Top reasons to root Samsung Galaxy S2

Why you should root Samsung Galaxy S II? Before using Samsung Galaxy S2, I am an Android HTC HD2 user. And all the custom ROMs for HTC HD2 are rooted by default. Therefore, I don’t have any issue to use Android applications that require root access. Here are my top reasons why you should to root Samsung Galaxy S2.

Root Android

Backup & restore application and data
Titanium Backup is the must installed Android application for rooted Android phone. It helps to backup your Android applications and data. Restore them when needed. You can even schedule the backup. You don’t want to loss any important data, right?

No more advertisements
Addicted to ad-supported free games like Angry Birds? You can turn it into a full version game without advertisement with AdFree Android. AdFree removes most ads in the browser and other applications by nullifying requests to known host names in the system hosts file. Yeah… No more advertisements.

Improve user experience with custom modification
Ability to use improved modified built in Android application. For example, a mod SGS2 camera that enable feature like hold volume key to focus and release to shoot. You need root access to replace the existing camera application. Or disable full battery charged notification by changing the system configuration.

Remove unneeded bloatware system applications
Certain bloatware system applications / services eat your phone CPU, memory, data and battery. You can improve your phone performance by disabling them. App Quarantine (ROOT) is the application that you can help you to do so.

Better and faster custom firmware
You don’t get it with rooting but with CF-Root that you installed bring along ClockworkMod recovery (CWM). CWM allows you to install better and faster custom firmware. No need to wait for official firmware release and try out the latest and greatest custom firmware out there.

Speed up CPU and improve battery life
SetCPU for Root Users is a tool for changing the CPU settings. You can use it to improve performance or save battery. Overclock Samsung Galaxy S2 from 1.2 GHz to 1.6 GHz to improve overall performance. Or undervolting to save even more battery.

Faster GPS signal lock
FasterFix enhances your GPS by using a more accurate time estimation from a NTP server near you. Personally, I select Malaysia NTP server as default. A great tool that can speed up GPS signal lock when you travel to other country.

Play Tegra, Snapdragon & PowerVR Games
Enjoy Tegra, Snapdragon & PowerVR games with help from Chainfire3D plugins. A must installed application for Samsung Galaxy S2.

Enable MSAA on OpenGL 3D Games
Hardcore gamers, Chainfire3D Pro is the must installed Android application on your SGS2. It will help to enable Multi-Sampling Anti-Aliasing feature on 3D OpenGL games.

Improve Super AMOLED Plus Display
Voodoo ScreenTune will make your Samsung Galaxy S2 Super AMOLED Plus Display looks better and lesser colour banding issue.

Unlock Samsung Galaxy S II
Free your Samsung Galaxy S2 with Galaxy S2 SIM Unlock App for those locked SGS2. Don’t bond yourself with only 1 telco SIM card.

Block Internet access with firewall
Restrict certain Android application from accessing Internet. Improve battery life too with lesser Android application accessing data connection. DroidWall is the Android firewall application that you need.

Access to other region Android Market
Google Maps is not available at Android Market in Malaysia. I cannot access to Android applications which assign to non-Malaysia country only. Market Enabler helps to solve this issue.

Screen standby on MHL / HDMI mirroring
Screen Standby switches off the screen temporarily without actually putting the phone into sleep mode. Great for saving your battery and avoids heating to prolong battery life while enjoy games and movie though MHL / HDMI mirroring on TV.

Interested? Follow this guide to root Samsung Galaxy S2 ~ How to root Samsung Galaxy S2 with CF-Root? (Video)

  • ben

    cool post

  • after root my sgs2 not detected sim card.. help me plzzz…

  • edward

    hi jayce, my bro bought a Samsung Infuse, how can rooted his phone, can i use the samsung galaxy s2 way and can i use the rooted rom that galaxy s2 using? please advise

  • edward

    thanks jayce, do you know where i can get the 2.3.5 gingerbread for samsung infuse?

  • jigsaw

    hi jayse,

    what different if i root my sgs2 use SuperOneClick or use CF root?
    Fyi, i already root my sgs2 with SuperOneClick, if using CF Root is better than SuperOneClick,how can i root again my sgs2 with CF Root?

  • Teng

    Dear Jayce,

    Rooting the phone seems so important for every new phone, Btw, Is it means we still can maintain our main memory details after rooted? And, will the phone damage after rooted? thanks in advance..

    • Main memory details?? What do you mean?
      The phone won’t have issue after it is rooted properly. Lot of Android phones out there are rooted. Personally, I am using rooted Android phone for years. No issue at all. 😉

      • Teng

        Sorry Jayce, what i mean is would it lost all the data in phone memory after rooted? thanks

        • No, rooting won’t delete your data. It just modify your phone kernel.

  • sepool79

    Thanks a lot for the info on how to install using CWM..Just to asking if i need to reset to factory default after i upgraded firmware from KF1 to KG5 and also curretly using lightning ROM.Is it i will a problem after reset it. i.e need to re-root the phone again and etc.

