WMLongLife ~ Auto 2G/3G band switch for Windows Mobile

WMLongLife is an application that installed in my HTC HD2 long time ago but not being used until now. My HTC HD2 battery runs out a little bit fast lately. Maybe due to frequent Internet surfing or battery quality degraded (after 4 months usage?) or poorer signal from my operator ~ Celcom. WMLongLife is an automatic 2G/3G band-switching solution. It will turn on 3G when application like Opera Mobile needs to access Internet. And turn back to 2G mode when no needed. Note – 2G uses much less battery and usually generates less radiation than 3G.

Auto detect and add Opera Mobile 10 in WMLongLife

WMLongLife Features

  • 2G/3G (auto)/3G (only) automatic band switching based on:
    – Running programs and their needs
    – Availability of Wi-Fi
    – Availability of USB
    – Roaming [note: most roaming options have been removed, use the RoamFreely (marketplace) tool instead]
  • Idle data connections disconnect based on running programs (note that unlike the registry tweak this does not break simultaneous voice/data)
  • Manual band switching
  • Automatically disable data when roaming (including AGPS)
  • Pauses applications while switching bands (so you don’t get networking errors)
  • Several predefined applications supported
  • Support for HTC/MSM72xx GSM devices (GSM/EDGE vs UMTS/HSDPA)
  • Support for HTC/MSM75xx CDMA devices (1xRTT vs EV-DO)
  • Support for various Samsung GSM devices (GSM/EDGE vs UMTS/HSDPA)

Supported devices

  • HTC Touch Cruise
  • HTC Touch Diamond GSM + CDMA
  • HTC Touch Pro GSM + CDMA
  • HTC Touch HD
  • HTC Touch Diamond II GSM + CDMA
  • HTC Touch Pro II GSM + CDMA
  • Samsung i780
  • Samsung Omnia GSM
  • Samsung Omnia II GSM
  • Samsung Giorgio Armani II
  • Sony Ericsson Xperia X1
  • Palm Treo Pro
Band Switcher

Download WMLongLife v0.66 here (Note – this is a BETA version and will have issues).


  1. WMLonglife does not run correctly on the HTC HD2. It’s not in the list of supported devices and performance is unreliable for instance not enabling 3G for internet sharing and even disabling 3G while internet sharing IS in use.


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