Another quicklink disconnect 3G / HSDPA ~ Touch X Data Disconnect cab

I know there is an application that can disconnect 3G / HSDPA data connection after certain period of inactive usage. But I failed to make it to work. So I disconnect 3G connection manually all the time with lot of clicks of course. Yeah… Again, part of Sense 2.5 tweaks & mods bring us ~ Touch X Data Disconnect. It will disconnect your data connection with just 1 single click. Disable 3G connection will help you to save mobile phone battery. A must install quicklink for my HTC HD2.

Download Touch X Data Disconnect cab here.


      • That,s awesome because I don’t want 3g to be burning away at my battery when I dont even have a data plan. but how about for the WiFi toggle? Does that one turn it on as well as off?


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