Android ROM now.

  • Missmoe

    How do you acces 3G on the NAND Android HD2

  • Anubhav

    hey jayce, i installed ty down typhoon cm7 on my hd2… but the app were crashing down too frequently and i wasnt able to access ext3 partition… it was showing low space on my handset…
    tell me how can i access that….

    • How much CWM partition layout did you use? 150MB, 250MB or 400MB?

  • Anubhav

    400mb one… first i created a partition of 1024 nd it didnt worked out and then i tried out wid 512 but same results….

    • That’s the problem. You should use 150MB for CM7 ROM. Reinstall them again…

  • ntk

    hi jaycee

    i’ve downloaded app2sd+ roms above and tried to install them to my HD2 in CVM recovery.
    but every time i’ve got the caution “installation aborted”, i tihink cwm can not open the zip file,
    whats the problem?

  • okan

    hi jaycee,

    i have htc hd2, running on miui rom
    what i want to ask is an apk
    i wanna have an apk like “full screen caller id”, which shows full size picture of the person calling like in iphone4

    the apk named full screen caller id doesnot work on my phone…

    • Please consult the developer for your issue.

    • bosshog4ever

      Miui ROMs come with full caller ID pre-loaded you just have to use the add photo at the bottom when editing your contacts =). Believe me it works caus I have a MIUI ROM

  • hakim

    hi jayce
    can help me to found android rom wich can support arabic language.
    and i have now in my hd2 this rom , i want know if there is a solution to fix arabic language in this rom

    • Sorry, I have no idea. You need to test them to find out.