CHTScheduler ~ Sense / CHT Profile Management

Have lot of CHT themes with you? Want to change it to suit your place / time? CHTScheduler is here to help you. It is Sense / CHT Profile Management. Besides, it also helps to control data connection like Wi-Fi, 3G. All the changes can be done by CHTScheduler automatically or manually by yourself.

CHT Scheduler

CHTScheduler Features

  • Profiling your Sense
  • Layout saving of your Home Tab
  • Assigning Layouts to different profiles
  • Power mode adjustable
  • Wallpaper scheduling integrated in CHT
  • Sense scheduling for each profile
  • Data Scheduling
  • Backlight & Power Scheduling
  • System Scheduling
  • Executing up to 3 apps

Be sure to head to xda-developers to get more information about CHTScheduler.

Download CHTScheduler v2.15 ~ Sense / CHT Profile Management here, links here and manual here.


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