HTC One X 3G signal improved in 1.28 system update

HTC One X had a poor 3G signal. But thanks to 1.28.707.10 system upgrade, HTC upgraded HTC One X radio baseband from 1.1204.90.13 to 1.1204.103.14. And it improves 3G signal reception. Wi-Fi signal is still the same on my HTC One X though.

HTC One X 3G Signal based on system update
1.28 | 1.26

Yes, 4 ASU steps improved on 3G signal after HTC One X 1.28 system update. Well done, HTC. No more dropping call from now on. For those who have radio signal issue on their HTC One X, update your HTC One X to 1.28.707.10 system upgrade now. And get better radio signal…


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