Top 20 HTC HD2 Applications

HTC HD2 is with me for since December 2009. I mentioned about Top 10 HTC HD2 Tweaks and Hacks previously. And now it’s time to list down my top 20 Windows Mobile applications for HTC HD2. Is Windows Mobile 6.5 still a good operation system when Window Phone 7 is just around the corner? Let’s find out with these applications. No matter you are using US T-Mobile, Europe or Asia HTC HD2 version…

Top 10 HTC HD2 Applications

1. Android 2.2 Froyo for HTC HD2 is the top most must install operating system on HTC HD2. With it, you can explore a new world in Google Android. Lot of interesting Android applications can be run with your HTC HD2 now.

2. Cookie Energy Custom ROM will unlock the true potential of Windows Mobile. It is using the latest Windows Mobile 6.5.X build and come with lot of useful pre-installed applications.

3. Microsoft .NET Compact Framework 3.5 is the essential application for Windows Mobile. Lot of applications requires it in order to run properly. A must installed application for all Windows Mobile phones.

4. Microsoft Office Mobile 2010 will unleash the true power of Microsoft office. You have SharePoint Workspace Mobile 2010 in this edition.

5. RAR for Pocket PC is another useful application that will ease your life. You can unzip WinZip and WinRAR files at your phone with it.

6. PHM Registry Editor will let you modify Windows Mobile registry setting. Unlock advanced features of certain application. Make your HTC HD2 becomes a better phone out there.

7. PIM Backup v2.8 is a backup application that allows to backup / restore personal information stored on Windows Mobile devices. It will backup contacts, appointments, tasks, messages, calls.

8. G-Alarm is a finger-friendly and reliable alarm clock for Windows Mobile. A nice replacement for Windows Mobile 6.5 built in alarm clock.

9. SenseTasks is a finger friendly Windows Mobile 6.5 Outlook Tasks replacement. A must install because built in Outlook Tasks is not finger friendly even with HTC HD2 large 4.3″ screen.

10. Garmin Mobile XT for Windows Mobile Phone is a must have offline GPS application for me. A perfect combination with free maps from MalFreeMaps.

11. Opera Mobile 10 is my default browser because it has Adobe Flash Lite 3.1 built-in. And the speed and ease of multitask with tabs buy me off to use it instead of 9.7 which support pinch and zoom.

12. uZard Web P is a server-based Web browser for Windows Mobile. A better full desktop view browser than limited access Skyfire.

13. TCPMP for HTC HD2 with FLV and subtitles support is a powerful free media player on Windows Mobile devices. TCPMP supports many audio, video, and image formats.

14. Skype for Windows Mobile gives you free Internet calls on HTC HD2. Free for Skype to Skype calls or Skype to landlines, mobile phones with a fee using SkypeOut.

15. Google Maps for Mobile is an online maps application. There are lot of features in Google Maps for Mobile like My Location, Buzz, Business listings, Driving directions, Navigation, Transit directions, Latitude, Street View, Layers and Traffic.

16. MorphGear ~ Video Games Emulator for HTC HD2. It simulates video games hardware system through software. With its MorphModules, you can play SNES, SEGA games…

17. TorchButton will turn your HTC HD2 into a handy pocket flashlight. This is a must install application during total dark environment. It can be used for emergency by sending SOS signal too.

18. ACR ~ Auto Call Recorder for Windows Mobile will record every phone conversation that you have. Do install 2-way In Call Recording Fix for HTC HD2 in order to make ACR working properly.

19. Whip2Snap lets you take screenshots by “Whipping” your Windows Mobile Phone. I use it to capture phone screen and post it at blog.

20. Traditional / simplified Chinese on HTC HD2 WWE ROM will let you read Chinese on WWE ROM and even let you write Chinese.

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