    Currently some of the application can’t be run on my phone especially a gameloft games.


    • No need to factory reset if everything is working fine.

  • Ha

    Hi Jayce, I cant find the correct CF- root for my Kernel version. My one is DXKI2. Can you help me where to find this version?

    Thanks so much Jayce.

    Hung Ha

    • You can try the nearest match to yours. CF-Root is developed for Europe firmware mostly.

  • melvin

    hey Jayce, im using galaxy s2.

    my android version is 2.3.4

    is it ok if i root it??
    will it get worsT?

  • melvin

    its ok. i have already rooted!
    thanks for ur good information xD

  • Nazr

    Hey,cyanogenmod is pretty famous in these days.I wonder if it really needed.. and can you tell me what exactly is the function..I already read it but dont understand.

    • Not a must. CM is just a custom firmware which is light and fast. But still new to Galaxy S2 now.

      • Nazr

        Ur opinion,should i install it? It seems like it get a lot of good reviews. Are you still using touch wiz..?

        • Personally, I did not use CM7 on S2 yet. Using TouchWiz custom XXKI3 firmware now.

  • Vince

    Dear jayce,

    i am running the BuildNumber xwkk2 in Android 2.3.6, i have rooted my phone but the problem is i got problem in getting the source of battery Icon Mod..i have tried rom toolbox but at the end it cause my phone to brick, i had reflash it many times already, please help me as i am new in rooting device.

  • Steven

    hi Jayce,

    if problem arised after rooting S2 and i do a factory reset. Can the backup i did (during rooted times) be used to load back into the unrooted S2?


    • Which backup software did you use?

      • Steven

        I’m using kies offered by Samsung. Does it matter?

        I’m no smartphone techie to root and UN root. Worried if problem happens how can I get back my contacts files photos data

        Apps I can reinstall manually coz importantly are my contacts files photos videos data

        • Samsung Kies is known to have issue on backup / restore. So better backup file, photos, videos, data to PC manually. Contacts to Google Account.

  • steven

    Dear jayce,
    Writing from belgium. And i have an sgs2.
    PDA I9100XWKI9
    PHONE I9100 XXKI4
    CSC I9100PROKH1.

    I still have a sgs2 rooted device. I am waiting already a longtime to unroot it, because I thought, once unrooted I would be able to get via Kies the official update. Is that correct ?

    The official update is not arrived yet because there were problems with the bleutooth (in cars?).

    I found your website very interesting and find a lot of things.

    I would really to consider to root if I could still update to ICS. Is that possible ? And how.

    If unrooted, and i do not wait for the official ICS, what is the rom that you would advice me (no problems/restrictions for bleutooth or other soft or hardware. I know you wrote a lot of things, but now you must have another up-to-date opinion.

    I am quit new in rooting (but i succeeded once with my first Galaxy TAb.

    Kind regards

    And thanks in advance. for helping me out !

    • No, root access does not affect the ability to upgrade with Samsung Kies.

      Yes, you can update to ICS firmware after rooted. Install through Kies or Odin manually.

      No idea which ICS ROM is the best one as I am still testing them.

      • steven

        Hi Jayce,

        Thanks for the RAPID reply. Thanks. I am going to root it, this evening. I was also going to install the ICS, but now i am hesitating.

        I was thinking of the european official version of ICS or the 4.04. I will see. Keep you informed.

        What is the best way to back up ? Titanium ? what is advised.

  • Andre’

    lwifi suck any help plz!!!!!

    • Hi Andre, what is your issue?

  • Tony

    stumbled across this post about rooting. Now i can honestly say for me anyway there is reason to root. So i guess I will have to do a lot of research to get an understanding before I root my GS2 on ICS 4.0.3. mainly because of battery life and removing unwanted system apps thanks!

  • man8613

    mr Jayce ..i just trade in frm samsung galaxy advance to samsung S2…what do u recomend for the latest rom that i shud root?….i mean the latest trending for SGS2 now..thank in advance..if there is can u link me to the site?..

  • man8613

    i rootd my galaxy advance so good last time..but i feel like i need to cahnge to S2..but i wonder what is the best ROm people used nowaday for GT-I9100G…right now mine is GB 2.3.6
    kernel se.infra@SEI-43#2…GB DZKL3…shud i go for ICS or stick to GB update…i just trade it yesterday..seems like my stndrd samsung keyboard cant turn on the mic icon evn tho i thick the option box in setting…and i can only get tv out via MHL for a few seconds…what do u suggest sir?….

    • Sorry man8613, I don’t have I9100G model. So didn’t research on it at all. So no idea…

      • man8613

        err….wud it be…just the same…or id it diffrent?..between the G and the non G?. bout chnging firmware yo ICS…is it sny better thsn the old GB?

        • Different. You can’t use I9100 stuffs on I9100G.

  • kyawzarlin

    i needed galaxy mini gt-s5570 root file