Top Tips, Tricks, Tweaks and Hacks for Samsung Galaxy S2

Samsung Galaxy S II is one of the best Android phones out there. It can be better with some tweaks and hacks. And with some must installed Android applications for Samsung Galaxy S2, better is what it had become. Here are the top tips, tricks, tweaks and hacks for Samsung Galaxy S2 to make it the best and most powerful Android phone…

Samsung Galaxy S2

1. Disable SGS2 battery fully charged notification sound ~ The very first must installed application for Samsung Galaxy S2 ~ Battery Charged Silencer. It will disable notification sound during 99% – 100% battery charge level. Enable back after fully charged. You will not wake up by this annoying notification sound during sleeping anymore.

2. Samsung Galaxy S II User Manual ~ Be sure to go through Samsung Galaxy S2 User Manual at least once to find out more about your new phone. There might be some tips and tricks for Samsung Galaxy S2 that you don’t know yet.

3. Samsung Kies ~ a PC Sync application to keep your mobile updated, sync contacts with Outlook or Google, Yahoo and keep taken photos and videos from mobile to PC. Samsung Kies is a nice companion for Samsung Galaxy S II.

4. Samsung DIVE ~ Find your lost Samsung mobile device with Samsung DIVE. It is a web application that track and control your device remotely for free. With it, you can lock SGS2 with message, restrict call and wipe out all mobile content…

5. Increase Samsung Galaxy S2 battery life ~ Samsung Galaxy S II does not have a good battery life. But you can improve its battery life by following these tips, tricks, tweaks and hacks.

6. LED notification light ~ Make your own LED notification light for Samsung Galaxy S2. NoLED will help to solve SGS2 that lacks of a physical dedicated LED issue.

7. Disable Samsung Galaxy S2 camera sound ~ Follow this guide to turn off SGS2 camera sound. You don’t want to wake up sleeping baby when taking photo, right?

8. Samsung Galaxy S2 Browser Tips & Tricks ~ here are the must know tips and trick for SGS2 browser. Hardcore surfers, do read it.

9. Take Samsung Galaxy S2 screenshot ~ Want to show off what you got in your SGS2? Learn to capture screenshot with this guide. And share them with your friends and families.

10. Lock mode in video playback ~ Movie lovers, here is a nice trick for you. All touchscreen, Menu, Home and Back keys will be locked with this guide. Relax and enjoy movie…

11. Advanced Power Menu ~ Want reboot function in Power Menu? Install Advanced Power Menu and you will get CRT effect as bonus too.

12. Test Samsung Galaxy S2 hardware functions ~ Test the front & back camera, sensors like accelerometer, proximity, lights, gyroscope and magnetic sensors. And test your touch screen sensitiveness. Make sure that your SGS2 does not have any defect.

13. Hard reset Samsung Galaxy S2 ~ Your Samsung Galaxy S2 is not stable? Facing lot of force closed lately? It’s time for you to factory data reset it.

14. Enable USB mass storage mode ~ Don’t like MTP Application mode, follow this guide to turn on USB mass storage mode.

15. How to root Samsung Galaxy S2? ~ here are the top reasons to root Samsung Galaxy S2. Follow this guide and root your Samsung Galaxy S2 now. You won’t regret to root it.

16. Play Tegra, Snapdragon & PowerVR games on Samsung Galaxy S2 ~ Enjoy Tegra, Snapdragon & PowerVR games with help from Chainfire3D plugins. A must installed application for Samsung Galaxy S2.

17. MSAA on Samsung Galaxy S2 ~ Hardcore gamers, Chainfire3D Pro is the must installed Android application on your SGS2. It will help to enable Multi-Sampling Anti-Aliasing feature on 3D OpenGL games.

18. Samsung Galaxy S2 USB OTG ~ Do you know that you can connect USB flash drive to SGS2? Just grab yourself a USB OTG, you can even use mouse and keyboard on your Samsung Galaxy S2 too.

19. Install latest official firmware on Samsung Galaxy S2 ~ Don’t wait for official firmware release through Samsung KIES and install it yourself with Odin3. Get the latest patches, bugs fix, performance improvement by installing latest leaked official firmware.

20. Install ClockworkMod Recovery ~ ClockworkMod (CWM) Recovery Mode allows you to install custom firmware via zip format in SD card. A must installed tool if you want to try out custom firmware. And it provides full system backup and restore functions too.

21. Full system backup with CWM ~ Don’t loss any applications and data ever again. Make a full system backup with Nandroid now. Prevention is always better than cure.

22. Enable call recording on Samsung Galaxy S2 ~ Want to record every phone calls? Install Samsung Galaxy S2 dialer mod to enable it.

23. Install latest custom firmware on Samsung Galaxy S2 ~ Want to stay ahead of other people? Install the latest and greatest custom firmware for Samsung Galaxy S2. You can have better camera, battery life, performance, features with custom firmware. Pick any firmware from Top Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread Firmware for Samsung Galaxy S2. Install and enjoy it.

24. How to backup & restore all apps and settings when upgrade Android ROM? ~ Titanium Backup is the must installed application to backup and restore all apps and settings when upgrade Android ROM. It helps to backup SMS, contacts, system data too.

25. Restore stock firmware on Samsung Galaxy S2 ~ Don’t like custom firmware? Or want to send SGS2 to service? Revert back to stock firmware with this guide.

26. Improve Super AMOLED Plus Display ~ Voodoo ScreenTune will make your Samsung Galaxy S2 Super AMOLED Plus Display looks better and lesser colour banding issue.

27. Unlock Samsung Galaxy S II ~ Free your Samsung Galaxy S2 with Galaxy S2 SIM Unlock App for those locked SGS2. Don’t bond yourself with only 1 telco SIM card.

28. Upgrade Samsung Galaxy S2 firmware with Samsung Kies ~ New beginners? Follow this guide to upgrade to latest official firmware with Samsung Kies. Enjoy the latest patches, fixes and performance improvements for Samsung Galaxy S2.

Well, here are the top tips, tricks, tweaks and hacks for Samsung Galaxy S2. Take your time to go through them one by one. And please like it and share it at Facebook, Google+, tweet it if you like this post. Share it with other Samsung Galaxy S2 users out there. Thanks. Enjoy…



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